Germany is well-known for being one of the most prestigious countries in which to obtain a diploma. They have an excellent education system, a strong curriculum, and well-educated staff and professors. Because of the multicultural climate, selective schooling, and high job rates, international students adore Germany.

Almost all universities offer any or all of their courses in English, which can be extremely useful. However, German remains the official language, and several schools encourage students to pass a language proficiency examination. Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache (TestDaF) is the official test that you will take in your country to demonstrate your competence in German.

Germany is an excellent place to study while still learning another language, discovering history, traveling, and making new friends. The cost of living may not be the most competitive, but there is plenty of financial aid available for foreign students, which can make things run even more smoothly. In this article, we will be looking at DAAD scholarships for international students.

DAAD Scholarship Awards

DAAD scholarships are available to foreign students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, or postdoctoral studies in Germany. These scholarships are provided to students who have excelled academically and who want to further their education and research. There are many DAAD scholarships and grants available for international students, including research grants, grants for language courses, and third-country programs. Master’s degrees and internships in Germany can also be sponsored in some circumstances. You can find all the scholarships available in the DAAD Scholarships Database.

The DAAD scholarships are fully funded scholarships, meaning that given this scholarship, students will not have to pay anything. Undergraduate and graduate students will receive approximately $1,000, while postdoctoral or Ph.D. students will receive approximately $1,400 per month to cover living costs. In certain situations, extra financial aid is provided in the form of a travel grant, health care, or even the cost of language classes.

Overall, the DAAD scholarship is determined by the course and study program selected, with all additional information available here. Another advantage of these DAAD scholarships is that they are not considered loans, and there is no need to repay them after graduation. Applications for scholarships are assessed by independent and volunteer screening boards, which are also responsible for the granting of scholarships.

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Eligibility Criteria: DAAD Scholarships

Information on eligibility for the DAAD Scholarship is given separately for each undergraduate, Master’s, or doctoral program. However, there are certain general criteria that virtually any student must meet to be eligible for any of these scholarships. If you want specifics for the scholarships, please search through the DAAD Scholarships Database.

The first consideration is language requirements, since, although classes are taught in English, the official language is German, and students must demonstrate competence in either or both languages. Students must have TOEFL or IELTS certificates for English-taught classes, and DSH or TestDaF certificates for German-taught classes, sometimes both.

Furthermore, depending on the country of birth, there is a higher education entry requirement to be able to pursue post-secondary studies in Germany. Some international schools are accredited by German universities, while others are not, necessitating the completion of additional foundation courses.

The foundation courses are held at the desired universities and last for approximately two semesters, to train students for the degree. To apply to these foundation courses the student must be able to speak German at B1 level and pass the entrance examinations. Following the foundation course, the students are tested in various subjects and language skills to demonstrate that they are prepared for the degree program.

The students are also to secure a German student visa, evidence of financial resources, and a residency permit in addition to all those requirements.

There are no specific age limitations, however, there might be some limitations regarding the time that has passed since the last degree was acquired. This depends on the preferred school, so students should find out about these limitations for each school separately.

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How to Apply: DAAD Scholarships

DAAD Scholarships are solely determined by deadlines, and applicants are only able to apply and access the website while the application process is in progress. Since the application is completely online, applicants must adhere to strict timelines and procedures to be considered.

Documents that are required vary depending on the institution and course, but in general, certain basic documents are required, such as an online application form, a curriculum vitae, evidence of prior schooling, language proficiency test scores, and so on. All documentation and the application form can be in either German or English, but translation is required. Since the translation does not need to be formal or accredited, the students can do it themselves.

The so-called letter of motivation is one of the most critical aspects of the application. This allows the recipient to explain the previous schooling and also list all of the important reasons why they want to continue their education in Germany and why they should be awarded the scholarship. If the award is for a research study, the recipient may also submit a proposal. This is to demonstrate in-depth the student’s potential project. The student should concentrate on the overview, priorities, strategies, and schedule.

Incomplete or late submissions are not accepted, therefore students should make sure to submit the necessary documentation on time. And if extra paperwork is needed, the deadlines must also be met.

In general, the application process for these fantastic DAAD scholarships is simple and easy to follow; just be mindful of the deadlines. There is usually someone on hand to assist international students with any questions they may have.

Since costs in Germany can be very high, DAAD scholarships can make all the difference. As a result, high-achieving and inspired students will have the ability to continue their studies in one of the best countries in the world while still participating in ground-breaking science.


Germany has long been one of the most popular destinations for higher education since its schools are well-known and highly regarded around the globe. Diplomas obtained in Germany will undoubtedly open many doors, and with so many research, travel, and learning opportunities, this is one of the world’s most prestigious countries.


We hope that this article on DAAD Scholarships for international students was helpful. For more information about studying in Germany, check out the Germany Page and sample some of the Available Programs in Germany!

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