Ranked as one of the best global universities, Seoul National University has been leading in technology, innovation, research, and culture since its foundation in 1946. The university is home to over 27,000 students at three campuses located in the center of Seoul. In addition to the 15 undergraduate colleges, one graduate school with 106 programs, and 12 professional graduate schools, Seoul National University offers a vivid campus life with libraries, study rooms, lounges, bookstores, and many other learning facilities.

Seoul National University promotes learning with several programs, including student exchange and Korean language programs. Although the main medium of instruction is Korean, there are English-taught courses available for non-Korean speaking students. These courses are usually from engineering and business colleges.

In this article, we will share the steps for the admission process to Seoul National University and tips for a successful application.

Admissions Process at Seoul National University

As discussed earlier, getting into Seoul National University might be challenging considering its acceptance rate. Yet, one should not get the assumption that it is impossible. Every year, SNU looks forward to accepting new students, whether they are domestic or international applicants.

When applying as an international student at Seoul National University, the requirements and documentation may change. Therefore, it is critical to follow the admission timeline to make sure to complete all steps. The following five steps will guide those eager to plan their future studies at Seoul National University. Please keep in mind that undergraduate and graduate admissions can differ.

Step 1. Prepare Documents for Online Application

Preparing the necessary documents may take longer than planned, so applicants must act in advance and prepare the required documents. It would be wise to make a checklist at the beginning to stay organized. Required documents include an online application form, personal statement, student plan, proof of English or Korean language proficiency, certificate of graduation and official transcript, copy of passport, and other optional documents.

The graduation certificate and academic transcript vary if the applicant is applying for undergraduate or graduate programs. Applicants for the undergraduate program must submit their high school certificate and transcript of records, whereas applicants for graduate studies – master’s or doctoral degrees- must submit their college degrees and transcripts. It is important to remember that all documents must have official English or Korean translations depending on the applied program.

Depending on which program they apply to, some applicants can be obliged to submit portfolios or standardized tests as a part of their applications.

Step 2. Pay the Application Fee and Submit References for Recommendation Letters

Applicants must pay the application fee to complete the online application and submit the recommendation letter requests. This means paying the fee first must be prioritized to progress. The application fee is around KRW 70,000 for undergraduate and KRW 90,000 for graduate applications.

After the payment, the university will automatically mail the applicant’s referees with the instructions. All the applicants must submit their initial required documents stated in the first two steps by the beginning of March, for the fall admissions.

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Step 3. Submit the Original and Hard copies of the Documents

When reviewing the documents and application forms are done, the admission committee will announce successful applicants. Qualified students will then have to submit the original documents within the set deadline by post.

Step 4. Decide and Enroll after the Announcement of the Final Admission Decisions

After detailed screening and evaluation, final admission decisions will be announced through the online portal. Applicants must log in with their date of birth and application number on the university’s admissions website.

During the final admission, students are required to proceed with the tuition payment and Korean visa insurance procedures by following the guidance of the university.

Tips to Get Into Seoul National University

Getting into Seoul National University is never easy, even for applicants who believe they have the necessary skills and success. By considering the following tips, though, chances may go up. Here are the three tips to be admitted to Seoul National University.

Tip 1. Provide Details about your Social Activities

SNU has set high standards for admitting new students. Considering it is among Korean universities with a low acceptance rate, it is essential to acknowledge that every detail about the applicant is evaluated. An ideal student will not only have high academic achievement but also demonstrate his/her soft skills and social competence. Applicants with any sports, arts, or leadership activities should share the details in their applications to stand out.

Tip 2. Have the Motivation to Live and Study in South Korea

If you want to get into Seoul National University, you need strong dedication. Living and studying in South Korea can bring about many challenges, such as language difficulty and adaptation to the culture. Therefore, applicants must realistically state their motivation and passion for pursuing their academic activities in the country in their statement of purpose. Having any experience in South Korea-related activities or learning the Korean language can be a good representation of the applicant for the reviewers.

Tip 3. Mention any Research or Project you Conducted in Previous Studies

Whether related to the program applied or not, showing any additional academic activity or social project may make one applicant stand out above plenty of others. Thus, we suggest applicants mention such activities in their application to build a good image.


It is without a doubt that entering Seoul National University will provide unique opportunities to any of its students, but nothing comes without a price. Each student is carefully reviewed for admission, so it will take a lot of work. As shared in the article, with smart steps and tips, chances will be more likely for applicants to get into the university. Make sure to check out Seoul National University Scholarships to prepare your finances for your studies abroad.


We hope that this article on how to get into Seoul National University: admission process and tips is helpful! You may also find these open courses from universities around the world! Don’t hesitate to go over our Study in Korea page for more articles about Korea!

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