The University of Puget Sound is a private college in Tacoma, Washington that specializes in liberal arts. Each year, the university admits approximately 2,500 students from over 16 countries. The University offers more than 25 undergraduate and graduate programs the most prominent of which are Bachelor in Science, Bachelor in Music, Teaching Arts, and Master in Education. The campus is a suburban setting that spans an area of 97 acres. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at the University of Puget Sound.

University of Puget Sound’s main campus is divided into three major quads, the South Quad, the North Quad, and the Karlen Quad. North and South Quads contain residential blocks whereas the Karlen Quad contains most of the academic buildings, Jones Hall, Collins Memorial Library, and the Music Building. Harned Hall is an academic block dedicated to science and technology fields and has excellent labs for biology, geology, chemistry, environmental science, and physics. For the first two years of the university, students are required to have a residence on campus.

Because of the acceptance rate at the University of Puget Sound is 88%, it is actually quite easy to attend this institute if you apply.

After every three years, the University of Puget Sound selects and funds a group of 20 students who spend two semesters traveling and studying in different Asian countries under a program called PacRim.

Loggers, the athletic teams of the institute, take part in NCAA Division 3 league and compete against various universities all over the U.S. There are 23 different varsity sports offered by the university including football, golf, soccer, softball, tennis, and swimming.

Collins Memorial Library is the largest library in Tacoma with over 400 thousand volumes of books, journals, magazines, and digital media. Photocopying, scanning, and printing facilities are also available in Collins Library.

There are approximately 50 independent organizations run by the students that organize various recreational events throughout the calendar. Some important events are the Adelphian Concert Choir and biannual theatre productions. KUPS (FM 90.1) is a student-run and student-funded radio station that provides educational and informative news to the faculty and students all over the institute.

The university’s financial aid program is one of the nation’s best. It offers various merit and financial-based scholarships to the students, most of which require no extra application. More than 90% of the students at the University of Puget Sound receive some form of financial aid.

The University of Puget Sound has produced some well-renowned artists, journalists, writers, actors, and athletes. The alumni association of UPS is home to more than 50,000 people from over 50 states that stay connected via the university’s alumni portal.

Acceptance Rate at University of Puget Sound

The acceptance rate at the University of Puget Sound for the latest class was 88%. In a recent admission cycle, the university received about 5,700 applications out of which 5,000 were accepted by the institute. Admission to the University of Puget Sound is quite easy for a student good in academics. Being a liberal arts college, the university also accepts students based on their past participation in co-curricular activities alongside a good academic record. The average SAT and ACT scores were 1200 (out of 1600) and 27 (out of 36) respectively.


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