If you are gunning for a high-caliber university while at the same time hoping for a fun college experience, Wesleyan University might be your best pick. In this article, we will be looking at the Wesleyan University acceptance rate.

This university is a top-notch private university located in Middletown, Connecticut where it ranked as the Best Liberal Arts College.

This university is a relatively small academic institution with an open curriculum designed to challenge students to think critically and creatively. It holds that learning and growth breakthroughs occur outside the classroom. Thus, it actively encourages students to participate in various school activities – from late-night to day-light study sessions to engaging in school organizations.

Wesleyan is a home for more than 275 student organizations, 300 art events, and innumerable activities and seminars. Here, students get the chance to learn and interact with notorious experts and leaders from all academic disciplines.

In 1831, Wesleyan University was founded by Methodist leaders and Middletown citizens. Thus, its name was coined after the founder of Methodism, John Wesley.

This academic institution started only with 48 students, three professors, and one tutor, powered by a humble tuition fee of $36.00 per year. Later, Wesleyan became among the first Methodist institutions of higher education in the country.

Wesleyan University is founded on two purposes – “the good of the educated individual” and “the good of the world”. From here, Wes students and faculty members were encouraged to get involved in different community-service activities up to this date.

Eventually as guided by these principles, Wesleyan evolved into one of the best universities in the United States where both scholars and leaders emerged from.

As per U.S. News and World Report rankings, Wesleyan University consistently ranked among the top 20 in National Liberal Arts Colleges. Kiplinger, a notable American personal finance magazine, ranked Wesleyan as the 21st Best College Value among 300 institutions – including private universities, liberal arts colleges, and public institutions. Also, in Forbes ranking of American colleges, this university was ranked 9th place overall.

Indeed, these achievements are conclusive proofs of Wes’ quality education. To attend this excellent university, you need to be one of the top-ranking students in your high school. The acceptance rate at Wesleyan University is 16%, which shows its competitive admission process.

Wesleyan University is committed to providing students with practical liberal arts education by applying ideas into practice. With its 74 course programs – 45 majors, 17 minors, and 12 certificate programs – students have the flexibility in pursuing their interests and passion.

To ensure the quality of education, Wesleyan maintains a low student-faculty ratio of 8:1. It has more than 400 scholar-teachers dedicated to teaching and collaborating with students. Also, true to its belief that learning is not confined inside the classroom, this university offers more than 150 study abroad programs around the world.

From the initial 48 students, Wesleyan University now caters to more than 3,000 full-time undergraduate students of every color from more than 50 nations across the world.

Acceptance Rate at Wesleyan University

As expected in a high-rated university, Wesleyan University has a very competitive acceptance rate of 16%.  Further, to be accepted, applicants are expected to have an SAT score of 1300 – 1480 and a 29 to 33 score in the ACT.

If you confidently achieved these scores, then go for a quality yet fun education at Wesleyan University.


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