Money makes the world go round, so how about catching a flight abroad for your bachelor’s degree in business or MBA? Here, we will be looking at some of the top countries to study business abroad.

Businesses and economies are quickly crossing borders, so it only makes sense for a business major like you to see the rest of the world. Companies are growing bigger and need more competent individuals to join their ranks. Through immersing in foreign markets and culture, you become knowledgeable of how international business works. You also gain skills that traditional business courses and internships may lack. Many companies prefer their employees to be bilingual, and studying business abroad is an opportunity to pick up a new language.

Top Countries to Study Business Abroad

1. Ireland

Ireland saw some ups and downs, but today its stable political and economic growth makes it an attractive location for businesses to start up. Tech giants like Google and DELL also have headquarters in this highly innovative country. Ireland is a small nation filled with fog rolling down the mountains and other scenic landscapes. Well-known for a nightlife filled with pubs, lively music, and dancing, Ireland is a great destination to widen your perspective on the world.

Ireland is an excellent country to study business partially because it is known for delivering world-class education to local and international students. Irish leading business universities like University College Dublin and Trinity College Dublin work closely with industry partners, and students can avail stellar internships and prospective careers. UCD is among Ireland’s best higher education institutions. Its College of Business oversees separate business schools for undergraduate and graduate programs. Distance learning in Asia is also available through UCD’s International Business Campus. Here in UCD, you can choose among business courses such as commerce, business law, and economics. A year of business studies in UCD costs $23,000.

2. Japan

Japan puts together modernity and tradition, even in business. The Japanese economy is Asia’s second-largest economy, with significant shares from exports and the manufacturing sector. Japan’s economic performance is a product of cooperation between government and industry. Japan’s famous Shinkansen, mouth-watering food, and abundance of breathtaking sights make Japan a very suitable study destination.

Japan is well-known for having a stellar academic foundation in STEM, but top Japanese business schools like Keio University, Kyoto University, and Hitotsubashi University also garner recognition from all corners of the world. Business majors can consider studying at Hitotsubashi University. Hitotsubashi is a national university highly regarded for its performance in the social sciences. It also delivers Japan’s best degrees in economics and commerce. The Faculty of Commerce and Management offers courses in business administration, accounting, marketing, and finance. Tuition fees cost about $2,800 per academic year.

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3. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is an excellent country to study business because it is the world’s second-largest financial center, with financial services making up 7.2% of the UK’s economic output. At least 30% of digital trading goes through London, proving that the UK is a leading figure in the trading industry. The UK attracts people far and wide with Big Ben, London Eye, and Buckingham Palace. Take a break from your studies and ride the London tube or stroll around the busy King’s Cross.

The United Kingdom is also a haven of world-class business schools and flexible degree programs. Pursuing an MBA or other business and management degree is among many reasons why international students flock to the UK. Pursue your graduate and postgraduate degrees in the London School of Economics and Political Science or the well-known London Business School. The London Business School is recognized worldwide for its top-ranking graduate and post-graduate degrees in business administration, finance, and management. It also works closely with organizations and businesses for an immersed learning experience. Depending on the program you take, tuition fees start at $37,000 per year.

4. South Korea

South Korea is home to popular brands like Samsung, LG, and Hyundai Motors. As Asia’s fourth-largest economy, South Korea is an international powerhouse for business and management. Organizations continuously innovate to keep up with the trends and improve customer relations. Business majors like you can expect to experience more than just South Korean business culture! Authentic food, iconic cityscapes, and the bright nightlife of South Korea await your arrival.

South Korea values international exchange, and this reflects in the high-quality education they provide. The Seoul National University (SNU) and Korea University are the most prestigious universities catering to international students. For example, the SNU Business School ranks as Asia’s 10th best business school and caters to undergraduate and graduate students, making South Korea an attractive country to study business. SNU offers business administration for undergraduates at around $1,800 per semester. The highly coveted MBA costs around $2,200 per semester.

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5. Australia

Australia is diverse in its people, culture, and economy. It is among the world’s leading financial centers because of the impressive work and business opportunities the country offers. Abundant natural resources like gas and petroleum are sought after by many countries, making Australia one of the biggest exporters in the world. Known for the koalas, kangaroos, and stunning beaches, Australia is a great study destination for adventurous business majors.

Not only does Australia have consistent economic growth, but also a competent education system. Australia delivers world-class degree programs through its leading business schools, ensuring high graduate employability rate. Business majors may find Sydney is the perfect city for them. The University of Sydney ranks 1st in the country for graduate employability. It also offers a range of business degrees at both undergraduate and graduate levels, just like with the other business schools such as University of Melbourne and University of Queensland. Immerse yourself in the Australian perspective of business law, digital business, and business analytics.

6. Singapore

Next, Singapore is a popular country to study business. Its orderliness and high regard for the quality of life attract both businesses and international students. Singapore also ranks third among the world’s least corrupt countries. The political stability, together with the open economy of Singapore, presents a conducive learning environment for budding business experts. But the peak of Singapore student life? The vibrant shops, tall buildings, and hassle-free travel on their public transport system.

Singapore boasts of delivering world-class services in technology, electronics, and finance, and insurance. Their quality of education also produces globally competent graduates. You may consider looking into the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University. They established some of Singapore’s top business schools, offering a bachelor’s in various MBA programs and other business degrees for the undergraduate and graduate levels.

7. China

China has the world’s largest manufacturing sector, with manufacturing accounting for nearly 30% of the country’s economy. Trade and commerce have been a strength of the Chinese people since the beginning. China is a suitable environment for you to hone your skills in business leadership and decision-making. They also have exquisite food and night markets to lose yourself in!

Choosing China as your study destination secures you a ticket to a world-class education. Leading Chinese business schools collaborate with other educational institutions for a well-rounded delivery of their subjects. For business majors, the Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), China Europe International Business School, and Fudan University have only the best to offer.

For instance, SJTU’s Antai College of Economics and Management has six major fields for you to choose from, such as finance, international trade, and business administration. Studying a year in SJTU costs $12,400.


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