The United Kingdom is a treasure cove of opportunities and lucrative career paths. Long established as a center of the intellect, the UK promotes a strong academic background and high employability for computer science enthusiasts.

Computer science is a fast-evolving field, and young professionals in the field must have skills and knowledge relevant to today’s challenges. For you aspiring computer scientists, we listed the United Kingdom’s top universities to study computer science.

Top Schools Offering Computer Science in the United Kingdom

1. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is the oldest English-speaking university in the world. Its academic performance and research impact contribute to the university’s consistent ranking in the top 1% of higher education institutions locally and internationally.

Oxford’s Department of Computer Science is the best computer science school in the United Kingdom. It invests in enriching knowledge of computing systems and interdisciplinary research. The department participates in a broad range of research areas, including software engineering, artificial intelligence, and algorithms. It also explores quantum foundations and high-level mathematics.

The Department of Computer Science provides undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The 3-year bachelor’s course of study sets the foundation for the more specialized graduate and doctoral degrees.

2. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is known internationally for its prowess in teaching and research. It is among the world’s best universities, delivering top-notch degree programs in all academic fields.

Cambridge’s Department of Computer Science and Technology is home to about 500 undergraduate and graduate students. It also oversees initiatives for research and activities on data privacy and artificial intelligence. Research across ten areas of computer science is open for collaboration. These include human-centered computing, security, and networking.

The Department of Computer Science at Oxford offers a three-year undergraduate program in computer science. A Master’s program is also available, specially designed to prepare students for doctoral research.

3. University College London

The University College London (UCL) is another excellent computer science university in the United Kingdom, having strengths in research and research impact. It is a top contender for delivering the best teaching quality, learning resources, and employability in the United Kingdom.

UCL Computer Science boasts state-of-the-art learning facilities for computer science. Its strong network of research institutions and businesses provides students the learning environment of applying computer systems in various sectors of society such as commerce, industry, and government.

Creativity and analytical thinking are the core focus UCL Computer Science cultivates within every student. The three-year undergraduate program sets the foundation in relevant areas of algorithms, databases, and artificial intelligence. Graduate students can further their studies and choose among UCL Computer Science’s thirteen (13) highly specialized programs.

4. Imperial College London

The Imperial College London features teaching and research exclusively for science, business, medicine, and engineering. It is the only university in the UK to do so, contributing to its outstanding academic performance and global research impact.

Internationally, Imperial provides one of the strongest computer science programs in the United Kingdom. The Department of Computing utilizes its participation in research projects as a teaching method for the students.

Undergraduate students may choose to take a bachelor of engineering in computing or extend their studies to the master’s level. Imperial also offers an extensive range of specialized computer science tracks for master’s students.

5. University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is the UK’s most popular university in terms of the volume of student applications. It is also among the select few Scottish universities with high regard from London-based employers.

Edinburgh’s School of Informatics is the largest of its kind in the United Kingdom. At its core in studying natural and engineered information systems are the subjects of artificial intelligence, cognitive science, computer science, and software engineering. Students have free reign to study and mastering skills in various areas of informatics.

The School of Informatics provides single-subject and combined programs at the undergraduate level and a Masters-integrated degree in Informatics. Edinburgh’s taught master’s degrees total of 8, with cognitive science, data science, and design informatics to name a few.

6. University of Bristol

The University of Bristol is a proud member of the Russell Group, an association of research-intensive universities in the United Kingdom. It is home to an excellent academic community with a relaxed atmosphere to match the serene environment.

Bristol’s Department of Computer Science is a great UK computer science program that promises a bright and lucrative future for its students. The department’s tight connections to technology and development industries offer students the privilege of studying under the guidance of industry leaders and prospective career paths.

Bristol Computer Science is an international center of excellence. Undergraduate students have the option to take a single-subject, combined, or Master’s-integrated degree program. The department also offers specialized tracks for postgraduate studies and research.

7. University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham is a strong contender for higher education in both local and international rankings. Its strengths lie in science, engineering, and commerce, renowned for its teaching quality and research impact.

Birmingham also excels in computer science. The School of Computer Science is among the most excellent computer science programs in the United Kingdom. Through world-class research and specialized teaching, it prepares students for the mastery of skills and knowledge in the areas of robotics, computation, security, and human-centered computing.

The Birmingham School of Science offers single-subject, combined, and Master’s-integrated undergraduate programs. Graduate students can also choose to specialize in subjects like cyber security and data science or continue with an intensive research program.


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