At present, the demand for skilled graphic designers continues to increase. Employers always need creative individuals who understand the art of visual communication and have the skills to produce something that would clearly and effectively convey their brand’s message to their target audience. That being said, the competition is high, therefore one must be able to stand out in this rapidly growing industry to increase the chances of landing a job and having a successful career in graphic design.

If you want to study graphic design and have dreams of having a successful career in this industry, one of the things that would make you stand out and surely impress employers is pursuing a degree in graphic design abroad. Other than it being a life-changing experience for you, you will also gain soft skills that most employers want such as adaptability, communication, and independence.

If you are thinking about studying graphic design abroad, here are the best countries to study graphic design abroad that offer high-quality education, along with a few universities that you can consider enrolling in.

Top Countries to Study Graphic Design

1. United Kingdom

The best universities in the UK provide a combination of theory and practice. Graphic design students spend an equal amount of time in the classroom and the studio, and they get to apply all their learnings while getting a taste of what it’s like to be in the professional realm through internships. Here are some of the top graphic design universities in the UK: Royal College of Art, University of the Arts London, University of Brighton, Nottingham Trent University, Glasgow School of Art, Arts University Bournemouth, Loughborough University, and Goldsmiths University

Having a degree in graphic design from one of these universities, coupled with relevant experience, would give an employer the impression that you have the knowledge, creativity, and practical skills needed to thrive in the industry.

2. Italy

This may come as a surprise to many, but studying in Italy is relatively cheaper than in other countries in Western Europe. It is the home of several artistic legends and historical landmarks. It is also where you will find the oldest university in Europe, the University of Bologna, where the Bologna agreement was signed in 1999, which led to the reform and standardization of European higher education. Here are some best universities in Italy where you can study graphic design: Politectnico di Milano, Florence Institute of Design, Studio Arts College International, Polimoda Institute of Design and Marketing,  and Accademia Europea Di Firenze

Italy is famous for its contributions to art, architecture, fashion, and design. Other than the high quality of education that you will be getting, choosing to study in this country would allow you to be immersed in its rich culture and be inspired by its many beautiful sights. You also do not have to worry if you do not speak Italian since most degrees in Italy are often taught in English. Thus, Italy is one of the best countries to study graphic design.

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3. United States of America

One of the top countries to study for an undergraduate degree is the US. You may apply with an undecided or undeclared major and take general education classes for the first two years of college to give you time to make a more informed decision on which field of study to focus on. Some universities in the US with the best graphic design programs are the following: Parsons School of Design, Rhode Island School of Design, Pratt Institute, California Institute of the Arts, ArtCenter College of Design, Maryland Institute College of Art, and Carnegie Mellon School of Design

You also get exposed to a very culturally diverse campus, and the universities largely support and provide several services to the international student community. American universities teach graphic design in an innovative and interdisciplinary way. The combination of creativity, research, technical skill, and knowledge of new technologies will make you a more rounded individual in the industry.

4. Finland

Other than being famous for its natural attractions and beautiful scenery, the higher education in Finland is also known to be one of the best in the world. Some universities that teach graphic design in Finland are the following: Aalto University, University of Lapland, University of Helsinki, University of Turku, and University of Jyvaskyla

While the Finnish government provides free education to Finnish and European students, scholarship grants are also offered to international students. The study of graphic design in Finland integrates art and design with research, critical thinking, media studies, business, and technology.

5. Australia

You can also find some of the world’s highest-ranking universities in Australia. The prominent reputation of the country’s educational system, cultural diversity, and countless destinations for recreational activities, makes it extremely attractive for international students. Here are some of the top graphic design universities in Australia: University of Technology Sydney, Queensland University of Technology, Griffith University, Western Sydney University, Deakin University, University of South Australia, and RMIT University

Australian universities also approach practically teaching graphic design, making Australia one of the top destinations to study graphic design. It involves several project-based activities, giving students the chance to practice their skills while utilizing the technology, equipment, and platforms that are already being used in the professional realm.

6. New Zealand

A country of warm, friendly, and welcoming people, New Zealand provides a safe environment for everyone, including international students. Here are institutions in New Zealand that offer graphic design courses: University of Canterbury, Victoria University of Wellington, Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology, Whitecliffe College, Media Design School

You will get to study in institutions widely recognized for providing world-class education and producing highly skilled graduates. Studying graphic design in this New Zealand involves practical training and apprenticeships that would set you up for success in the industry even before you graduate.

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7. Canada

The institutions in Canada equip graphic design students and prepare them for the real world by encouraging creative expression and teaching critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Here are some of the top universities in Canada that offer graphic design: Laval University, University of Saskatchewan, OCAD University, The King’s University, Capilano University, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and University of Quebec

The country’s employment rate continues to rise in the middle of a global pandemic, so your chances of pursuing a career in graphic design in Canada are high. Hence, Canada is an awesome country to major in graphic design if you are interested in this field.

FAQs: Studying Graphic Design Abroad

Which is the Best Country to Study Graphic Design?

The best country to study graphic design would be the United Kingdom. Due to its high concentration of art studios in England, you will be active in the academic world while also being able to work with trained professionals. Not only that, graphic designers that graduate from top universities in the UK earn one of the top salaries in the entire profession.

Being close competitors to the UK, the United States and Italy are also great countries if you want to study graphic design. Since you also need to consider the cost of getting a degree, financial aid is a must when studying abroad in foreign countries. In the United States, scholarships are offered in large amounts, and in Italy, the financial expenses are relatively cheaper than their Western counterparts.

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Where Can International Students Study Graphic Design?

Accepting even international students, the top universities in graphic design are the Royal College of Art (UK), University of the Arts London (UK), Pearson School of Design (USA), and Rhodes Island School of Design (USA). Make sure to apply to universities that offer financial aid, and if they do not offer any form of financial assistance, try to look at other institutions that do.

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In conclusion, this direction is quite popular and can be studied in many countries, giving students many opportunities to leave their mark. Make sure to also check out our Open Scholarships Page for different information on scholarships and universities across the globe!


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