Hanyang University is one of Korea’s best private universities with its main campus located in Seoul and a satellite campus in Ansan. It got its name from the old name of Seoul used during the Joseon dynasty. The university is credited for being the country’s first-ever engineering school. Up to this day, Hanyang is still known for providing excellent study programs in the field of engineering.  The university has also collaborated with over 700+ partner universities in over 76 countries, thus making it an ideal place for students who aim to gain exposure to the international academic community.

For prospective students, read on and follow the simple admissions process when applying at Hanyang University.

Admissions Process at Hanyang University

The admissions process at Hanyang University is much like the other universities. You will need to apply through an online portal and submit some important documents. The application processing fee should be paid and all there is left to do now is to wait for the application outcome which may take somewhere between a few weeks to a month. Follow this step-by-step procedure for application submission at Hanyang University.

Step 1. Select a Degree of Your Choice

The first step in the admission procedure is to select the degree that you are going to apply for along with your choice of subject. The university offers a range of subjects from bachelor’s to doctoral level. Select the course and degree that works best for you according to your skills and academic track record. If you are not sure of what degree and course to select, you can get in touch with a career counselor who will guide you on your career choices.

Step 2. Collect Required Documents

The documents you need for the application include all of your previous degrees and the results card, your documents like passport and birth certificate, all the relative certifications, and language proficiency test scores. All of these documents should be scanned and attested by the concerned authority. Most importantly, the documents should be in the English language.

Step 3. Fill Out and Submit the Application

After you have collected all the documents, the next step is to fill out the application and submit it on the portal. This is yet another crucial step so ensure to do this step carefully to get your chance to secure a spot at Hanyang University. Make sure to fill in the exact information that you have on your original documents especially if you are inputting the numbers. This should be done with extreme carefulness as a difference in information on the application as compared to the original documents can result in not getting selected. One useful tip we can recommend is after filling out the entire application, get someone to go through it once so they can look at it from a different point of view and then let you know if there is any mistake or a typo.

Step 4. Pay the Necessary Application Fee

The next step in the process is to pay the application fee. The application fee is about $35 which is a one-time payment and is non-refundable. Paying this fee will bring your application through the doors of the admission committee so make sure you delay no time in paying it.

Step 5. Accept the Offer

The final step is when you accept the offer from the university. You will most likely receive the offer in the email that you provided while filling out the application. It may take them some time to get back to you but make sure that you check your email regularly for any updates. Another thing that you should keep an eye out for is an additional document request from the university. The university will get in touch if any of your documents are missing or require some additional work.

Tips to Get Into Hanyang University

Hanyang University has a very prestigious standing in the education world and getting in may not be a piece of cake. However, there are some tips and tricks that you can use that will enhance your chances of getting into the university. Here are some useful tips we can recommend:

Tip 1. Get in Touch with the International Office

The international office is a great way to get all the necessary information and answers to your questions. You can get in touch with them via their email or phone number. Ask them about the deadlines, student accommodations, document requirements, or anything. This will ensure that the application that you have submitted is error-free and there will be fewer chances for the committee to email you for any additional requests.

Tip 2. Do Internships

Before applying to Hanyang, it is a great practice you apply for an internship as it can change the way your resume looks and can add so much merit to your name. Try and get an internship that is related to your chosen degree. This will help you in getting a kickstart for your educational career and also get you hands-on experience.

Tip 3. Join Online Support Groups

As this university is very famous among the students, it, therefore, has a lot of online support groups on social media where old students help the new ones make their profile stand out for admission purposes. This comes in very handy to anyone willing to apply to Hanyang University. It is advisable to reach out to such groups and become a part of them.


The process of getting into Hanyang University is pretty simple, however, not everyone is lucky enough to get admitted into one of Korea’s prestigious schools. Our only advice is to provide all the necessary documents for a swift application process. So best of luck with your application!


Hopefully, this article on the admission process and tips for getting into Hanyang University was helpful. Check out our Study in Korea page to explore more articles about the country! Also, if you’re still unsure about what program to pursue, you are welcome to peruse our Open Courses page to explore your options.

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