Reach Oxford Scholarship at University of Oxford 2023 - 2024

Do you want a scholarship in United Kingdom? Consider studying at University of Oxford, a private institution founded in 1096 and located in Oxford, United Kingdom. University of Oxford offers Reach Oxford Scholarship, one of the fully funded scholarships for Bachelor's students.

Scholarship Summary

  • Level of Study: Bachelor's
  • Host Institution: University of Oxford
  • Scholarship Type: Full Funding
  • Eligible Nationalities:
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  • Eligible Subjects:
  • Number of Recipients: 3
  • Additional Scholarships Materials Required? Yes
  • Admission Deadline: October 15, 2023 (Currently Open)

University of Oxford

Full Funding


Separate Application

Reach Oxford Scholarship Coverage

This fully funded scholarship for international students covers the following:

  • 100% of tuition fees for the duration of the course
  • A living stipend
  • One return air fare annually

Reach Oxford Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

To get a scholarship for international students, these are the two types of eligibility criteria you must meet:

  1. University of Oxford Eligibility Criteria - the requirements you need to meet to be admitted to the University of Oxford
  2. Reach Oxford Scholarship Specific Eligibility Criteria - the requirements you need to meet to be considered for the Reach Oxford Scholarship

These criteria vary per institution and scholarship so be sure to take note of these before preparing your application.

University of Oxford Eligibility Criteria

Before applying for Reach Oxford Scholarship for international students, you need to apply for admissions at the University of Oxford first. Find the University of Oxford’s admission eligibility criteria here.

Reach Oxford Scholarship Specific Eligibility Criteria

Did you meet the admissions criteria? If yes, you’re now ready to apply for a scholarship. Here are the additional criteria or requirements you must meet to apply for Reach Oxford Scholarship:

  • Students with outstanding academic records
  • Students not enrolling in medicine courses

Make sure to check out the University of Oxford admissions pages and the Reach Oxford Scholarship pages for more information!

Reach Oxford Scholarship Application Procedure

If you meet the eligibility criteria for University of Oxford and Reach Oxford Scholarship, you can move forward with the application process!

Remember to apply for admission to University of Oxford first before applying for Reach Oxford Scholarship. You can visit the official website found in University of Oxford Admissions Section to see the admissions application process.

Reach Oxford Scholarship Application Process

A separate scholarship application – in addition to the university admission – is needed for Reach Oxford Scholarship. You’ll have to collect these requirements:

  • Undergraduate Scholarships Application

Once you have those ready, follow these steps to submit your scholarship application and requirements:

  1. Fill out the Undergraduate Scholarships Application form online by the required deadline

For more information, please see the Reach Oxford Scholarship Scholarship Application Procedure Page .

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When to Apply for Reach Oxford Scholarship

The great news is that there is no specific deadline to apply for Reach Oxford Scholarship! While there are no specific dates, it’s important to apply before the University of Oxford admission deadlines. Here are the deadlines:

Reach Oxford Scholarship Page

Want to learn more about University of Oxford, Reach Oxford Scholarship, requirements, application process, and other related information? Check the Reach Oxford Scholarship page!

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  1. Amaris Noray at - Reply


    Is Trinidad and Tobago eligible for the scholarship?

    • Hyun Lee at - Reply

      Hello, no, Trinidad and Tobago is not among the countries eligible for Reach Oxford Scholarships. There are still many scholarships available in our database however. Check out our Scholarships Database to find scholarships that match your criteria.

  2. Imran mir at - Reply

    I’m interested in applying to Oxford University

  3. Anonymous at - Reply

    Thank you for the guidelines
    Just wanted to ask if the scholarship is free

    • Hyun Lee at - Reply

      Hello, Not sure what you were asking by “scholarship is free,” but University of Oxford does have an application fee. The scholarship is fully funded though, which covers the tuition and living expenses.

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