Industrial engineering is all about improving processes, systems, and organizations. It’s done so through developing and applying information, equipment, money, and people.

Industrial engineers make an average of $86,000 a year, with some receiving as much as $125,000 annually.

Due to its profitable nature, more students are thinking of taking up this degree. If you are one of these individuals, then here are some of the best countries to study industrial engineering:

What do Industrial Engineers do?

Industrial Engineers work to optimize the production process in various businesses by designing, developing and putting into place systems that increase efficiency and reduce wastefulness. They do this in various industries such as manufacturing industries, transportation, health care, finance, and research and development. Industrial Engineering is a reputable profession as those who are experts in the field have a range of technical skills gained from specialization in knowledge of machines, mathematics, physics, engineering design and even statistics, among other disciplines. Their knowledge and expertise in these varied things make them an integral part of the businesses they carter to.

Are Industrial Engineers in Demand?

Absolutely! Among the reasons that make industrial engineers well sought-after are their help in organizations when it comes to streamlining operations and improving efficiency. As a result, industrial engineers enjoy higher compensation compared to other engineering fields. Additionally, the field of industrial engineering is expected to grow 10% by 2029. Finally, industrial engineers can work in a wide variety of industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation, providing industrial engineering graduates greater employment options.

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Best Countries to Study Industrial Engineering

1. Germany

  • Reasons: Prominent universities, Internationalized curriculum, Cheap tuition

Germany, like most of the countries on this list, is an engineering superpower. This reason alone is enough to convince many international students to take Industrial Engineering in German universities. Given the wide range of choices, Germany is one of the best countries to study industrial engineering at.

One of the more popular options for Industrial Engineering education is the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences. Like other institutions in Deutschland, it aims to create more than engineers – but intermediaries between science and management.

German institutions like Rhine-Waal focus on internationalization, which is why they include intercultural management and conflict management in the syllabus.

Best of all, public universities such as Rhine-Waal are tuition-free. So if you’re looking for affordable yet excellent engineering education, then Germany should be one of your top choices.

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2. United States of America

  • Reasons: Top-ranked universities, Various specializations, Industry engagement, Scholarships

When it comes to technological studies such as Industrial Engineering, there’s no doubt that the US is a popular educational destination. It’s home to the best engineering schools, including Georgia Institute of Technology, Purdue, University of Michigan, etc.

Georgia Tech, for one, has a dedicated H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial & Systems Engineering. In fact, this program is usually ranked at the top of the US News & World Reports.

As with most American universities, Georgia Tech offers a program that allows students to specialize in operations, statistics, economic & financial systems, and supply chain engineering, to name a few.

If qualified, you may even get your bachelor’s with an MS in Industrial Engineering or Supply Chain Engineering.

Scholarships are also available in several schools, including the University of Houston and the University of Iowa.

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3. South Korea

  • Reasons: World-renowned universities, Expert faculty, Scholarship programs

South Korea is more than just the home of K-pop and K-beauty. As a future-forward country, South Korea is one of the best countries to study industrial engineering by offering advanced courses in technology – Industrial Engineering included.

One of the best Korean schools that offer this course is Seoul National University (SNU), considered the country’s premier institution. Here, students are not just trained to be engineers – they’re also taught to be good problem solvers, leaders, and specialists.

Industrial Engineering is also offered in Yonsei, which is another one of South Korea’s prominent universities. Like SNU, it provides a comprehensive program taught by some of the best academicians in the country.

Apart from providing quality education, scholarships await the most deserving applicants. In fact, qualified international students may get the chance to study for free with the government’s Global Korea scholarship program.

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4. Japan

  • Reasons: Excellent universities, Multi-disciplinary approach, Prominent faculty

Japan, without a doubt, is one of the more technically advanced countries on the globe. With its futuristic technologies, Japan proves to be at the forefront of engineering education.

At Tokyo Tech, one of Japan’s most selective universities, Industrial Engineering is coupled with an Economics degree. Here, students are taught modeling, theory extraction, and statistical analysis, among many other concepts.

The program is also offered at Keio University, where it’s known as the Industrial & Systems Engineering degree. For this course, students are trained on how to organize elements to improve infrastructure and technology.

With these programs being taught by some of Japan’s sharpest minds, students who flock to the country are sure to receive the best training possible.

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5. Switzerland

  • Reasons: Topnotch universities, Various teaching methods, Cheap tuition

Switzerland is not only known for its chocolate and cheese – it’s famous for its engineering education as well. As such, more and more international students are putting Switzerland at the top of their ‘study abroad’ list.

For students, Switzerland is a hotbed of top-notch universities that offer comprehensive Industrial Engineering courses.

At the Bern University of Applied Sciences, for one, Industrial Engineering is offered alongside a Management Science degree. This double program leans heavily towards Business Engineering and Supply Chain Engineering.

Students are also afforded various teaching methods, from lectures and online learning to laboratories and coaching/mentoring.

Like most countries on the list, Industrial Engineering programs in Switzerland are very affordable. At the institution mentioned above, you only need to pay CHF 950/$1,030 a year.

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6. Singapore

  • Reasons: World-renowned universities, Industry engagement

Being a technologically advanced nation, Singapore proves to be an excellent country to study industrial engineering for international students. Thanks to top-ranked schools such as Nanyang Technological University and the National University of Singapore (NUS), international students are sure to get a world-class education.

At NUS, for one, the program offered is Industrial Systems Engineering (ISE) & Management.

The curriculum is divided into phases, starting with Engineering Training. This first leg covers early-stage/foundation courses and the standard engineering subjects. Next is ISE training, which helps strengthen students’ knowledge in data analytics, systems engineering, and optimization.

Students in Singaporean universities also get to intern in some of the biggest engineering firms in the world.

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7. Italy

  • Reasons: Reputable universities, Robotics courses, Numerous research labs, Expert faculty, Cheap tuition

While most know Italy as a romantic vacation destination, students see it as a beacon for Industrial Engineering education.

For one, many world-class Italian universities offer the said course. One good example is the Free University of Bolzen-Bolzano, which provides an Industrial Engineering & Automation course.

Here, students will learn more than just the basics of mechanical engineering and production/supply chain management. It also offers modules in Field Robotics, including the design, development, and control of these devices.

As with most Italian universities, the school mentioned above houses numerous labs for practice and research.

With the expert faculty and unbelievably cheap tuition, Italy is a country you should consider when it comes to Industrial Engineering education.

Industrial engineering is a highly valued field with a promising job outlook and lucrative salary potential. If you are considering studying industrial engineering, there are many excellent options available around the world, such as the countries listed above. To learn more about the best industrial engineering schools in the world, check out our related article. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to pursue a rewarding career in this exciting and growing field!


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