Computer science is a universal field, and different countries approach it with different specializations and transdisciplinary collaborations. France’s unique education system highly concentrates on computer science at the graduate and postgraduate levels. Students can explore a variety of tracks for their undergraduate years before pursuing a specialized degree.

France has a dedicated teaching standard involving laboratory work and practical application of knowledge gained from lectures. As a hub for industry partnerships and research initiatives, France provides a conducive environment and a shining career path for computer science graduates. Check out below our list of the top French universities to offer computer science.

Top Schools Offering Computer Science in France

1. Université Paris Saclay

The Paris-Saclay University is an excellent computer science university in France. It is known particularly for its outstanding performance in mathematics and is the main training center and research base of the Paris-Saclay technology cluster.

The Computer Science Department of the Paris-Saclay University carries Paris’ top computer science program. It promises to equip students with the skills and knowledge in the fundamentals of computer science. It has a flexible range of specialized areas students can choose to concentrate on, including theoretical computer science, data science, and artificial intelligence.

The Paris-Saclay University offers its computer science program to graduate students. The two-year master’s program allows students to specialize in a specific domain of computer science, while also offering to discover minor courses. Industry partners favor computer science graduates from the university because of their holistic academic backgrounds.

2. Sorbonne University

Sorbonne University is among France’s best universities for computer science. Renowned for its performance in humanities, Sorbonne University now provides a global perspective across different disciplines.

Sorbonne is home to France’s first faculty dedicated to computer science. The Faculty of Science and Engineering oversees the institutes and laboratories for computer science and robotics. The university’s computer science discipline is dedicated to fueling the drive for development and interdisciplinary innovation through algorithmics, hardware architecture, and systems and networking. Sorbonne University welcomes graduate students aspiring to further their comprehension of computer science or contribute to the research and cooperation efforts of the field.

3. École Polytechnique

École Polytechnique is among the most prestigious grandes ecoles in France. A constituent member of the Polytechnic Institute of Paris, the Ecole Polytechnique provides a rigorous academic scheme emphasizing research and innovation.

The Department of Computer Science offers customized studies for every year level and a fair exposure to laboratory work similar to those in professional workplaces. Students have the flexibility to focus on their chosen areas of concentration, such as computer systems and network security.

École Polytechnique provides eight Master of Science and Technology programs. Computer science students are offered concentrated programs on the Internet of Things, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence, and visual computing.

4. Université PSL

PSL awards undergraduate and graduate diplomas to its eleven constituent schools. Its mastery of delivery among today’s most relevant disciplines places PSL at the top percentile of French higher education institutions.

This top university in France for computer science features a world-class computer science curriculum across its constituent universities. With every campus’ personal strengths in research, the computer science program is comprehensively delivered through research and transdisciplinary approaches to practical computer science.

PSL’s graduate program offers a master’s degree in computer science, with specialist courses in data, security, and languages to name a few. Students may also pursue a doctoral degree and train in research-intensive laboratories.

5. Université Grenoble Alpes

Situated in Grenoble, one of Europe’s largest centers for science, the Grenoble Alpes University is a leading higher education institution for culture and the sciences. It also hosts some of France’s most advanced infrastructure for law and sociology.

The Grenoble Alpes Master of Computer Science offers a variety of specialized degrees in cybersecurity, combinatorics, and optimization. Students may also opt to participate in vocational training and enroll in complementary courses.

6. Université de Bordeaux

The University of Bordeaux, one of the best computer science universities in France, is a member of the UNESCO World Heritage List and a premier institution for higher education in the heart of Southern Europe. It is known for its collaborative efforts with countries like Japan and Canada in enriching the standards of research and education.

Bordeaux’s Science and Technology faculty facilitates an international Master’s program for image processing and computer vision. Graduates bearing this diploma contribute to a variety of fields such as surveillance, medical research, and automation.

7. National Institute for Applied Sciences Lyon

  • Study Program
  • Degree/s Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.

The National Institute for Applied Sciences Lyon, or INSA Lyon, is an engineering school and member of the LyonTech campus. It emphasizes international exchange to strengthen cooperation with other countries and equip students with a global perspective.

INSA Lyon features a Computer Science and Technology semester for undergraduates aspiring to concentrate on the fundamentals of computation systems in their senior year. This top French school in computer science also boasts of producing versatile engineers in the field of computer science and information technology. The computer science and information technology postgraduate track equips students with skills in engineering and structuring complex systems.


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