Found in the state of Kentucky is the University of Louisville. It was established in 1798 as the first public university owned by the city. There are currently more than 24,400 students enrolled in the UofL and they can choose from over 200-degree programs with which to expand their education and career options. Keep reading since this article will provide the acceptance rate at the University of Louisville.

The University of Louisville is spread over three campuses. The Belknap Campus is the main campus and it holds most of the university’s colleges and schools. It’s just three miles away from Louisville’s downtown area where the Health Sciences Center is found as well. The medical and health-related programs are offered here along with the services of their university hospital. On the eastern side of Jefferson Country are the ShelbyHurst Campus, the site of UofL’s business and technology endeavors.

The University of Louisville upholds its pursuit of excellence and inclusion through education, scholarship, and community involvement. UofL also strives to earn national recognition as a prime metropolitan research university. The university is presently commended for producing a great deal of law, medicine, and dentistry graduates. 30% of Kentucky’s physicians and attorneys, and about half of its dentists are alumni of UofL. How’s that for a fun fact?

One in every four students is of color and 4.5% of total enrollment are international students, and this shows how much the University of Louisville welcomes diversity. Also, the student body has formed over 460 clubs and organizations which help in developing leadership, teamwork, and people skills. This UofL campus community might be your cup of tea so please continue reading to see the acceptance rate at the University of Louisville.

UofL is proud to be a member of the NCAA Division I’s Atlantic Coast Conference and they’re represented by the University of Louisville Cardinals. Students who plan on entering the sports industry or getting into athletic administration can also apply for a unique opportunity with the Adidas Internship Program, which was formed in partnership with the university.

The University of Louisville is also home to the first-ever large-scale bronze cast of The Thinker. The iconic sculpture shows a nude man sitting on a rock and resting his chin on one hand, which gives the appearance of deep, profound thought. This historical work of art has been found in front of UofL’s Grawenmeyer Hall since 1949. If you like having the most famous sculpture in the world right on your own campus, come see the acceptance rate at the University of Louisville in the section below!

Acceptance Rate at University of Louisville

With the acceptance rate at the University of Louisville being 73%, it can be said that their selection process is somewhat competitive. The average SAT score of incoming freshmen is 1190 and the average GPA is 3.6. Getting into the upper range of these numbers will be a good tactic for admission.


Now that you know the acceptance rate at the University of Louisville you can now gauge how serious the competition for acceptance is at the UofL. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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