Many newly hired candidates for working abroad in Denmark will require a work visa (Verified International Stay Approval). As a member of the Schengen, a coalition of countries who have joined the European Union (EU), there are twenty-seven citizenships immediately in which residents can pass into and work in Denmark without needing a special visa for up t0 ninety days. Beyond that with any type of permit, a residential visa is required.

Furthermore, European Economic Area (EEA) countries have the same privileges and they can be found here. Additionally, Swiss citizenship is included in the non-visa required category.

The process for doing so is rather convoluted and requires a significant amount of documentation in order to submit an application for approval. A small mistake can sometimes prove costly, delaying the process for weeks or even months. Therefore, it’s important to know what you need to do to get a Denmark work visa and get it in a timely and organized manner.

Here are what you will need in order to complete the process for acquiring a Denmark work visa:

Steps to Apply for a Danish Work Visa

You will have to schedule an appointment with the Denmark Mission or Consulate to bring your application and the documentation for review. Here is some additional information that can help you with the required paperwork.

Step 1. Covid-19 Warning

Due to safety precautions as a result of the coronavirus, you may find that there are new restrictions or guidelines in relation to visa application and acquisition. It is in your best interest to investigate Denmark’s current situation before indulging in any preparations just in case they are not currently providing access to the country to stem the spread of Covid-19. You can always check on information on issues such as these at the Denmark Embassy.

Step 2. Visa Application

You can acquire the Denmark work visa application at the Denmark Embassy or Consulate’s website or at your country’s local physical location. It requires a lot of personal information about yourself and your family, so you will want to have documentation such as your birth certificate, marriage certificates, social security information, and other verification for the information that you provide on the application. Once completed, you must have the required documents to go with it and will turn it in at the local Embassy or Consulate.

Step 3. Health Screening

A health screening is required, and in particular, a successfully completed tuberculosis test. Once you receive a Certificate of Good Health, include it with the TB test for your application letter. Often the Embassy will want to see that you have health insurance in the event that there was an accident while working in Denmark, to ensure that you are covered and well taken care of.

Step 4. Criminal Background Check

You need to provide fingerprints and evidence of a clean background check to prove that you are a citizen in good standing and have no criminal background that might pose a problem with the guidelines for entering the country.

Step 5. Affidavit of Financial Sufficiency

Bank statements, stock information, savings account reports, credit reports, payroll statements — any and all documentation to prove that you will be financially viable while staying in Denmark are necessary. If it can prove that you have a stable source of income and that you will not struggle in the country, you will want to have it to give yourself the best opportunity for visa acceptance.

Step 6. Employer Validation

Your employer will have sent you an affirmation of your job with information about your salary and position as well as any job educational requirements. Collect any paperwork for a Denmark work visa that is relevant to explain what you will be doing in Denmark and that you have been given permission to enter the country for work purposes with you to the Consulate.

Step 7. Recent Photos

For I.D. verification, in most circumstances, two recent photo identifications are required. These photos must meet strict guidelines, some of which include clear visibility of all facial features, a straight profile with a neutral expression that takes up approximately 75% of the available space, the rest being a neutral background primarily, often gray.

Step 8. Valid Passport

As this is where your Denmark work visa stamp will go, make sure you have blank pages for it. The photo must meet qualifications and it needs to be current within at least an additional three months from the time you will depart Denmark to return to your home country.

Step 9. Travel Documents

Your flight reservations and your itinerary once you arrive in Denmark are two important documents to provide with your application. Also, include your purpose of travel along with any other information that explains your reason for travel and where you will be staying. Travel insurance proof is often required as well.

Step 10. Personal Information Verification

All documents related to the personal information you provide on the application will need to be included. This includes information such as social security, birth certificates, marriage documentation, etc. In brief, if you provided any information for the application, have all the materials you need to back it up when you arrive at the Consulate to present your application.

Traveling insurance, health insurance, and information as to your residence in Denmark may be required as well for the same purpose: insurance that you are prepared and covered in the event of an emergency or sudden hardship.

Documents Needed for a Danish Work Visa

There are basic requirements for all types of Denmark visas, but always check to make sure that there aren’t any specific requirements for your particular job type or your specific visa requirements.

  • A work visa application
  • A health screening, including tuberculosis
  • Affidavit of Financial Sufficiency
  • Your employment letter from your job
  • Recent Photos
  • Travel Documents
  • Criminal background check
  • Your passport and assorted travel documentation
  • Verification of Personal Information


You will take your documentation and application to an interview at the Consulate; you will need to make this appointment in advance. Once you finish that process, you will just be waiting to hear back about whether your Denmark work visa was approved or if you need to make any modifications to your application in order to receive approval.


We hope this article on how to get a work visa in Denmark was informative and insightful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Europe!

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