Japan has high standards for safety, accessibility, and overall quality of life. That’s why the country is a popular destination to study abroad for students from around the world. If you desire to study in Japan, you can benefit from a well-rounded educational system, get a taste of a different culture, and broaden your horizons. Here, we will be looking at the best business schools in Japan.

Graduates who study business in Japan may decide to work for non-profit organizations and contribute to a cause close to their hearts. Arbitrator, financial trader, marketing executive, supply chain manager, management analyst, and international accountant are just a few of the many popular job titles available today.

Top Business Schools in Japan

1. Keio University – Keio Business School

Keio Business School was established in 1962 and is Japan’s oldest business school. Since its inception, this top business school in Japan has been referred to as “KBS” and now includes Keio University Graduate School of Business Administration, which awards MBA and Ph.D. degrees. The Keio Business School offers short-term executive programs that are open to anyone.

As part of the KBS curriculum, students will learn a wide range of management skills as well as detailed specialized knowledge. They will also learn about a methodology for integrating and improving these skills and knowledge. On the other hand, the school contributes to the advancement of human society by producing outstanding and innovative leaders who combine individual self-reliance with respect for other people’s dignity, a clear understanding of their mission, and a strong desire to take action.

As a result of its founding in 1962, KBS has built a foundation of practical education based on the case method and the philosophy of “practical learning” adopted by Keio University in its founding principles. They built on this foundation and created modern business leaders who can conceptualize and implement new ideas in an ever-changing market.

2. Waseda University – Waseda Business School

Waseda Business School is another excellent business school in Japan, which creates an active learning community to foster the development of globally aware and responsible leaders with practical management skills.

The mission of Waseda University is to promote cross-cultural learning and exchanges of language, culture, and values to develop world community. To fulfill this mission, the university must utilize its comprehensive and creative resources to build a curriculum that offers these kinds of learning opportunities and educational and student environments across campus. Moreover, in order to meet the needs of students from all over the world, Waseda Business School offers seven programs.

Furthermore, through the school’s program, they hope to create useful knowledge, cultivate global-minded leaders, and foster an environment of learning and sharing. At the WBS, professors include senior executives with decades of experience, top-tier consultants, and management experts on the cutting edge of research. With the diversity of the school’s faculty, they are able to produce knowledge that is both useful and not just a collection of management lore to the next generation. As a result, they achieved international accreditation and global rankings in Far East Asia.

3. Kyoto University – Graduate School of Economics and Faculty of Economics

Kyoto University is committed to research at the source of disciplinary knowledge, to cutting-edge original research, to strengthen their position as a global research hub, and to cultivating individuals capable of assuming leadership roles and making significant contributions to a wide range of societal fields, all while upholding “academic freedom” underpinned by high ethical standards.

Approximately 5,500 university faculty and staff members work together with 23,000 undergraduate and graduate students at Kyoto University. The University has a long history of providing hands-on training that actively involves students in original research, fostering a unique style of “self-reliant learning.” It is important for students to identify and address problems on their own so that they can develop a diverse set of skills and a creative mindset based on solid scientific knowledge.

Moreover, this top business school in Japan aims to improve the quality of education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels by strengthening the structure and comprehensiveness of academic curricula and increasing student mobility from undergraduate to graduate school or between Kyoto University and other educational institutions. The Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS) requires all university students, regardless of future specialization, to take liberal and general education courses, an approach that promotes students’ development as healthy and intelligent citizens.

As a result, students can participate in both short and long-term programs at universities outside of Japan to broaden their horizons and broaden their worldviews.

4. Kobe University – Graduate School of Business Administration

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  • Degrees offered: Bachelor’s Degree Program, Master’s Degree Program, and Doctoral Degree Program.

Kobe University was the first Japanese university to have a School of Business Administration. As Japan’s first school to offer business administration degrees, the school has a stellar reputation business and academic worlds.

There are three areas of study in the university’s undergraduate curriculum: business, accounting, and commerce. By providing them with practical knowledge built on a solid foundation in the social sciences, educational institutions hope to cultivate the next generation of business and professional society leaders.

Furthermore, in keeping with its open and cosmopolitan culture and surroundings, Kobe University strives to positively impact the global community by creating knowledge based on universal values and cultivating a deep understanding and strong leadership abilities.

5. Nagoya University of Commerce and Business

With all three major international accreditations for management schools, Nagoya University’s MBA program is the only one in Japan and consistently ranked first in Japan by Q.S. and F.T., the world’s most prestigious ranking for MBAs. All of the university’s courses use the case method, with expert facilitators leading discussions in the classroom. Eighty percent of the professors are researchers who have also worked as practitioners and who, in the school, use what they’ve learned from both experiences to deliver a program that helps students prepare for their future careers.

The Nagoya University of Commerce and Business MBA and MSc programs emphasize practical education, using the case method to deliver higher-quality education and research certified by international accreditation organizations. In order to maintain their accreditation, accredited business schools must raise graduate education standards across the globe and adapt to changing educational missions.

The Nagoya University Business School is an excellent business school in Japan. It thus expands management education opportunities for today’s professionals further. Furthermore, the school offers master’s degree programs, focused programs, corporate training, and owner-operated company succession education.


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