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We are committed to becoming the #1 scholarship resource for aspiring international students worldwide.

Global Scholarships was founded in 2017 as a platform for international students to search for scholarships around the world. Our mission is to provide an accessible way for international students to search and find comprehensive, accurate, and updated scholarship information.

Before Global Scholarships was founded, many international students searched university and organization websites to find scholarship information, deadlines, eligible nationality, and eligibility criteria. We were founded to make international students’ search easier, by providing a scholarship search engine where international students can filter through criteria such as by degree, by subject, by their nationality, and by scholarship deadlines. Our mission is to create the best scholarship platform for international students by making scholarship information transparent, accurate, and accessible.

We started out with the manual indexing of the scholarships through individual articles, and in October 2022, we developed a custom scholarship database backend to make the scholarship search easier for international students. This also allows us to automate the process of updating information, such as scholarship deadlines. You can see our scholarship search engine available for international students.

We are committed to providing the best scholarship information to international students, and we are constantly evolving and developing new functionalities and processes to fulfill our mission.

Follow us on our journey and meet our team members who work hard to fulfill our mission!


  • December 2017

    Founding Date

  • September 2021

    First team member joins

  • September 2022

    Rebranding from US College International to Global Scholarships

  • October 2022

    Start of the comprehensive scholarship search engine

As of April 2024, our database has




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We Do

Comprehensive scholarship database

We provide a transparent and up-to-date database of scholarships for international students.

Complete and accurate information

We ensure the accuracy of our database by updating the requirements, deadlines and application procedures as published by scholarship providers.

Only real and authentic scholarships

We guarantee real and authentic scholarships (not clickbait!) as we source information from the official university, government, and institution websites and publications ONLY.

Easy and quick search

We have scholarships sorted in varying criteria, such as countries, degrees, currently available, and sponsors.

We Value


Our scholarship database team checks and updates the information daily, including the deadlines, award amount, and links so that students have the latest information.

In addition, we have developed a custom scholarship database and functionalities that enable us to update information accurately and quickly.


We want students to find scholarships that match their criteria. We’ve developed a custom scholarship search filter that enables international students to search various scholarships that match criteria such as degree, funding level, deadlines, and subject. With this custom scholarship search filter, thousands of scholarships are accessible for international students.


We are constantly evolving to develop new functionalities and improve our existing processes and functionalities to fulfill our mission.

We are actively looking for ways to make scholarship information accurate, accessible, and transparent.


We value transparency in scholarship information.

With every scholarship in our database, we link to the scholarship source so that the students know where we got the information from. We never post scholarships without linking to the source.


Our team is comprised of hard-working, intelligent team members who are committed to our mission. We have many different teams in Global Scholarships such as the scholarship database, content, and email marketing teams.

Just like many international students visiting Global Scholarships, some of our team members have experience in receiving generous scholarships for their studies abroad.

We hope that Global Scholarships will enable more international students to be able to fund their studies through scholarships and are able to study abroad, just like some of us did.

Hyun Lee


Roxanne Naguinlin

Scholarship Database Lead

Astrit Morina

Email Outreach Lead

Aymen Bouteldja

Partnerships Lead

Krista Janda

Content Lead

Christina Zema

Email Marketing Lead

Az Günseli

Youtube Lead

Alex Sumanting

Email Marketing Manager

Anousha Obaid

Email Outreach Manager

Dionn Pacot

Content Manager

Elysee Delfin

Scholarship Database Manager

Jarvin Nipales

Scholarship Database Manager

Nina Figueroa

Email Marketing Manager

Mohammed Rezq


Muhammad Ali

Content Manager

Muhammad Aman

Email Outreach Manager

Princemark Okibe

Scholarship Database Manager

Sharon Adisa

Content Manager

Sibi Khan


Tasnin Mouri

Email Outreach Manager

Yejide Adefarati

Email Outreach Manager