The United Kingdom is among the top countries to consider if you’re looking to study abroad. After all, studying away from home will surely be worth it if it assures you high-quality education. Aligned with that, you’ll find that some of the best universities worldwide are in the United Kingdom.

Along with choosing your destination for international studies, it’s also important to choose subjects where your chosen country is good at. For that, make sure to choose the best subjects to study in the United Kingdom!

Top Subjects to Study in the United Kingdom

1. Psychology

Psychology is a subject that deals with how humans behave and think. It is a top subject to study in the United Kingdom. If you’re interested in learning about the processes of cognition, learning, and even mental disorders, Psychology is the ideal subject for you. Studying in the United Kingdom offers the best opportunity to get into world-leading universities. These include the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and the University College London (UCL).

Besides these universities, another reason to choose this subject in the UK is its long historical roots. Some of the fundamental schools of thought in the field of Psychology were established in the United Kingdom. These can help you understand the full influence of psychology in the modern world, with new psychological theories helping create new practices in Education, Healthcare, and HR.

Studying Psychology in the United Kingdom also prepares you for entering a field where human interaction is inevitable. There are modular and flexible classes in UK-based universities that can help you learn in a fast-paced, yet effective way. On top of that, you get to choose which specialization you want to pursue. Some of the popular choices among international students are social psychology, educational psychology, and cognitive psychology,

2. Engineering

Engineering is another top subject you should consider studying in the United Kingdom. This field is rather diverse, allowing you to learn technology and innovation on a macro level. At the same time, you can choose a specialization to delve deeper into principles and concepts applicable to specific industries. Some of the engineering fields you might want to explore in the UK are Aeronautical, Computer, and Mechanical Engineering.

The United Kingdom is also home to some of the best universities around the world. When it comes to Engineering, the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford take spots in the top ten. You can also consider applying to the University of Manchester and Imperial College London. And even if you study in other universities besides these, you are still in for some world-class teaching and motivating classroom experience.

Studying Engineering in the United Kingdom provides international students valuable connections to various industries, helping them learn how Engineering works in the real world. It’s also crucial to learn Engineering through state-of-the-art technologies and facilities. With such preparation and a learning environment, you can be sure to find a career anywhere in the world.

3. Architecture

Architecture is one of the best subjects to study in the United Kingdom. It deals with designing structures, covering various areas, such as urban design, landscape architecture, and town planning. The United Kingdom is known for its architectural heritage, and international students can find inspiration from its world-renowned structures, such as the Buckingham Palace and the St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Even the universities here are a work of art, providing you with an inspiring place to learn. When it comes to teaching, top universities in the United Kingdom also ensure that international students can take their new knowledge and skills anywhere. It’s one of the reasons why these universities are taking top spots in prestigious ranking institutions, such as the Quarelli-Symonds World University Rankings. To make your studies worthwhile, make sure to choose these top universities in the United Kingdom for architecture:

  • University of Sheffield
  • Cardiff University
  • Manchester School of Architecture

In the United Kingdom, studying architecture prepares international students for a lucrative career. The architecture industry itself brings around $4.7 billion in revenue to the country. It also generates more than 40,000 jobs. Considering that, international students can start their careers in the United Kingdom. But on top of that, studying architecture in this country offers them the opportunity to pursue global careers.

4. Political Science

Studying Political Science in the United Kingdom takes international students on a journey where they can learn the skills and mindset to be successful in this field. Considering how politics is ever-changing, having such preparation can be extremely valuable. The United Kingdom is also among the top producers of world leaders, having one in four graduating from its universities.

Studying in the United Kingdom offers global perspectives derived from the history of Political Science, providing insights into its future as well. As an example, modern democracy started in the United Kingdom around the 13th century. This was after its people elected their first parliament. Additionally, the Palace of Westminster, previously the first place of William the Conqueror, takes a unique spot in how the world understands government and democracy. Then, there are also prominent English names that drove modern political thinking, such as Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Emmeline Pankhurst.

Additionally, political science is an excellent subject to study in the United Kingdom as political science graduates from universities in the United Kingdom are among the most employable in many countries. Some of the academic institutions that can provide you with the best quality education in Political Science are the London School of Economics and Political Science, the University of Cambridge, and King’s College London.

5. Hospitality, Leisure, and Tourism

Joining the list of best subjects to study in the United Kingdom are Hospitality, Leisure, and Tourism. The country is known for its popular tourist destinations, such as Stonehenge and Giant’s Causeway. There are also world-renowned cities in the United Kingdom where you can find the best hotels and restaurants, delivering hospitality services as fine art.

Another reason to study Hospitality, Leisure, and Tourism in the United Kingdom is its robust industry. It contributes around $94 billion to the UK economy, providing more than 3 million jobs. With how massive it is, you’ll acquire learning in a highly successful industry, providing you with better chances of joining a global career.

Finally, the United Kingdom delivers education in the Hospitality, Leisure, and Tourism subjects through its top universities. Some of the best institutions you can choose from are the University of Surrey, Bournemouth University, and Oxford Brookes University.


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