Australia is not just famous for being the land of kangaroos and a fun destination. Its favorable government policies, impeccable weather, and eclectic population make it a suitable destination for visitors. But, these are not the only reasons thousands of international students love to study in Australia. In fact, there are four private and thirty-eight public universities in the country. And all of them are of a high standard. So, if you have made up your mind to study here, the least we could do is to help you with how to apply to an Australian university of your choice.

1. Think about your decision

You need to first and foremost, make up your mind to study in Australia. It is something personal and does not involve the institution.  Find out more about the location, and what is fascinating about the school you chose. What is motivating you to study in Australia? Do your research if you don’t know much about the country. You can uncover many things that will make you stay motivated during the application process. This first step is critcal in your success of applying to Australian universities.

2. Decide the course you want to study

Decide on your course of study before starting the application process. Visit the website of the institution of your choice and check the different courses they have. You can apply to study as an undergraduate or postgraduate. But, find out if you meet the requirement for the program before you start the application process.

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3. Choose your preferred institution

Australia has 38 public and 4 private universities, and all of them have a high standard. You can visit their websites to know more before taking your final decision on which of them will be more suitable. Check if they offer the course you want to study. If there are things you don’t understand, you can ask questions to get clarifications.

4. Check your eligibility

This is very important for international students. Whether you are applying for an undergraduate or postgraduate program, you must check your eligibility status before starting the application process.

5. Apply to your course of choice

After checking your eligibility status, the next step is to apply to study at the Australian university of your choice. Check to know if the application is still open. And be ready to scan and submit your documents online. The application process for a postgraduate student is not the same as that of an undergraduate. You can find out what documentation is required and make your documents available on the university website. It is vital that you do this because application procedures differe from one another. The next thing after submitting the required documents is to wait for confirmation.

For instance, if you are applying for an undergraduate program, then you need to scan and submit the following documents to apply to Australian universities.

  • Secure your applicant ID and password
  • Submit scanned copies of proof of identity and residency
  • Passport identification page
  • Passport visa page
  • Visa grant letter
  • Birth certificate
  • Citizenship certificate
  • English language: IELTS or TOEFL results.
  • Academic transcripts and degree certificates
  • Scholarships documentation if you are on any
  • Marriage/ change of name certificates

These are some of the documents you might be required to submit. Once you have chosen a course, click the application button, and choose the year you wish to commence. You have to check carefully for errors when filling your personal information online. Mistakes during the application process can prove fatal.

Application Deadlines for Universities in Australia

Each Australian university has its application deadlines. So, you have to research to know if the application is still ongoing in the school you wish to apply to. The following will guide you.

  • Late October to mid-November – The first semester had just started, so application is open.
  • Mid-April to mid-May – application for the second semester

But, everything still depends on the Visa. And remember that applying earlier will increase your chances of being accepted or applying for a scholarship.

6. Check your email regularly for your letter of offer

Make sure that the email gave during the application process is valid. And keep the login details of your email and that of the institution intact. After your request has been reviewed and accepted, you will receive a letter of offer from the school to inform you that the university has honored your request to study there.

Most times, the email can find its way into your junk box, so check your inbox and junk box thoroughly.

7. Receive your confirmation of enrolment (CoE)

The next letter you will receive is the confirmation of enrolment. It is issued to international students by Australian universities. You will receive your CoE following the completion of your International Student Acceptance and Payment Agreement which is sent to applicants within at least 10 working days.

This letter is to inform you that the an Australian university has acknowledged the fact that you have accepted to study there. And have paid your Overseas Student Health Cover premium (OSHC) and tuition fees. Note that this letter will be required when you are submitting your student Visa application.

8. Apply for a Visa

After you have been offered a chance to study in an Australian University, the next thing will be to apply for a student Visa from the Australian government. And one of the requirements to obtain it is your CoE. And though the application process might seem a bit challenging, the Australian system is quite straightforward.

Once your Visa has been approved, you can buy your plane ticket and start your journey. Universities usually send admission packages to new intakes which contains information that will guide them as they journey. It might include;

  • Course information
  • Accommodation options
  • Financial information
  • Information on orientation programs
  • Things you need to know about the location


We hope that this article on How to Apply to Australian universities was helpful. To know more information about studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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