The Czech Republic was formed at the beginning of 1993. It is a beautiful country, with a deep and vibrant history that was formerly a part of Czechoslovakia.

The Czech Republic was previously a communist state, which however underwent rapid development in recent years, and went on to become the first former Eastern Bloc State to be labeled a “developed country” by the World Bank.

Over the years the Czech Republic has become a popular study destination for international students, with more than 50,000 international students currently enrolled in various universities across the country.

If you are interested in pursuing an education in the Czech Republic, you can expect to receive a quality education delivered by reputed universities, with reasonable tuition and living costs. You can also experience an overwhelming rich culture, in one of the most beautiful countries Europe has to offer.

Let’s look at the top English-taught universities in the Czech Republic.

Top Universities for English-taught Programs in Czech Republic

As mentioned previously, the Czech Republic has plenty of excellent higher education institutes that offer a world-class education delivered in the English language. Aside from this, students also have the opportunity to pursue an education in Europe, a continent that is well sought after for its excellent educational standards and advanced technology. Hence, the Czech Republic offers a great opportunity for international students interested in pursuing higher education in Europe at an affordable rate.

You may scroll further to check out 5 universities in the Czech Republic that offer English-taught programs for international students.

1. Prague University of Economics and Business

Established in 1993, the Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE) is the largest business and economics-related public institute of higher education in the Czech Republic. The institute offers undergraduate-level programs in English, Russian, and Czech and graduate-level programs in Czech and English. The institute also caters to individuals with special needs through its Centre for Students with Special Needs.

VŠE offers guaranteed accommodation to international students alongside a standard education that meets the requirements of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). Students also have the opportunity to spend a semester at one of the VŠE’s 250+ partner universities.

2. Anglo-American University

Our second top school for English-taught programs in the Czech Republic is the Anglo-American University. It has been successfully educating students since 1990 in the Czech Republic. It is one of the most international educational institutes in the Czech Republic and has attracted a large number of foreign students, from over 70 countries, due to its high-quality education delivery and comfortable student experience.

Students at Anglo-American University are offered a comprehensive range of undergraduate-level programs across five different schools and international partner institutes, including, international relations, humanities, society and culture, business administration, and law among others. The institution also offers several graduate-level programs such as humanities, and international relations.

3. Prague City University

Prague City University is a private institution of higher education that is considered among the leading universities in the Czech Republic, that has been successfully delivering an education of high standard. It is also a top school for English-taught programs in the Czech Republic.

Prague City University has been committed to enhancing its university experience by constantly developing its academic deliverance and educational material, through its talented team of academic staff who are dedicated to contributing to the development of knowledge and the community.

Students at Prague City University receive an innovative and exciting education at undergraduate and graduate levels, based on British standards, surrounded by a friendly working environment. Some of the graduate programs include International management, leadership and strategic management, and computing, and some of the undergraduate programs offered include graphic design, creative media production, and computing.

4. Czech Technical University in Prague

Czech Technical University in Prague is among the oldest and largest higher educational institutes in Europe. It is also among the highest-ranked higher educational institutes and an excellent English-taught university in the Czech Republic. CTU offers nearly 300 accredited study programs at both graduate and undergraduate levels, nearly 100 of which are taught in foreign languages.

The main campus in Prague is located not too far from the city center. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with its stunning architecture and deep history is a great added perk. Prague is also a popular destination among international students. CTU is among the top 25% of best-ranked universities according to QS world rankings.

5. University of New York in Prague

The University of New York in Prague is a private educational institution located in the center of Prague. The institution is heavily influenced by foreign cultures and provides an international atmosphere, with English-taught programs delivered in the best learning environments.

The institute provides high-quality programs at undergraduate and graduate levels that are internationally recognized. UNYP is recognized by several international bodies such as accreditation organizations from Czech, America, and British, and other esteemed international bodies worldwide.

Programs at UNYP are based on American teaching styles and are designed to introduce students to a comprehensive range of academic disciplines.

FAQS About English Track Programs in the Czech Republic

Do Universities in the Czech Republic Offer English-Taught Programs?

Yes, the Czech Republic does have plenty of universities that offer English-taught programs. As mentioned above, the Czech Republic is an increasingly popular destination among international students, with nearly 15% of its higher studies student population being foreign students.

In addition, the development of cross-border corporations between individual universities, the general trend of mobility among youngsters in the EU, and the Erasmus program, which is a program that assists students to travel abroad for educational or work purposes, have brought in an increased number of foreign students moving to the country.

Here, we have five universities in the Czech Republic that offer English-taught programs to international students; Prague University of Economics and Business, Anglo-American University, Prague City University, Czech Technical University in Prague, and University of New York in Prague.


These are some of the great universities to consider if you are looking for English-taught programs in the Czech Republic. Czech is a beautiful country that has loads to offer to international students. Aside from the opportunity to pursue an excellent education in Europe, foreign students can also experience some of the best cultural experiences the country has to offer, including 2 of its largest cities, Prague and Brno. Both cities are popular destinations among students and have been ranked among the top 10 most attractive cities in the world.


Plenty of international students can be found in almost any university in the Czech Republic, both private and public. Most universities also arrange plenty of programs, student services, and events for international students.


We hope that this article on the best English-taught universities in the Czech Republic was helpful. You can also find more information on different European universities and scholarship opportunities on the Europe Scholarships Page!

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