As a member of the Schengen, members of the European Union (EU), a wide variety of different countries are allowed to work in the Netherlands visa-free, at least up to six months. There are few restrictions for any work of travel from those countries as a result of this union.

There are twenty-seven countries that make up the Schengen, so you should certainly check to make sure that your country isn’t one of them before contemplating the visa process.

Also, countries that are part of the European Economic Area (EEA) possess the same rights and you can find a list of those countries here. Finally, residents of Switzerland are also allowed to work in the Netherlands without a work visa.

You have received your letter of intent to work for the Netherlands, so now what? If you’re from another country, you may need to acquire a work visa (Verified International Stay Approval), which will allow you to work in the country for up to ninety days without requiring a residence pass.

Yet, acquiring a work visa for the Netherlands can be an intimidating prospect. With the right information at hand, the process can be considerably easier to handle and a lot of the headaches associated with the application can be avoided.

Steps to Apply for a Dutch Work Visa

You will have to schedule an appointment with the Dutch Mission or Consulate to bring your application and the documentation for review. Here is some additional information that can help you with the required paperwork.

Step 1. Covid-19 Warning

Right now are unprecedented times because of the pandemic. In a lot of countries, there are strict guidelines regarding how many visas are allowed or whether they are allowed at all to slow the spread of the virus. Always check with the Embassy before scheduling any flights or making plans to ensure that they are currently accepting applications for Netherlands work visas.

Step 2. Valid Passport and Traveling Documents

Your passport needs a few blank pages because this is where they will stamp your visa upon acceptance of your application. It also needs to be valid for at least three months after the time that you intend to leave the Netherlands.

Other documents include your flight itinerary, reservation information for your flight to and from the country (it is recommended that you do not actually purchase tickets until you have been approved, but you can provide placeholder evidence), and your job responsibilities and housing details.

You may be required to prove a few recent photographs for additional identity verification as well. In the event that you do, make sure that they have a clear background, are high quality and are easily visible without any distracting features that distort or conceal your facial features. Do not wear distracting clothing or anything other than a neutral expression while your profile is peering straight ahead with your eyes clearly visible.

Step 3. Clean Background Check

In order to acquire the approval you seek, you have to be able to prevent evidence that you have performed a background check and that you are not a risk to the country. You may also be required to provide fingerprints or other information to verify that you are a citizen in good standing to get a work visa for the Netherlands.

Step 4. Employer Validation

You must, of course, prove that you actually have a job in the Netherlands, and that evidence comes in the form of your employer acceptance form. This is a letter from your employer verifying that you have employment and detailing your job responsibilities and that you have permission to travel to the Netherlands for work purposes.

Step 5. Application Information Verification

All documents related to the personal information you provide on the application will need to be included. This includes information such as social security, birth certificates, marriage documentation, etc. In brief, if you provided any information for the application, have all the materials you need to back it up when you arrive at the Consulate to present your Netherlands work visa application.

Step 6. A Tuberculosis Test

As part of the health screening process, you have to successfully pass a tuberculosis test and provide the paperwork confirming that you do not have it. You may need general health screening results as well, to ensure that there are no other health risks to which you might subject citizens of the Netherlands, or that you will be aware of whether you have any risks you should know about for your own personal welfare.

Step 7. Financial Documentation

The Consulate Officials will want to see evidence that you will be able to sustain yourself while in the Netherlands. Therefore, you will need to provide bank statements, income statements, credit reports, and any other information to demonstrate your financial situation and any debts that you currently owe to ensure that during your stay you will be able to live comfortably without struggling.

Traveling insurance, health insurance, and information as to your residence in the Netherlands may be required as well for the same purpose: insurance that you are prepared and covered in the event of an emergency or sudden hardship.

It never hurts to double-check to make sure that you not only have everything that you need to accompany your application but that there aren’t any other specific requirements due to your specific job or work visa that you require.

Documents Needed for a Dutch Work Visa

Some requirements may change depending on the specific type of Dutch work visa you are seeking, but there are a set of general requirements that correspond to any type of work visa.

First, you will need to get a copy of the application permit either in person or online, which you will ultimately turn in to the Dutch embassy in your country along with a set of other documents, which include:

  • A valid passport and travel documents
  • A clean background check
  • Employer job validation letter recognized by Netherlands officials
  • Verification that the application information provided is accurate
  • A tuberculosis test
  • Financial sufficiency documentation


We hope this article on how to get a work visa in the Netherlands was informative and insightful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Europe for International Students!

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