As technology and computers continue to rise, more and more college students take computer science programs. Today, these programs are in demand as they open many career paths to every learner.

Computer science programs are available worldwide. Many universities in different countries offer these programs and other computer-related courses. As years passed by, more and more technologies were developed that advanced the growth of computer science. Educational institutions around the globe continue to equip their computer science programs to keep up with these new technologies.

If you’re considering computer science for college, there are a lot of universities that offer this program. Since we want to get the best education for our chosen career, consider studying abroad. In this article, let’s talk about the countries that have the best computer science programs.

Which Country Is Best for Studying Computer Science?

The best country to study computer science would be either the United States or China. If you can find enough scholarships and financial aid, your best choice would be studying in the United States, but since there are not enough scholarships offered to accommodate every international student, you can also go to China for really cheap living costs and affordable tuition fees.

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Can International Students Study Computer Science Abroad?

The answer is an absolute yes! International students are welcomed by many foreign countries when it comes to computer science since more diversity can positively impact the learning outcome, and due to the fact that there are many international applicants who are talented in computer science.

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Best Countries to Study Computer Science

1. Canada

  • Reasons: High Ranking Universities, Excellent Teaching & Research

A North American country, Canada is a popular country to study computer science for international students. Yearly, thousands of students from different parts of the globe enroll in a Canadian university, and today, it is one of the countries with a high population of foreign students.

Canada is known for its quality education. Since they value education in their country, they promote a high standard of education for local and international students. As a result, Canadian universities have an excellent global reputation among the educational institutions in the world. Computer science programs in Canadian universities provide rigorous backgrounds in the field, and they make sure that students get advanced learning.

The University of Alberta has computer science programs, and it has a good ranking in Canada. On the other hand, the University of Toronto is the leading institution for computer science in Canada and has an outstanding reputation globally.

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2. United Kingdom

  • Reasons: Technologically Advanced, Wealth of Job Opportunities

On the European side, the United Kingdom is also an exceptional country for studying computer science. Since the technology industry in the United Kingdom is growing, the need for computer science majors is increasing too. Universities and colleges in the United Kingdom continue to upgrade their curriculums to promote higher learning in computer science and other related courses.

Studying computer science in the United Kingdom will give you a real-life learning experience. Also, there is a high rate of employment for computer science students, which is high paying. One example, the University of St Andrews in Scotland offers a degree in computer science, and they take pride in teaching practical computer science. In terms of being a pioneer in Computer Science, the University of Cambridge continues to lead in Europe and globally.

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3. Switzerland

  • Reasons: High Performing Universities, Technologically Advanced Facilities

Located in Central Europe, Switzerland has a lot to offer when it comes to education. Computer science study programs in this country have a proven academic standing in the country and globally. Swiss universities offer internationally recognized degrees in computer science and other related programs. After graduation, having these degrees will make your resume outstanding, and more opportunities will be opened to you.

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, mostly known as ETH Zürich, is a public university in Zurich, Switzerland, that teaches technology-related courses, including computer science programs. Another university, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, focuses on teaching, research, and innovation.

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4. China

  • Reason: Innovative Learning Facilities, Upgraded Curriculum, Well-Ranked Universities

Known as the “sleeping giant,” China proves its fast innovation in different areas, including technology and education. For years, Chinese universities have stood out in Asia and globally as they upgrade their higher education. If you choose to study computer science in China, you’ll see how innovative they are in school or daily living.

Since they are known for their high-tech gadgets, you’ll experience how technology revolves around them, and it would significantly impact you while studying computer science. Chinese universities such as Tsinghua University, located in the heart of China, Beijing, offer computer science programs with a good ranking in Asia and globally. The Huazhong University of Science and Technology also has computer science programs for incoming international students.

5. Belgium

  • Reason: Diverse Culture, Affordable Tuition Fees, Good Research

If you’re looking for a country with well-performing universities at an affordable price, Belgium is the right country to study computer science. Located in northwestern Europe, this country, even it’s small in size, it’s populous. A lot of international students consider Belgium as it offers a lot of benefits.

When it comes to the quality of education, they are included in the list of countries that provide excellent higher education to both local and international students. Foreign students enjoy a variety of deals, such as a multicultural environment and outstanding education while studying college.

Universities such as the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven have computer science programs, and it’s one of the leading educational institutions in the country and worldwide.

6. Singapore

  • Reasons: English-Taught Programs, Advanced Research, Quality Teaching

A tropical island in Southeast Asia, Singapore is an excellent country for studying computer science if you want to go to Asia. This country is known for its multi-blended culture and environment – perfect for international students. Also, the language barrier is not a problem because the English language is spoken widely. Educational institutions use the English language as a medium of teaching and research, so you’ll adjust easily.

Regarding the quality of education for computer science, Singaporean universities offer a wide range of learning, research, and working opportunities for computer science students. The National University of Singapore is the flagship university of Singapore, and its computer sciences courses are one of their pride. On the other hand, the Nanyang Technological University is a national research university known worldwide for its program in technology and business.

7. Taiwan

  • Reasons: Advanced Technology, Innovative Research, Good Educational Foundation

Located in East Asia, Taiwan offers a competitive higher education and a great education for computer science. For years, this country established educational institutions that focus on nurturing local and international students. Since Taiwan continues to equip their selves with the latest technology and innovations, computer science students get the latest updates in the field.

There are a lot of computer science universities and colleges in Taiwan. One of them, the National Taiwan University, is the most prestigious in Taiwan, having computer science programs. They offer English-taught courses for international students. The National Tsing Hua University also has the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.


We hope this article on the best countries to study computer science was informative and insightful. Make sure to also check out our Computer Science Programs for International Students for some of the currently open data science courses around the world!

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