The United Kingdom provides many studies abroad options for international students. Among the most popular is engineering, and we will be looking at the best universities in the United Kingdom for engineering. If you do major in engineering, you should have no problem getting a job because there are a lot of demands!

Best Engineering Universities in the United Kingdom

1. University of Cambridge

As one of the oldest universities in the world, the University of Cambridge charts the top of our list of the best engineering schools in the United Kingdom. There are certainly benefits to being founded in 1209, and one of the greatest is being able to expand on their ever-growing course offerings. They can maintain and produce high-quality engineering programs and experiences for students. They also boast the ability to attract top-tier professors. No small feat when it comes to providing quality higher education.

The engineering program at the University of Cambridge allows students to discover their full potential. The university offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses and programs. The traditional track for students earning their degree here is to take four years of courses to earn their degree. If students complete the four-year program, they will walk out with both a Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) and Masters of Engineering.

Another enticing facet of this university is its extensive offerings. There are many subprograms within the engineering academic track. These courses include aerospace and aerothermal engineering, structural and environmental engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, electrical and information sciences, instrumentation and control, and mechanical engineering.

2. University of Oxford

This university, like the previous one listed, hardly needs an introduction. The University of Oxford has been a standard for higher education for over 900 years. It is the university others aspire to emulate. It would be no small feat to apply for and be granted entrance into the engineering program available at this school. With a rich history and beautiful campus, it’s an easy school to fall in love with.

The University of Oxford is an excellent engineering university in the UK, offering a comprehensive engineering education, with its undergraduate program taking four years to complete, and in the end, students receive a Masters’s Degree for their hard work. The university offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses and programs. A few of the programs possible at the school are biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, information engineering, and mechanical engineering.

3. Imperial College London

Imperial College London is well located, in the bustling metropolis of London. It’s the perfect school for those looking for a busy city life. They also support students, and student interests, with their over 380 student organizations. It’s almost guaranteed there is a place for you at Imperial College London.

The school itself cultivates specific educational courses. Their undergraduate programs are only in science, engineering, business, and medicine. This specificity allows the school and the students to get an incredibly focused degree in the engineering topic they are most interested in. Imperial College London is a great university to attend if you know what specialty program you would like to take, or if you would like access to their unique academic programs. Among their unique engineering programs are aeronautical engineering, molecular bioengineering, mechanical engineering with nuclear engineering, and aeronautics with spacecraft engineering.

4. University College London

University College London is a busy, thriving school in the bustling streets of London. It is a school that brings high-quality research to the heart of the city. They employ over 13,000 staff members to bring excellent education to all of their students. As a large public research university, they attempt to bring diversity into higher education.

University College London prides itself on its hands-on approach to engineering. This top engineering school in the UK tackles the study of engineering by coupling modern methods of education and tried and true methods of teaching. Their programs focus on solving real-world problems, and teaching skills for both engineering and management. They hope to arm students with the skills they need to succeed at their future jobs in engineering.

5. University of Manchester

As a leading education institution, the University of Manchester welcomes over 40,000 students every year. While this university only dates back to 1824, they are known for their high-quality research and education. It is a popular university choice for international students, so if you’re looking to make friends across the globe this could be the best university for you.

The University of Manchester also has an incredible engineering program. They provide a comprehensive program, covering many subjects and topics students might be interested in. There are opportunities for students to complete a degree in three or four years. Most of their programs take four years for students to complete before they can enter the workforce. This excellent British engineering school offers various engineering programs such as fashion business and technology, and aerospace engineering.

6. University of Edinburgh

If you’ve ever wanted to live in Scotland, here’s your opportunity. The University of Edinburgh is located in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, Scotland. As one of the top tourist destinations in the United Kingdom, there are a million things to love about this city. Walking the old streets, waking up to the sound of church bells, and visiting one of the cities many pubs. With its old-world charm, students can experience the chance of a lifetime.

The University of Edinburgh also houses one of the best engineering programs in the country. Their engineering catalog covers all of the main paths of study, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, and civil engineering just to name a few. Their programs take between four to five years for students to complete.

7. University of Southampton

The University of Southhampton is a highly acclaimed educational institution, located along the English coast. With access to bustling city life, and the great outdoors, students can experience the best of both worlds.

Many of the engineering programs at the University of Southampton can be completed in either three or four years of study. A three-year course will grant students a Bachelor’s Degree, and likewise, the four-year track will grant students a Master’s. This top engineering university in the UK houses a unique engineering program that sets them apart. Students can study acoustical engineering, the study sound, and vibration. Their engineering department also offers other unique programs such as ship science and audiology.


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