Many students want to attend the top school in their region, and some strive for a bigger mark. This post is here to tell you that you can strive for the biggest mark, and that is to apply for the top 10 universities in the world. Why do people want to attend these universities? Read more in order to find out!

Top Universities in the World

1. Harvard University

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University is a college that everybody knows, and it is one of the most popular colleges in the world. Many people aspire to go to Harvard in order to receive a higher education, and their numbers of applicants are very high. In order to select its future students, Harvard University has set a high bar of standards for their applicants.

  • High-Quality Education

Not only is Harvard a popular college, but it is a college that offers high-quality education. Harvard University has world-renowned professors that are easily accessible to students, and the benefits do not stop there.

  • Small Class Size

The class size of a normal class at Harvard is 12 or fewer, and it is rare for a class to have 30 students. In addition to the help from great professors, the small class environment fosters long-term friendships and even a closer bond with your teachers. Harvard University also offers various research opportunities that can enlarge your education, and doing research will greatly boost your career.

  • Affordable Education

One might think, “With all these benefits, the cost will be extremely high for students, even higher for international students!” But I am here to tell you that you do not have to worry about costs! For a long time, Harvard University has covered the financial aspect of education by giving out need-based scholarships to their students.

Need-based scholarships are scholarships that are based solely on your need for money. If you need this amount of money, Harvard will cover it with no problem. Even for research opportunities, there are various scholarships and grants that you can apply to cover the costs of your research project.

Because of their high-quality education, small class environment, and affordability, Harvard is number one of the top 10 universities in the world. Many great scholars and prominent scientists graduated from Harvard University, and they continue to support Harvard by sending scholarship donations.

We talked about all the great details of Harvard University, and, if you are interested, the details of different aspects of Harvard University are included in the links down below. This is the link about high-quality education, and this is the link that provides information about affordable education.

  • Admissions / Scholarships

So after talking about the great aspects of Harvard University, keep in mind that if you want to receive these benefits, you need to go through the application process.

 Undergraduate Admission
In the link above, the information about the undergraduate application process and the important deadlines will be included. Also, additional information about international applicants is in this link.     The video guide to the undergraduate application process is shown in this link.

Undergraduate Scholarship
In the link above, the information about the undergraduate scholarship is included. Additional information such as scholarship application, deadlines, and requirements are also included. The video guide for the process of applying for the undergraduate scholarship is shown in this link.

 Graduate Admission
In the link above, the information about the graduate application procedure, application deadlines, and other important information will be included. International applicants apply the same way as US citizens or residents. The video guide for the graduate application process is included in this link.

Graduate Scholarship
In the link above, the information about graduate scholarship application procedures and deadlines is included. The video guide for the graduate scholarship application is included in this link.

2. Stanford University

On the other side of the country, Stanford University is located in California. This university boasts of her small student body, and her ratio of students to faculty is 4:1. That means for every four students, there is at least one professor for each group. Also, Stanford professors also are world-renowned, and some professors received the Nobel prize for their works.

  • Interesting Facts (Small Class Size/Great Professors/Affordability)

Even though Stanford has a small student body, this university offers 65 undergraduate majors and 90+ graduate programs, and it has seven separate schools! In that one university, Stanford is divided into Business, Science, Education, Engineering, Humanities, Law, and Sciences.

Each school can be split up into undergraduate and graduate, but remember, that some schools offer only graduate programs so please check for your major at this link before continuing on to the application process.

Another key part of Stanford University is the accessibility to education anywhere! The Stanford Online Courses are there to help you in your journey if you cannot come to California, the United States to receive your education. More information about these online programs is at this link.

For international students, there is a limited amount of financial aid available at Stanford University. Since there are limited funds, you need to make an indication that you need financial aid when you apply. Also, the financial aid from Stanford University is need-based, so the university will provide whatever amount that you will need. Also, you can use outside scholarships to fund your education, so apply for both if you can.

Unlike Harvard, Stanford University has a funding limit, so apply soon, and don’t wait!

  •  Admissions / Scholarships

Would you like to study at one of the world’s top 10 universities? The video guides for application and scholarships are included under each section, and help us by clicking on the link and subscribing to our YouTube channel!

Undergraduate Admission
In the link above, Information about the undergraduate application process for Stanford University will be included, and if you click on that link, more information about application deadlines, requirements, and additional requirements for international students will be included. If you don’t know how to go through the application process, this video guide will help you each step of the way.

Undergraduate Scholarship
A few avenues of financial aids that can help you through paying the bill are university scholarships, student employment, and outside scholarships. The link above will lead you to the financial aid homepage, and the requirements for applying for scholarships are also included in the link. To help you through the undergraduate scholarship process, this video guide will guide you through these steps.

Graduate Admission
The application process for Stanford Graduate School is included in this link, and all the application requirements are also included on their homepage. The link above will lead you to the page where you choose your graduate program, and your application process starts from there! If you need any help for Stanford Graduate Admission, this video guide will lead you through the application process.

Graduate Scholarship
There are many sources in which you can find your funding for Stanford Graduate School, and the two ways are Stanford fellowships or external scholarships. Remember, scholarships will vary by program so keep a lookout for your future programs. The link above will provide you with additional details such as application requirements and deadlines, and, if you need help, this video guide will lead you through the application process for the Stanford Graduate Scholarship!

3. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

MIT is also a world-renown university that is known for its capabilities in research and technology, hence the name Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Because of its cutting-edge technology and increased use of electronics, MIT also boasts of online teaching courses that are available worldwide!

  • Research Capabilities

One of the ways that enhance the education of MIT is the research buildings for their students to explore. From huge laboratories to research nuclear reactors, MIT is filled with great research resources that students can broaden their potential and test their imagination. With its cutting-edge technology, MIT has fostered the growth of many prominent scientists and thinkers from around the world.

Not only are the buildings important, but the faculty is also important. Most MIT students work side-by-side with many of their professors to increase their knowledge and to be the expert in their field. This great education is not only available for students, but it is also available worldwide in this link.

  • World-Wide Resource

Because of their goal to make education available to anyone with the Internet, the MITx, the MIT portal for online courses, offers extensive education to millions of students, teachers, and professors worldwide. MIT does not only impact the world, but it also impacts the local area by encouraging field trips and research opportunities to its local residents.

Many high school seniors near that area had the opportunity to go for MIT teaching sessions, and many teachers and parents had the opportunity to experience the greatness of MIT research centers. MIT offers various undergraduate courses, and it offers many graduate courses, Masters and Ph.D.’s.

  • Admissions / Scholarships

After talking about all the great things about MIT, this section will include the application process and the scholarship application for both undergraduates and graduates. Remember that this post is written about this university, and our website does not receive the application. If you want to apply for admission or scholarships at one of the 10 best universities in the world, you need to click on the links provided below and have to follow the steps that are listed on the MIT homepage.

Undergraduate Admission
The link above will lead you to the page that contains undergraduate application deadlines and requirements. It will also include supplementary materials and the location where you will need to send your application package. Additional information for international applicants is listed in this link. This video guide will guide you through the MIT Undergraduate Application Process.

Undergraduate Scholarship
The information about the MIT Undergraduate Scholarship is included in the link above, and the bottom line is this: If you get accepted, the financial aspect of your education will be covered for all four years as an MIT undergraduate. MIT practices need-based scholarships for all of its students, so your financial costs will be covered if you get accepted to this university. Guide to MIT Undergraduate Scholarship Application is included in this helpful video.

Graduate Admission
In the link above, you will find graduate application requirements for incoming students. Also, eligibility requirements and the application procedure are also included. Additional information for international students is included in this link, and this video guide will help you through the graduate application process for MIT.

Graduate Scholarship
The scholarship for Ph.D. programs is almost always full-tuition that covers the whole cost of your doctoral education, but scholarships for Master’s programs are more limited. In that case, you need to apply for outside scholarships or even do work-study while you are in MIT Graduate School. This link will lead you to the international scholarships for MIT Prospective Students, and this video guide will lead you through the application process for the MIT Graduate Scholarship.

4. Oxford University

One of the top universities in England is Oxford University. Many colleges and resident halls make up Oxford University, and this university has over 100 different departments due to its diverse college campus.

  • World-Wide Resource (Anytime, Anywhere!)

Oxford University does not just offer online courses, but it offers courses during the school year, winter courses, and even summer programs. It is available to everyone at any time! Because of its huge education program, Oxford University is able to maintain its courses throughout the whole year for different groups of people.

Even though it has a huge college campus, Oxford University has many specialized laboratories that are built for that department, and it has many perks that can only be found by attending the college itself.

One of those perks is that Oxford University has the largest library in the United Kingdom, and this library is built by many library buildings that hold millions of copies of books.

If you are interested in attending Oxford University online classes, the information that you need is included in this link.

  • Number 1 in Research

Oxford has been known worldwide for its technology and their research capabilities. As listed above, this university contains various research facilities and faculty that boost the research power of Oxford University. For several years, Oxford University has been ranked number one in research, and it will continue to do so in the future.

The United Kingdom uses a different currency of pound sterling instead of dollars, but Oxford University makes your education easier than easing the load of the financial burden. To help people from lower-income families, Oxford University makes it their goal to provide financial aid to its students, local and international.

  • Admissions/ Scholarship

After talking about the good things about this one of the world’s 10 best universities, let’s get into the hard work of admission application and scholarship application.

Undergraduate Admission
The link above includes various information such as application requirements and deadlines for prospective students. You can choose one of many colleges in which you can study in Oxford, and you can also choose the majors or programs that you want to study. This link will lead you to the additional requirements for international students.

Undergraduate Scholarship
As usual, the course and the living fee are significantly higher for international students than local residents. The link above will lead you to the website that contains different scholarships and bursaries that can help you through the college years. Also, this link will lead you to external scholarships that can further help you with financial aid.

Graduate Admission
Oxford University is filled with great buildings and artifacts that can encourage your college life, and even be an inspiration for your future career. The link above will guide you to the Graduate Admission page where it will show you the steps of the application process. Remember, that different graduate programs require different applications and requirements.

Graduate Scholarship
Because of their diversity in programs and various requirements for scholarships, Oxford University encourages its prospective students to search for their own individual scholarships. In order to help the students, the link above will guide you to the scholarship portal where you can begin your search. Be sure to check the requirements if you are an international student.