Taiwan has some of the best universities for Computer Science. Besides the quality education in these universities, another reason to study in Taiwan is its internationally-oriented curricula, ensuring students graduate with global competencies. This means that you can work anywhere in the world after acquiring a degree from any top university in Taiwan.

Additionally, Taiwan offers a good quality of life for international students, with its welcoming culture, scholarship opportunities, and safe community to live in. Make sure to check out the best universities for Computer Science in Taiwan.

Top Universities for Computer Science in Taiwan

1. National Taiwan University

National Taiwan University, established in 1928, is among the top universities for computer science in Taiwan. It is located in Taipei City, and has five campuses in different districts, with the main campus in Daan District. Nearly 33,000 students are enrolled in university as of 2021, with undergraduate students making the most of the student population. Meanwhile, the university has almost 5,300 international students.

There are 11 colleges in the university, with Computer Science being offered in the same college as Engineering. The Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering offers bachelor, master’s, and Ph.D. degree programs to local and international students. The bachelor’s program takes three years, with some courses taught in Chinese and English. Students in this degree level are required to take 15 to 18 Computer Science courses to learn foundational skills and knowledge.

Meanwhile, the master’s program aims to produce competent professionals either in the industry or research field. Students are required to complete a thesis, a special project, a seminar, and the Theory of Computation course. For the Ph.D. program, students are expected to delve into research work and focus on special fields, such as Systems and Networks, Multimedia and Contents, and Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

2. National Tsing Hua University

National Tsing Hua University was initially founded in Beijing in 1911. The university opened in Hsinchu City in Taiwan in 1956, after the Chinese Civil War. Since then, the university has remained independent from its namesake university in Beijing. Its 11 colleges are located in its more than one square kilometer campus. Moreover, the university has more than 16,000 students, half of which are in undergraduate studies.

You can study Computer Science at the National Tsing Hua University to experience a world-class computer science curriculum as it offers three, degree programs. For the bachelor program, the study duration lasts for four years, with the first year allotted to required courses only. These include the Introduction to Programming, Discrete Mathematics, Digital Logic Designs.

Similarly, the Master’s program can take up to four years to complete or at least one year of study duration. The Ph.D. program, on the other hand, requires two to seven years of study. For both programs, you’ll need to meet the English and Mandarin language requirements. But, students can choose the Computer Science field they want to focus on. Some of their choices are Theory and Algorithm, Computer Network, and System Software.

3. National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

Among the best universities for computer science in Taiwan is the National Yang-Ming Chiao Tung University. Established quite recently, in 2021, the university came from the merger of National Chiao Tung University and National Yang-Ming University. As such, the new university has a rich history through its parent institutions. It has also become one of the prominent research universities in Taiwan, with its 19 colleges, over 70 research institutions, and one hospital. The university also has seven campuses across Taipei, Hsinchu City, and Tainan.

Computer Science is among its undergraduate and graduate programs. Through its Department of Computer Science, the university offers a comprehensive Bachelor’s degree curriculum that nurtures globally competitive professionals. Some of the courses are taught in the English language.

Because of comprehensive curricula, students in the master’s and Ph.D. programs are able to complete their studies within five and seven years, respectively. Education and research are overlooked by the Institute of Computer Science and Engineering, encouraging students to focus on advanced technologies research.

4. National Cheng Kung University

National Cheng Kung University was established in 1931 as a public research university and as a top computer science university in Taiwan. Located in Tainan, it is popular for several study fields, including Computer Science. The university has also been recognized for its contributions to the country’s rise from being an agriculture-driven society to having an industrialized economy before and during the 1970s. Since its foundation, the university has built nine colleges and 11 campuses across the Tainan area.

Computer Science degree programs at the National Cheng Kung University include bachelor’s and master’s. The bachelor’s program focuses on teaching professional knowledge and core skills, such as testing and validating computer information system designs.

For the master’s program, the university aims to teach students design and innovation through independent research. With its research-oriented approach, students are expected to graduate with the knowledge and skills necessary to discover problems in the computer information industry and study solutions.

5. National Taipei University of Technology

Established in 1912, the National Taipei University of Technology is among the leading computer science schools in Taiwan. Its campus is located in the Daan District in Taipei, on nearly 500-acre land divided into three sections. One of the sections is close to the Electric Town, a neighborhood popular for computer and electronic shops.

The university has six colleges, with Computer Science joining Engineering in one college. However, the college is further divided into departments, including the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering. The department offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degree programs.

The bachelor’s degree is a four-year program that covers theory and practical training. Students learn about software and programming, algorithms and mathematics, and computer systems. Most of the classes are taught in Mandarin, while some advanced courses are in English. The Master’s and Ph.D. programs include technical courses and require thesis and dissertation writing. Similarly, most classes are in Mandarin, with few in English.


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