If you are attracted by the word psychology and curious about the mechanisms of the human mind, the best way to explore your potential in psychology would be to earn a psychology degree in the UK. The UK offers some of the best-rated psychology programs in the world. Undoubtedly, international students could pursue their aspirations by enrolling in the best psychology majors at UK colleges.

This article will help you identify the finest universities in the UK to earn a psychology degree. It will also break down some additional significant factors to support your understanding of why you should pick the UK as your study destination for psychology. Let’s begin!

Top Schools Offering Psychology in the UK

Numerous UK colleges and universities provide undergraduate and graduate-level psychology courses. Here are five highly regarded universities in the UK where you can pursue your ambition of studying psychology and receive a top-notch education:

1. University of Cambridge

Who hasn’t heard of the University of Cambridge when discussing educational institutions? It is the third-oldest university still in continuous operation and a public research university in England founded in 1209. More than 20,000 students from 140 countries are enrolled at Cambridge in various departments.

Since more than a century ago, psychology has been organized in various ways in Cambridge to deliver top-notch research and instruction in psychology and related fields. This department conducts top-tier research to provide students worldwide with the best resources and instruction.

2. University of Bath

The University of Bath is named one of the world’s top 150 universities. A public research university in England was founded in 1886. The university’s research is helping to change the world for the better. By studying with Bath, you’ll have the golden opportunity to explore many different areas of psychology. The university ranked 2nd for psychology in The Guardian University Guide. Therefore, international students are highly encouraged to pursue a degree in psychology at the University of Bath.

3. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is renowned not just for the well-known people who received their degrees there but also for its superb infrastructure, divisions, departments, and faculties. Oxford is also regarded as an independent and self-governing institution globally. International students are ecstatic about the prospect of attending Oxford. At Oxford, psychology is a scientific field where theories are rigorously developed and put to the test.

One of the top psychology departments in the UK is widely recognized as the Oxford Experimental Psychology Department. For students worldwide, Oxford University offers important research areas in developmental psychology, social psychology, and psychological and brain health.

4. University of York

York, England, is home to the University of York, a collegiate research institution established in 1963. Here, ground-breaking research is conducted by more than 30 academic departments, inspiring students to think critically, dream big, and transform the world. A premier center for both research and instruction, the Department of Psychology was established in 1974.

Tuition costs are pretty high here, and the university is quite pricey. A BSc in Psychology would cost a foreign student £28,800 per year, while an MSc in Psychology would cost them £22,250 per year.

5.  University of Glasgow

A public research institution named the University of Glasgow is located in Glasgow, Scotland, and it was established in 1451 to educate learners all over the globe. According to total enrolment, Glasgow is Scotland’s biggest university.  The British Psychological Society has accredited all of the undergraduate single- and joint-honors psychology programs and MSc conversion programs. While the University of Glasgow may be fairly expensive for international students to attend, a limited number of scholarships and loans are available to ease this financial burden.

FAQS About Studying Psychology in the UK

Why is Psychology so Popular in the UK?

Psychology is a career choice that is constantly in demand due to how fascinating the study of the human mind and behavior is to many individuals. Since it contains less substance than the natural sciences and has much simpler concepts, this topic is typically chosen by students. Demand for psychology degrees in the UK has steadily increased, with more than 100,000 students registering yearly.

This field is one of the area’s most rapidly expanding fields of study. To satisfy the demands of the growing number of students, universities in the UK now offer more cutting-edge psychology courses due to psychology’s enduring popularity at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

What Skills Can You Gain from Studying Psychology?

Studying psychology is a great method to advance your industry profession while learning useful skills for personal growth. Normal people occasionally lose control of their emotions or behavior in various circumstances. However, studying psychology will make you more receptive to solving various emotional problems. Isn’t it incredible?

Along with supporting others in their struggles, you can advance your own personally. You would develop mastery over various psychological skills, including conceptual reasoning, analytical thinking, and problem-solving. Learning about psychology might also improve your comprehension of other people and their words.


Who can study psychology is not restricted by any particular standards. This subject will appeal to those with a strong curiosity for human behavior and an analytical or research-oriented mindset. The top five institutions in the UK stated above could be one of your options for pursuing a successful career in psychology. Don’t think twice, and go ahead!

We hope you can enroll in one of the 5 best psychology schools in the UK. Feel free to also check out the UK Scholarships Page for more information about studying in the UK!

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