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67 Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students

December 3rd, 2021|

We've compiled a comprehensive list of fully-funded scholarships for international students. This is not an exhaustive list whatsoever but gives you a good overview of the scholarship opportunities. What Are Fully Funded Scholarships? We define [...]

DAAD Scholarships for International Students

April 28th, 2021|

Germany is well-known for being one of the most prestigious countries in which to obtain a diploma. They have an excellent education system, a strong curriculum, and well-educated staff and professors. Because of the multicultural [...]

Japanese Government Scholarships (MEXT Scholarships)

April 27th, 2021|

If you want to pursue your education in a creative and modern country, Japan might be the place for you. Universities in Japan have it all: a world-class academic infrastructure, incredible research opportunities, and proven [...]

Chevening Scholarships for International Students

April 27th, 2021|

Established in the year 1983, Chevening is the UK's premier scholarship and fellowship program. It aims to help future global leaders to study in the country, thus enabling them to join a professional community that [...]

MIT Scholarships for International Students

April 4th, 2021|

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology - or MIT for short - is one of the prestigious private universities located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Founded in 1861, MIT is patterned after the European polytechnic curriculum. While it [...]

ETH Zurich Scholarships for International Students

April 4th, 2021|

As a result of the Swill Federal Parliament's law, which mandates the foundation of a polytechnical school in 1854, the Federal Polytechnic School or Polytechnikum was established. The school would later be one of the [...]

Yale University Scholarships for International Students

March 30th, 2021|

Yale University is a private Ivy League university based in New Haven, Connecticut. Established in the year 1701, it is the US’ third-oldest institution. The previous ‘Collegiate School,’ which was chartered by the Connecticut Colony, [...]

Cornell University Scholarships for International Students

March 27th, 2021|

Cornell University is a private, land-grant institution heralded as one of the United States Ivy League universities. Together with 8 others, these eastern-board institutions are known for their academic and social prestige. The university was [...]

Tufts University Scholarships for International Students

March 23rd, 2021|

Tufts University was established in 1852. Today, about 11,878 students are enrolled in the university, comprising 5,825 undergraduates and 5,781 graduates and professionals. The university is divided into four campuses: Medford/Somerville Campus, Boston Campus, Grafton [...]

McGill University Scholarships for International Students

March 20th, 2021|

Established in 1821, McGill University is among the oldest universities in Canada that has maintained its excellence in education and research. The university has invited a widely diverse community of students having 39,736 students coming [...]

York University Scholarships for International Students

March 18th, 2021|

York University is the third-largest university in Canada. Founded in Toronto in the year 1959, it offers more than 170-degree options to both local and international students. York University is divided into three campuses, including [...]

KAIST Scholarships for International Students

March 10th, 2021|

Founded in 1971 in Seoul, the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology or KAIST is known as a pioneer in research-focused graduate school in science and technology. Students can expect to be taught by [...]

China Scholarship Council (Chinese Government Scholarships)

April 9th, 2018|

The China Scholarship Council (CSC) is a nonprofit organization headed by the Chinese government’s Ministry of Education which seeks to provide financial assistance for international study. Institutions of higher learning are quickly recognizing the importance [...]

Currently Open Scholarships

July 6th, 2022|

At Global Scholarships, we are constantly compiling a list of currently open scholarships for international students. We also have a newsletter where we send these scholarships every Monday. If you want to get these notifications, [...]

5 Free Universities in Oslo

June 30th, 2022|

Studying abroad usually costs a lot for international students. Aside from the travel expense that they incur, studying entails expenses during their stay at the university. This means living expenses, application fees, and registration fees. [...]

Study Master’s in Spain: Requirements and Application

June 20th, 2022|

The Kingdom of Spain is well known for being a strong nation, and history of international ventures by its expeditionists. The language, religion, morals, and social practices date back hundreds and thousands of years since [...]