Employability is the prime focus after graduating from advanced study programs at international universities. Many students struggle and seek highly rewarding positions after graduation and it can become challenging if they don’t understand their enrolled institution’s recognition in the work sector.

South Korea, in this aspect, has an extensive technology and business industry which is interrelated with the country’s advanced universities. With some big tech giants such as Samsung, LG, and Hyundai holding their production, management, and logistics sectors within South Korea, there are high job prospects for fresh graduates.

International students can find job prospects in their desired fields, with regularly offered work opportunities as well. To get more details about the universities with the highest employability rates in South Korea, we have created a comprehensive article below.

Where Do Universities in South Korea Stand in Global Rankings for Graduate Employability?

When it comes to graduate employability, South Korean universities frequently score in the top 100 worldwide. Seven South Korean institutions are leading in the top 1,000 institutes of the world in various rankings. The total is higher than that of just about any Asian nation, making it a top study-abroad destination for international students.

A strong academic reputation, worldwide alumni network and focus on practical skills make up the factors that contribute to South Korean universities’ employability rate. In addition, as they become more globalized, they offer their students a wider range of experiences and perspectives. This excessively enhances their employment potential.

Which University in South Korea Has the Most Employable Graduates?

Seoul National University holds the greatest amount of qualified students for employment in South Korea, according to the 2024 GEURS Employability Rankings. With a strong employability rate of over 70%, SNU has a global ranking of #3 in this regard. One-quarter of all CEOs of the 100 largest South Korean corporations are SNU alumni.

In addition, its list of foreign collaborations is extensive. The number of disciplines in which Seoul National University is recognized as a global leader is around 41. The highest-ranked are chemistry, mechanical engineering, pharmacy, and sports-related studies.

Top Schools in South Korea with High Employability Rate

South Korea is home to a number of prestigious universities. We’ve included some of the best universities in the country below with the highest employability rates for your consideration.

1. Seoul National University

To the present day, Seoul National University is the preeminent public university in Korea. Its standing as a world-class learning institution in which the Republic of Korea is rightfully confident keeps evolving. After its 1946 inception, this public university in Seoul immediately gained recognition as the city’s first comprehensive academic institution.

According to the 2024 GEURS Employability Rankings, it is ranked at #64. It has also gained recognition for its employability percentage. The institute offers detailed academic programs including medicine, engineering, and humanities. In recent times, SNU’s employability rate has been more than 70%.

With respect to various fields, engineering students have an employability rate with students working in reputable companies such as Loreal, Samsung, LG Hyundai, etc. SNU’s graduates are high in demand within Korea and around the world.

2. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

The next suggestion we have is KAIST known for its highly competitive admission procedure along with advanced research opportunities. The university has a high overall rating and GEURS Employability Rankings for 2024. On the list, it comes in at number 75 globally.

The natural sciences, biological sciences and bioengineering, technology, the liberal arts, converging sciences, and economics are all covered at KAIST. Its students may choose from a wide variety of institutional and external scholarship opportunities. Both foreign and local students often pay similar tuition rates. Graduates have high employment opportunities after graduating from this institute.

Tech companies and banking institutes actively seek KAIST graduates for professional roles. The KAIST Alumni Association consists of global leaders representing the UAE Space program, and companies such as Samsung, Hyundai, and many other areas. The university’s engineers make up 10% of the engineering professionals in Korea.

3. Hanyang University

Hanyang University comes next on our list because of its stellar reputation in both research and learning programs. Hanyang University is ranked 93rd in the world by the GEURS Employability Rankings for 2024, making it one of the top three universities in South Korea. The South Korean government recognizes Hanyang University as an accredited institution.

The university offers several diverse undergraduate and graduate courses in the areas of business engineering, humanities, and social and natural sciences. Their faculty consists of world-renowned professors and professionals, Its high employability rate makes it a highly sought-after institute for international students.

Their graduates are currently working in multinational companies all around the world. The chances of students gaining respective employment after graduating from Hanyang University are high and high in demand worldwide.

4. Sungkyunkwan University

One of the oldest universities with 625 years of excellence and the strongest academic prospects is Sungkyunkwan University. Its extensive degree programs in the fields of law, business, and humanities contain the latest learning material. As a result of its dedication to globalization, SKKU has become the leading provider of higher education in Asia and beyond. The Korean Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology has granted it official recognition.

When it comes to job placement, SKKU consistently ranks high among Seoul’s top institutions. Its graduates show a high employability percentage of more than 70% according to 2024 GEURS Rankings. It also places it at #100 in regard to a freshly-graduate student’s ability to gain work in professional fields.

The students from this institute have a high work ethic with work-related skills. Many of its alumni have gone on to pursue careers for top tech firms like Samsung and SK Hynix as well as LG and SK Chemical.

5. Korea University

The next recommendation is the well-regarded Korea University, recognized for its progression in advanced learning programs. It holds the 104th rank in the GEURS Employability Rankings for 2024. Korea University has been running reliable career and employment programs for many years.

These help students make informed decisions about their futures and successfully gain employment. Law, medicine, engineering, and business administration are just a few of the prestigious professional programs offered by the institution. The university’s reputation and the quality of its education are mostly due to the instructional abilities of its faculty members.

The faculty as a whole is dedicated to providing students with the greatest possible learning experience. The university also represents an overall employability rate of over 70%. Their business, engineering, and law degrees all show a high graduate employment percentage overall.


Employment is the core focus after studying in a high-learning program. Students’ academic and professional chances greatly increase when they enroll in a prestigious institution.


We hope that after reading this article, you will be better able to decide which South Korean institute is ideal for you. Make sure to also check out our Study in Korea page for valuable information about studying in the country! And if haven’t decided which courses to enroll visit our Open courses for study options!

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