South Korea is famous for its many technological innovations. From the Samsung phone to the advanced models of KIA, the country has built its economy on the back of many engineering success stories. With this in mind, studying engineering in South Korea could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Many institutions in the country offer engineering programs and it can be quite overwhelming when looking for a school that best fits your preference and needs. In this article, we have compiled a list of universities and colleges that you might want to consider.

Top Schools Offering Engineering Programs in South Korea

1. Seoul National University – College of Engineering

The first public university in all of South Korea, Seoul National University hosts one of the most reputable engineering programs in Korea. It offers a broad range of courses in areas such as aerospace, civil, computer, and industrial engineering, among others. SNU has earned a reputation for high-quality teaching and learning, best demonstrated by consistently ranking high in several acclaimed global university rankings.

Beyond the high-quality learning environment, the university is dedicated to the future success of its students; international students can participate in the School-Life mentoring program, a semester-long program designed to get a full understanding and immerse themselves in Korean culture.

Outside of the university campus, the bustling metropolis of Seoul has a lot to offer to students. Close by the campus are Gwanaksan Lake Park and Hoamsan Forest Park, both of which offer plenty of natural space to explore and relax when taking a break from studying.

2. Hanyang University – College of Engineering

Considered to be the first engineering university in South Korea, Hanyang University has always put engineering at the heart of its curriculum. While it has recently expanded into other areas of study, including the social sciences, medicine, and the arts, the core and pride of the university is still engineering.

Hanyang provides a wide array of specialized engineering programs that only a few in the country offer, such as biomedical engineering and nano-engineering,

The university also has a reputation for its charitable activities. It has founded the Hanyang Volunteer Corps (now known as Hanyang Hope) to allow students to contribute to both their local community and to volunteer overseas. This frequently involves students making practical use of what they have learned from their degrees, such as engineering students building water filtration systems in the Philippines.

3. Sungkyunkwan University – College of Engineering

The oldest university in Korea, dating back to the late 14th century, Sungkyunkwan University is another excellent engineering university in Korea recognized both for its strong academic performance and its connection to some of the leading companies in the country. Its two campuses are divided between the capital, Seoul (home to the colleges of social sciences and humanities), and the city of Suwon, which houses the College of Engineering.

It offers quality courses in chemical, civil, and mechanical engineering at the undergraduate level, with more specialized courses such as mechatronics engineering available at the master’s level.

Right next to Sungkyunkwan University is Samcheong Park, home to many hiking trails that eventually connect to many incredible sights, including the Bugaksan Mountain’s Seoul Fortress Wall Hiking Trail and Waryong Park. In April, the cherry blossoms bloom fully, covering the park in a layer of pink flowers as they fall from the trees.

4. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology – College of Engineering

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, also known as the KAIST, is one of the best public research schools in South Korea. Located in Daejeon, the university, while one of the youngest in Korea, is internationally recognized for the quality of the students who graduate from it.

When it comes to subject choice, the university offers a wide breadth of engineering courses: mechanical, civil, systems, and aerospace engineering. Additionally, KAIST offers joint degree programs with multiple universities across the world. These have included the Georgia Institute of Technology, The Technical University of Berlin, and Carnegie Mellon University, among others.

Close by the KAIST are many interesting sights worth seeing while studying at the university, including the National Science Museum, the Daecheong Lake, and the Daejeon O-World theme park, all of which offer something unique for students to explore outside of class time.

5. Korea University – College of Engineering

Our last university on the list is Korea University, a well-known private research university in Seoul that offers a wide array of engineering courses that are highly recognized for their excellence. Located in the Seongbuk District in northern Seoul, the diverse courses taught include electrical, civil, environmental, and mechanical engineering.

With nearly 30,000 students on the campus, this top engineering university in Korea offers services to its student body, including a fitness center, an auditorium, a cafe, and a bakery. The social life of students at Korea University is also well attended to, with over 150 clubs divided between the university’s two campuses, one might find it hard to choose between all of them.

Moreover, the communal spirit of the university is reinforced by several traditions unique to Korea University. One worth noting here is the Korea-Jonsei Games, a festival that involves teams from Korea University taking on teams from Yonsei University, a rival university less than 30 minutes from the main campus. This includes a variety of sports from basketball to soccer to hockey.


With the information listed above, we hope to have provided some insights about the Korean universities that offer the best engineering courses. If you are planning on studying engineering in any of them, check out our South Korea page for more valuable articles! Do also visit our open courses page for more available programs!

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