Ecology entails the study of organisms – and the way they act in their environments. Completing this program leads to several career pathways, including fieldwork, research, and project management.

If you’re looking to specialize in this exciting discipline, then you should consider studying ecology in any of these seven countries:

Top Countries to Study Ecology Abroad

1. China

  • Best School/s: Jiangsu University | Peking University
  • Reasons: World-renowned universities, expert faculty, mega-biodiverse country, stations for field education and research, inexpensive tuition

China is one of the 17 mega-biodiverse nations in the world. In fact, 14% of the animals and 10% of the plants in the world are in China. Because of this feature, China proves to be one of the best countries to study for Ecology majors.

With more than 2,600 universities in China, students won’t run out of educational options.

Some of the more famous choices amongst international students are Jiangsu University and Peking University, which is home to a prominent Department of Ecology. It features a staff of 14 full-time faculty, including a member of the Chinese Academy of the Sciences.

Apart from teaching the fundamentals of ecology, the university puts a strong emphasis on research and experiments. Students may even get firsthand experience at the many academic stations for field education and research.

As always, Chinese institutions offer education at an affordable price. Peking University students, for one, only need to pay fees ranging from $4,500 to $5,200 a year.

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2. Australia

As with the other countries in this list, Australia is home to diverse ecosystems. With its deserts, lush rainforests, and ocean surroundings, the nation is an open playground amongst future ecologists.

Several institutions offer this in-demand program, including the University of New South Wales and University of Queensland. Here, students may take up more than just Ecology because this is being provided alongside a specialization in Conservation Biology.

Like other universities, UQ is staffed by expert faculty members who can guide students in evolutionary ecology, marine ecology, or conservation biology.

With Australia’s diverse ecosystems, it’s easy to earn real-life experience here as a student. You may do fieldwork in the outback, rainforest, or the surrounding marine environment.

3. Brazil

If you want to study in the most biodiverse country, Brazil is a fabulous choice for studying ecology. After all, it’s home to the Amazon rainforest and the Mata Atlantica forest.

Whether you’re thinking of taking an undergraduate or graduate course, you can choose from a handful of Brazilian top universities, such as University of Campinas and University of Brasilia.

One good example is the University of Campinas, which offers Ecology courses in English. Here, students may specialize in various fields, including applied ecology, the ecology of populations, and the ecology of communities/ecosystems, to name a few.

Students also receive rigorous research training geared towards conservation, preservation, and forensic entomology, among many others.

4. New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the more biodiverse countries in the world. To date, about 80,000 species are thriving in the Pacific island nation.

This front-row seat to ecological diversity makes New Zealand a viable option for international students. Many institutions are offering Ecology courses, including Massey University, University of Lincoln, and the University of Auckland, to name a few.

In NZ, students get to learn a wide variety of topics, including biological evolution, freshwater ecology, biological evolution, and conservation science, to name a few.

Likewise, students can revel in hands-on educational experiences. As part of the curriculum, they get to train in practical labs – even go out in the wild for necessary fieldwork.

You can pursue various careers with an NZ Ecology degree – including research, management, and other related fields.

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5. Russia

Russia, being the biggest country in the world, is home to diverse ecosystems. With its forests, tundras, taigas, and polar deserts, it’s the best place to experience ecology firsthand, making Russia one of the best countries to study ecology.

Should you decide to study in Russia, you can choose from a wide array of respectable universities like Altai State University and RUDN University.

Altai State University, for one, offers a bachelor’s in ecology and nature management. Similar to most Russian institutions, this program offers courses in general ecology, geoecology, human ecology, and social ecology, to name a few.

Tuition in Russian universities is cheaper too. At Altai State University, you only need to pay about $4000 a year.

If this is too much for you, you’ll be glad to know that scholarships abound in Russia. A government scholarship, for one, will cover the entire cost of your studies.

6. United States of America

Like Russia, the US’ vast expanse comes with a wide array of ecosystems. In fact, they are said to be the most diverse in the world, making the US one of the best places to study ecology.

US-bound students may enroll in top-ranked ecology schools, including UC-Berkeley and Stanford.

American universities such as the University of North Texas offer more than just in-depth ecological knowledge. They also promote the practice of field-based, hypothesis-based research, the application of appropriate statistical methods, among many other things.

As always, scholarships await qualified students. Financial aid is available in institutions such as the University of Maine and Montana State University, among many others.

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7. United Kingdom

While only 18% of the UK is considered natural ecosystems, it’s still one of the best countries to study ecology. For one, this program is offered in many of the country’s top universities.

Such is the case at the University of Cambridge and University of York, which offer Ecology (Hons) courses. Apart from focusing on conservation and environmental biology, it also teaches the fundamentals of evolution and the structures of communities, to name a few.

As experience is indeed a good teacher, students in the UK are provided with more than mere lectures and seminars. They’re also required to undergo field courses, which will give them real-life ecological experience.

Students may also take part in international exchanges, which could help them understand global ecosystems better.


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