Singapore is the gateway to Asia, as many would have called it. The primary choice of investors and big companies only sends an assurance that the labor force in the country is well-equipped and highly educated. This small country has many universities and institutions capable of generating first-rate professionals. Most student graduates of the country can quickly adapt to almost any working environment globally, and they are amongst the stand-out professionals out there.

Singapore is quite an appealing country for most international students. There is no need to acquire the local language other than a high level of proficiency in English. Almost all institutions offer English-taught programs and even undergraduate studies have limitless degree programs made available for them. While there are many universities worth mentioning, we have come up with a guide to some of the best English-taught universities in Singapore.

Top Universities for English-taught Programs in Singapore

1. Singapore University of Social Sciences

A university that values inclusivity in all aspects is the Singapore University of Social Sciences. Many programs from undergraduate to graduate levels are open for international students. Moreover, all the courses offered are incorporated with fundamental knowledge about rising issues in society. Students will have a sense of familiarity with relevant matters; this, in return, will help them to carry out functions swiftly and become professionals with dignity.

The university uses English as the medium of instruction in all its study programs, making the Singapore University of Social Science among the top English-taught universities in Singapore. Bachelor’s programs open for international students are Accountancy, Early Childhood Education, Human Resource Management, Business Analytics, Finance, Marketing, Supply Management, and Social Work. Students can apply for a master’s program either by research or coursework at the postgraduate level. Master’s offered through coursework programs are Applied Linguistics (TESOL), Finance, IP and Innovation Management, and Management, while one study program by research is a master’s program in Social Science. Generally, Ph.D. programs are research programs. Professionals can take doctoral degree programs in Business Administration, Philosophy, and Gerontology.

2. Singapore Management University

Singapore Management University is a specialized institution that offers a wide array of study programs at all levels. One key reason that attracts international students to continue their studies at the university is that students have the option to take a second major. The university highly encourages it, though not mandatory. And, it is still up to the students if they opt to take a second major or not.

Accountancy, Business Management, Law, Computer Science, and Information Science are some of the bachelor’s degree programs offered at the university for both Singapore citizens and international students. The institution also offers master’s programs in Accountancy, Business Management, Economics, Information Systems, and Law. For student professionals who are unsure of pursuing a doctorate, the school offers a master’s program by research. Professionals who would like to pursue a career in academia may take a Ph.D. program or doctorate in Social Science, Computing, and Management offered by the university.

3. Curtin Singapore

Curtin Singapore is a branch campus of one of Australia’s prestigious universities, Curtin University. This local campus offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs to all Singapore citizens and international students. All courses follow the same education system of Curtin University; however, its course structures are still aligned in relevance to the issues in Asia and Singapore. This is an excellent opportunity for students seeking to take an Australian degree without studying and living in Australia.

With a top-quality Australian education system, Curtin Singapore is known to be among the best English-taught universities in Singapore. Its bachelor’s degree programs offered in its branch campus are Communication, Commerce, and Nursing. Some programs available in the field of Commerce will give students the option to take a single major or double major. Master’s programs, on the other hand, include Business (offering International Business and Supply Chain Management programs) and Health Science; the only study program offered is the Clinical Leadership Major degree program. The mode of study at all levels is offered either full-time or part-time—a rare opportunity, especially for undergraduate students where most institutions only offer study programs full-time.

4. INSEAD Asia Campus

Institut Européen d’Administration des Affaires (INSEAD) Asia Campus is designed for business professionals seeking postgraduate studies. The institution has opened its only Asia campus in Singapore, carrying a vision to connect Asia and the rest of the world. This renowned business school has since become one of the sought-after schools for postgraduate professionals. Its campus in Singapore has been a gateway for professionals in Asia to secure a career in top-ranking companies and high positions in the government sector.

All postgraduate programs are conducted in English. The campus offers two business master’s programs full-time: Master in Management and Master in Business Administration (MBA). Programs that can be taken part-time are Global Executive MBA, Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA, Executive Master in Finance, and Executive Master in Change. These modular programs are specially designed for busy professionals who are currently employed and only have a limited time to study. As for professionals who want to pursue an academic career, the institution offers a Ph.D. program in Management.

5. Singapore Institute of Technology

Among the best English-taught universities in Singapore is the Singapore Institute of Technology, which provides a comprehensive range of degree programs in different fields of study. The institution has partnered with several top-ranking universities abroad to provide innovative programs. Their undergraduate programs have several joint programs with other universities. This entails students to undergo an Overseas Immersion Program to be held with its partner university.

Professionals aiming to get a global career in Engineering should check the cutting-edge master’s programs offered by the institution. Master’s degree programs by coursework are MSc in Chemical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Civil Engineering, to name a few. While postgraduate studies (master’s and doctorate) by research program include Engineering and Clinical Research in Health Sciences.


We hope that you found this article on the best English-taught universities in Singapore informative and helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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