There are many reasons to consider studying in a beautiful country like Croatia. On the one hand, it is one of the safest states, and on the other, it is one of the most affordable. The education is excellent, and the career prospects are many. When we consider beautiful scenery, delectable food, and welcoming people, the possibilities for a fulfilling life and a high-quality education are limitless.

Croatian education has long been regarded as strong and competitive. This is also valid for foreign students who want to further their studies. The Croatian Ministry of Science and Education offers a variety of scholarships and awards, based on bilateral agreements, and through programs such as CEEPUS and Erasmus. In this article, we will be talking about Croatian Government Scholarships for international students.

Croatian Government Scholarship Awards

To study as a foreign student in Croatia, you must demonstrate ample financial resources to support yourself. On the other hand, the government offers several grants that will assist with financial security and an overall better study experience.

All foreign students applying for undergraduate or postgraduate study are eligible for Croatian Government Scholarships. Here is a comprehensive list of available Government scholarships in Croatia that are based on:

Bilateral cooperation

Bilateral cooperation scholarships allow foreign students to study or complete a research program in Croatia. There is a list of countries that have signed bilateral agreements with the Croatian government to ensure proper education and financial assistance. The call for this Croatian Government scholarship for the next academic year is made available at the beginning of each year. Check here to see if your country has any bilateral arrangements with Croatia.

University bilateral agreements

Even Croatian universities have concluded bilateral agreements with schools all over the world. Centered on agreements, this is yet another fantastic chance for foreign students to seek higher education in Croatia. Students are exchanged, projects are worked on, experiences are shared, and overall, international students and Croatian students get a better education.


The term CEEPUS stands for Central European Exchange Program for University Studies. This means that this grant is only available to students from Central Europe. This Croatian Government scholarship includes boarding as well as a monthly stipend. Tuition costs are not included, but medical insurance is frequently provided. Check all the details here.

Erasmus Mundus

This scholarship is also open to European applicants, but it is geared toward developing Balkan countries. In order to encourage higher education in third-world nations, Croatia gives some incredible grants to international students who live there.

Eligibility Criteria

International students must meet varying eligibility criteria depending on the Croatian Government scholarship they choose. Prior schooling and language are two examples. If a student wishes to pursue undergraduate studies, they must first demonstrate that they completed high school in their home country. In addition, if the student wishes to study in graduate schools, they must first receive a Bachelor’s degree. Since most classes are in Croatian, prospective students should learn it before coming to the region, but they must be prepared to dedicate an entire year to language learning and training.

Language skills and prior education are needed, but keep in mind that Croatia values education and academic accomplishments.  With this in mind, they anticipate that foreign students applying for scholarships would be outstanding students willing to dedicate time to studying and research. Since most scholarships are dependent on bilateral arrangements, competition is fierce, and prospective students must demonstrate motivation while applying.

Also, keep in mind that Croatian Government scholarships are often targeted at certain groups and nations, so make sure to check if your state is on any list of possible partners. Furthermore, there are certain age restrictions when it comes to studying in Croatia. The age limit for each course is as follows:

  • 25 years as an undergraduate
  • 35 years as a graduate
  • 45 years as a postdoctoral student

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How to apply to Croatian Government Scholarships

To qualify for one of the government scholarships in Croatia, applicants must fill out an online application or contact local staff members who work in foreign affairs. As is customary, the recipient must have all required documents such as diplomas, curriculum vitae, and recommendation letters.

There is an annual call for applications where prospective students can obtain the necessary details and apply.

Finally, Croatia could be the ideal destination for foreign students. It is strategically situated on the Mediterranean Sea’s coast, near all major European cities. This will offer incredible opportunities for travel and learning, as well as increase life quality. Croatia is known for its welcoming people and delicious food, which will be very comforting for international students who are adjusting to a new world.

Croatian higher education has long been among the most elite in the world but at a lower cost. Along with low housing expenses, students are also given grants and Croatian Government scholarships to assist with finances. A perfect combination for higher education.


We hope that this article on the Croatian Government Scholarships for international students was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Europe!

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