Germany will always be on every student’s list of countries that offer top-quality higher education. It has become an ideal country for most international students who aim to study abroad. And it certainly is; the country lives up to the expectations of every aspirant student. Obtaining a German higher education degree will certainly set individuals apart from other academic degree holders. Backed with an internationally recognized degree, it will undoubtedly pave the way for countless opportunities either in their home country or abroad or maybe in Germany to establish a career.

It has also become relatively easy to study in the country. Many universities are offering academic programs in English. Institutions have expanded and created programs from different areas of study to accommodate students abroad. To help ease your burden in checking every university, here is a list of English-taught programs offered by some of the reputable universities in Germany!

Top Universities for English-taught Programs in Germany

1. Constructor University

Constructor University is on the first list of top English-taught universities in Germany that has a sizeable international community with over a hundred students across the globe. This private university offers all its courses in English. A relatively easy path for international students who desire to obtain an academic degree in Germany.

All undergraduate and graduate programs are taught in small classes making the ideal teacher-student approach realistic, the same teaching approach as the American-style setting. This kind of learning approach will significantly benefit students as professors can act as advisers to every student in the class. A wide range of programs in different fields of study are offered at the university. There are fifteen bachelor’s degree programs, three master’s degree programs, one joint master’s degree with the University of Bremen (Germany), and several doctoral programs offered in different areas of expertise such as engineering, social sciences, and natural sciences.

2. University of Europe for Applied Sciences

It is no surprise that we have seen a gradual shift in students’ interest from acquiring a rather traditional degree to obtaining an academic education aligned with their passion. As most countries promote internationalization on their campuses, students are more confident to venture to other countries to turn their passions into careers, and German universities offer just that. One such university that exemplifies all of these is the University of Europe for Applied Sciences. It is an English-taught school in Germany that offers modern and one-of-a-kind study programs appealing to the students of today. Their degree programs are designed to equip students with substantial knowledge and become experts to lead them to their chosen career path. Also, what is more, appealing is that the study programs offered by the university are what the current market is constantly looking for.

Creative thinkers whose interests and passions are in arts and design, technology, software, business and sports, and even psychology will be interested in taking one of the study programs offered at the university. Most of which are English-taught degree programs. One great example of a unique study program offered for individuals who have a high interest in sports is a bachelor’s degree program in Sports and Event Management. This program can be acquired with a specialization in eSports Studies or Football Management. And, there are more stand-out programs offered at the university. Students can see the complete list of programs by checking the program link provided above.

3. Technical University of Munich

The Technical University of Munich is the perfect choice of English-taught university for top-notch international students with exceptional student portfolios in Germany. Students pursuing higher education in this leading institution will set themselves apart as they will develop an entrepreneurial way of thinking throughout their studies at the university. The kind of mindset prominent leaders and successful professionals of any industry possess.

Currently, the programs offered at the university are some of the most desired by accomplished students. There are four bachelor’s degree programs entirely taught in English. These academic programs are Chemical Engineering, Electronics & Data Engineering, Management &Technology, and Sustainable Management & Technology. There are various master’s programs and one doctorate program offered at the postgraduate level. Areas of expertise such as Aerospace Engineering, Agricultural Biosciences, Informatics, Mathematics in Data Science, and Finance & Information Management are just some available programs for international students. The highest level a student can obtain in the university taught in English is a three-year Ph.D. program in Medical Life Science and Technology.

4. University of Bremen

The University of Bremen is one of the best English-taught institutions in Germany and a cosmopolitan university that supports all aspects of diversity on its campuses. Its advocacy to promote anti-discrimination and diversity policy is apparent to the institution’s structural organization, including a large percentage of female instructors and international professors. The university also welcomes international students and has expanded its curriculum to offer English-taught programs.

There are only two available English-taught bachelor’s programs in the university. These are Marine Geosciences and English-Speaking Cultures programs. Once students have been rewarded a bachelor’s degree in any of the two mentioned programs, they can further pursue their master’s degree at the university. Both programs and several study programs are available in master’s programs with English as the language of instruction. However, bear in mind that some master’s programs have restricted admissions, and only a limited number of students are admitted.

5. Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt

Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt is one of the few leading universities in Germany that offer Engineering programs taught entirely in English. It has broadened its scope by providing English-taught degree programs for other areas of study, aiming to become the preferred cosmopolitan university for international students.

The university has several academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels for students interested in Engineering, Computer Science, and Business Management. There are currently four bachelor’s degree programs offered at THI, three in Engineering (Autonomous Vehicle Engineering, Energy Systems and Renewable Energies, and Engineering and management programs) and one in Computer Science (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence program). Moreover, there are nine graduate programs currently provided by the university. Some of the programs offered are dual degree programs.


We hope that this article on the Best English-taught Universities in Germany was helpful. Read more articles about studying in this European powerhouse on our Study in Germany Page! Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Germany for study opportunities!

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