As one of the best destinations in the world, Europe is known for its beautiful art, culture, and architecture. Many famous European artists made a global and historical impact which is why Europe is one of the best places to study graphic design.

If you are someone creative who wants to make a career out of your passion, you might want to consider being a graphic designer! A career in graphic design is one of the highest in-demand professions in the world, offering graduates with wide career prospects. If you are interested to work in the arts and design industry, we compiled Europe’s best graphic design schools to attend!

Are graphic design courses popular?

Graphic design courses are currently very popular among students as they are in high demand in today’s market, and the courses are vast in nature as they tend to differentiate in their areas of expertise. We do not have data on specific graphic design courses, but you can look at the overall design courses that we have available on our website. If you are interested in other courses or want to expand your horizons, you can check all the available courses that are a part of our website.

Top Graphic Design Schools in Europe

1. Royal College of Art

Dedicated to providing visionary practice and creative excellence, Royal College of Art is the world’s most influential postgraduate institution of art and design in Europe since 1837. Located in the UK, RCA exclusively offers postgraduate programs, making it a great avenue for seasoned graduates who want to take their careers to the next level.

They offer Master’s degrees wherein graduate students learn a studio-based interdisciplinary experience for 2 years immersed in one of the following: Master’s in Product Design, Global Innovation Design, Architecture, City Design, Contemporary Art, Digital Direction, Interior Design, and Service Design.

Meanwhile, their Ph.D. in Design aims to incorporate Artificial Intelligence for strategic designing with research areas in Systems, Safety, Health, Intelligent machines, Data capture and creation, and Design science.

2. University of the Arts London

As Europe’s largest specialist arts and design university, the University of the Arts London is one of Europe’s leading art schools. They partner with esteemed arts, design, fashion, and media colleges to shape creative students by providing them with world-leading professors that are experts in the design industry. Graduates from UAL become creative leaders that innovate industries worldwide.

Students can choose an undergraduate study among the following Bachelor’s degrees: Graphic Design, Graphic and Media Design, Illustration, Illustration and Visual Media, Fine Arts, Fashion Imaging and Illustration, Graphic Communication Design, Graphic Branding and Identity, User Experience Design, and Design for Art Direction. These degrees are centered to develop creative vision using 21st-century skills. Graduates from UAL have a high employability rate as a result of the strategic partnerships they established.

3. Politecnico di Milano

In the beautiful city of Milan, Politecnico di Milano is a leading graphic design school in Europe and sets itself apart from other European universities as students can finish undergraduate degrees in three years instead of four. It is among the most outstanding technical schools with a solid reputation in Engineering, Architecture, and Design. They value innovation and research to produce competent and skilled students in the industry by providing world-class laboratories and innovative programs at all academic levels.

They offer four Bachelor’s of Science including Product Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, and Communication Design. Their Communication Design has similar features with the graphic design programs offered in the United States. Since the courses are taught in Italian, learning the language beforehand would optimize your college years at Politecnico di Milano.

4. Aalto University

Recently established in 2010 in Finland, Aalto University quickly rose above the ranks to join the top universities for graphic design in Europe because of their unique learning practices. They use different lenses to analyze and create art pieces such as philosophy, culture, and political standpoints. Students in Aalto are honed with practical skills and cross-disciplinary projects. By the time they graduate from the university, they already have the skills and work experience to stand out among other candidates during employment.

Aalto University is free for European and European Economic Area citizens. Their Bachelor of Arts and Design program takes digitalization to develop creative solutions in the industry. With two years in Master of Arts and Design, graduates have their identity and professional niche as they work as a designer.

5. The Glasgow School of Art

As one of Europe’s leading higher education institutions for education and research, the Glasgow School of Art is one of the independent art schools in Europe. It is an internationally recognized school located in the UK that dedicates to producing influential and successful artists and designers. Their practice-led learning style is a successful method to hone talented individuals who share a passion for arts.

Their BA Communication Design offers three specializations including Graphic Design, Illustration, and Photography that equip students with visual creative disciplines using a blend of historical and contemporary practice to enrich their professional skills. They also offer a Master’s in Communication Design committed to applying visual arts in educational and commercial contexts.

6. Design Academy Eindhoven

An internationally recognized design school, the Design Academy Eindhoven is one of the best schools for graphic design in Europe that has over 70 years of producing renowned alumni with vast skillsets of innovative approaches to apply design concepts in society. With a faculty filled with experts in the research and design industry, the Design Academy Eindhoven prides itself in providing an inclusive environment and diverse community for its multi-cultural students.

Their BA uniquely offers their first year of study as a year of exploration where students can take part in various approaches of media and design before they find the approach that is best suited to their interests and proceed to their further studies. They also offer four Master’s degrees including Contextual Design, Geo-design, Information Design, and Social Design.

7. Goldsmiths, University of London

With its rich academic heritage, Goldsmiths is a world-leading institution that opens the doors for students to form collaborations with multinational corporations after they graduate. Goldsmiths equip students with the necessary skills to solve real-world issues using creativity, research, and innovation.

Goldsmiths delivers an exceptional graphic design program in Europe and offers a BA, MA, and a Ph.D. in Design, producing in-demand graduates with academic and practical skills that allow them to be highly adaptive to the changing nature of the design field.


We hope that this article on Best Graphic Design Schools in Europe was helpful. If you are interested in learning more, check out the Programs in Europe for International Students!

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