A much-needed academic and professional boost is the primary edge of Government based Scholarships for international students. These prove as a long-term investment along with offering exposure to diverse cultures. It is a direct relief from the financial burden of gaining an international degree.

Scholarships with full or partial tuition coverage and sizable stipends are available annually from a wide range of governments in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Every year, millions of dollars and euros are spent on merit-based, academically sound, and need-based students to help them reach their academic potential.

International scholarships are valuable for more than just the monetary assistance they provide; they additionally appear terrific on a professional cover letter. In order to get in-depth knowledge about the full spectrum of global scholarships available for international students, we have created a comprehensive article below.

Top Government Scholarships for International Students

Depending on several criteria, we have rounded up some of the most promising scholarships around the globe at the finest institutes and study-abroad destinations for overseas students. The best ones are elaborated below:

1. Fulbright Program, USA

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  • Scholarship Amount: Fully Funded
  • Level of Study: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.

International students who meet the criteria for the Fulbright Program get financial support to complete their advanced studies in the United States. Every year, more than 4,000 students from throughout the world get Fulbright Awards. It is managed by American embassies and Fulbright Commissions/Foundations that operate on a binational basis.

Selected students are offered a variety of benefits via this program, such as a yearly stipend, full support for the duration of their academic program (tuition, housing stipend, health insurance, flights, money to relocate residence during the course of study, etc.). It is one of the most lucrative scholarships since all overseas students need to qualify is language skills, a valid visa, and a stellar academic record.

2. Community College Initiative Program, USA

Funding for as much as 1 year of study at a U.S. community college is available under the Community College Initiative Program (CCI). CCI is currently financed by the U.S. State Department Bureau of ECA since 2007.

Students, through this, can develop their professional skills and have the opportunity to get relevant qualifications. Each applicant needs to be a minimum of 18 years old at the program’s start date, have a high school diploma, be fluent in English, and fulfill any other conditions set out by the host country. The provisions of this scholarship include paid travel expenses, tuition and mandatory college fees, housing and meals, and health insurance.

International students through this program can study in areas including food production, specialized engineering, business administration and management, IT, journalism, criminal justice, and hospitality and tourism.

3. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships, Canada

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  • Scholarship Amount: Full-funding
  • Level of Study: Master’s, Ph.D.

With the goal of establishing Canada as a worldwide hub for research and higher education, the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS) were established for international students. The awards are for graduate study leading to a Ph.D. (or a dual MA/Ph.D. or MD/Ph.D.).There are a maximum of 166 recipients of the Vanier CGS, each of whom will receive $50,000 annually for the duration of three years to use toward their Ph.D. studies.

Candidates that want to do research in the areas of health, biological science/engineering, and social science/humanities are preferred. The candidate must be enrolled full-time as a Canadian resident in an accredited post-secondary school, be in the 1st semester of a Ph.D. program, and have an overall GPA of 4.0 or above for the previous 2 years of study in order to be considered for this scholarship.

4. DAAD Scholarships, Germany

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  • Scholarship Amount: Full-Funding
  • Level of Study: Master’s, Ph.D.

This is an all-inclusive grant offer for overseas students to study at the top universities of Germany for the upcoming academic year. This grant supports master’s or Ph.D. studies at leading German universities. Awards from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) include a monthly stipend of 934 euros for master’s degree recipients and 1,200 euros for Ph.D. applicants, as well as funding for travel and health insurance.

Graduates from formation and developing nations in all fields can apply. Economics, law, agriculture, forestry, the arts, design, engineering, social and physical sciences, and more are just some of the disciplines covered. The minimum requirements for acceptance are a bachelor’s degree, two years of relevant work experience, and fluency in English.

5. Chevening Scholarships, UK

The Chevening Scholarship is an opportunity for overseas students to get full funding for their master’s degrees. The Chevening Scholarship pays for the recipient’s college education, provides a stipend every month, provides for return economical flights to the United Kingdom, and offers other scholarships and stipends to help with other necessary expenses.

The program is supported monetarily by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and other affiliated groups. Chevening gives potential leading nations and contributors a unique opportunity to develop professionally and intellectually, engage globally and explore UK culture. Roughly 1,500 scholarships will be awarded to students all across the globe.

6. Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships, Switzerland

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  • Scholarship Amount: Fully-Funded
  • Level of Study: Master’s, Ph.D., Post-Doc.

To foster global connections and scientific collaboration between Switzerland and more than 180 other countries, the Swiss Confederation annually grants Government Excellence Scholarships. The Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS) is responsible for selecting scholarship awardees. A monthly stipend, health coverage, travel expenses, and a living stipend are all included in this program.

Post-graduate academics in any field with a master’s degree may apply for dissertation scholarships to study or conduct research in Switzerland. Several Swiss cantonal institutions, universities of applied sciences, both of the federal institutes of technology and the 4 universities that conduct research provide these scholarships.

Candidates must be suggested by a faculty member at one of the participating universities. Swiss art students might also get scholarships for their first master’s degree.

7. Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program, France

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Partial Funding
  • Level of Study: Master’s, Ph.D.

Another highly rewarding scholarship is the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program. The French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs set up the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program to help talented international students to gain higher education in France’s best universities for their master’s and doctoral degree programs. It promotes master’s and Ph.D. candidates under 25 years old from less developed nations and those under thirty years old in advanced as well as developing nations in preferred fields of study.

Recipients of the Master’s scholarship are eligible for the Ph.D. grant. Any candidate who previously submitted an application for a French government scholarship is ineligible for this grant. For the Ph.D. course, individuals from outside France are preferred.

Each recipient of a Master’s or Doctoral level scholarship will receive a monthly stipend of 1,181 euros (consisting of 1,031 euros for living expenses and an extra bonus of 150 euros). The plan also provides for compensation for travel and additional costs.

8. Türkiye Scholarships, Turkey

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Fully Funded
  • Level of Study: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.

Due to its lower requirements, the Türkiye Scholarships is more popular among overseas students than similar awards from other countries. Moreover, it offers an exceptionally large scholarship to students from outside the country. It offers a considerable stipend for undergraduate students, 2,400 TL per month for Master’s students and 3,000 TL per month for Ph.D. students, and 1 year of language course.

Undergraduate candidates applying for this grant must have a minimum Score of 70%, graduate applicants must have a required score of 75%, and health science (medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy) candidates must have a minimum Score of 90%.

9. Romanian Government Scholarships, Romania

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Fully-Funded
  • Level of Study: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.

Multiple awards are made available to non-EU residents every year by the Romanian government via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). Students who get a Romanian Government Scholarship have the opportunity to study in Romania and immerse themselves in the country’s rich culture at no cost to themselves. It’s for the most talented and dedicated international students who want to further their education at institutions with a strong cultural focus.

Scholarship recipients in Romania are given a wide range of perks by the government. Firstly, it pays for the whole cost of tuition for four to six years for undergraduate students, one to two years for graduate students, and three to five years for students pursuing doctoral degrees. However, medical, dental, and pharmaceutical courses are not covered by the Romanian Government grant.

10. Korean Government Scholarships, South Korea

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Fully-Funded
  • Level of Study: Master’s, Ph.D.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea administers these scholarships as one of the globe’s largest scholarship initiatives, which is entirely financed by the Korean government. All tuition costs are covered in these along with a stipend of KRW 1,000,000 to KRW 1,500,000 each month.

The Global Korea Scholarship Program does not need any kind of English proficiency tests such as the IELTS, or TOEFL. The Korean Government is now accepting applications for its +1300 Master’s and Doctoral Scholarships. Anyone from any nation may apply for this. Everything associated with the scholarship is paid for by the scholarship provider. This includes tuition, a monthly stipend, housing, air travel, a visa, and textbooks. This scholarship supports a wide range of academic degrees in disciplines as diverse as engineering, science, technology, business, the arts, and many more.

11. MEXT Scholarships, Japan

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Fully-Funded
  • Level of Study: Master’s, Ph.D.

Japan has a strong academic history and is also one of the most advanced nations in the world today. International students planning to study at a Japanese institution or do graduate-level research in Japan may apply for this scholarship via the Japanese Government’s MEXT Scholarships Program.

Candidates for a Master’s degree might get up to 144,000 yen per month via this scholarship program. Ph.D. students get a monthly stipend of 45,000 yen. Students who meet the criteria get complete financial assistance, which covers not only their tuition and fees, but also their housing, food, and transportation costs. Students that meet these criteria will have shown exceptional academic achievement and English language competence.

12. China Scholarship Council, China

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  • Scholarship Amount:
  • Level of Study: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.

Officially recognized by the State Council of China, the China Scholarship Council was established in 1978. It is a government-run nonprofit that facilitates worldwide educational partnerships with China and distributes Chinese government scholarships. It oversees around 51,000 scholarships for foreign students to attend world-class universities in China.

These awards provide a monthly stipend of CNY 2,500 to undergraduates, CNY 3,000 for master’s students, and CNY 3,500 to doctorate students and advanced researchers. It also includes lodging and essential medical coverage. Scholarships shall be awarded for a minimum of 2 years for graduate applicants and 3 years for Ph.D. candidates.

13. Singapore Government Scholarships (SINGA), Singapore

Outstanding international graduates may apply for the Singapore Foreign Graduate Award. SINGA accepts applications from outstanding international students for Ph.D. degrees at Singapore’s premier institutions. These include Singapore Management University, Nanyang Technological University, and the National University of Singapore.

This global, fully funded fellowship program allows graduates to pursue a Ph.D. in science or technology in industrialized countries. This abroad graduate grant provides a full-time research stipend and supervision from world-class academics. SINGA provides full financial assistance for their studies with a monthly stipend of S$ 2,200, which increases to S$ 2,700 after passing the first qualifying exam.

14. Australia Awards Scholarships, Australia

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Fully-Funded
  • Level of Study: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.

The Department of International Trade is in charge of awarding these scholarships over the course of many years. Australia’s multilateral and regional pacts provide the basis for the scholarship program. Full tuition is covered, airfare, a basic living expense, a funding to cover the cost of textbooks and other necessities, medical care in Australia, and additional perks are included in the grants for international students.

To be eligible for an Australia Award Scholarship, a student must be a resident of one of the eligible countries and be 18 years old or older. Of them, 15 are Asian countries, 11 are Pacific countries, and 1 is the Palestinian Settlements. Furthermore, candidates must demonstrate proficiency in English by passing one of the following tests: IELTS, TOEFL-iBT, or PTE Academic.

Most significantly, they must be eligible to enroll at that particular institution and fulfill all conditions for obtaining a student visa as specified by the Department of Home Affairs.

15. Manaaki New Zealand Scholarships, New Zealand

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Fully Funded
  • Level of Study: Bachelor’s, Ph.D.

Students from underdeveloped nations may apply for government-funded study-abroad scholarships in New Zealand. These grants are being provided by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. These scholarships help participants research to improve their native nation’s economic and social progress.

It covers full tuition fees, and offers a per week allowance of NZ$ 491 per week, along with medical care and travel expenses covered. Candidates must meet age, immigration, academic, English language, and country criteria to be considered for eligibility for these scholarships. Recommended majors for these include Agricultural Management, Architecture Technology, Commerce & Business, Construction, Engineering, and Environmental Management among others.

Studying abroad can be challenging but rewarding for a student’s academic and professional career. Several countries offer full tuition waivers and various other allowances as scholarships and grants to help qualified and deserving students achieve their goals.


We hope this article was of maximum help to you. Make sure to also check out our Scholarships Page for different information on scholarships and universities across the globe!

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