As a member of the Association of American Universities, the University of Kansas is devoted to providing top-class teaching and research services. KU was founded in 1865 and begun its operations in 1866. The main campus of this public university is located in Lawrence, Kansas. It was among the 131 national institutions that guided students to Navy Commission during the Second World War. KJHK and KANU radio stations are hosted in the university’s facilities. To find out more about the acceptance rates at the University of Kansas and its history, read on to the next sections.

Last year,  Kansas University admitted the highest number of freshmen since 2011. The institution has a total population of 27,500 students and just over 19,000 undergraduates. In addition to low ethnic diversity, more than 60% of the students are from Kansas. Similar to other established universities, KU students have an option of distance learning. For every seventeen students, there is one professor, which is an impressive ratio for a school that also has 80%, full-time lecturers. However, its graduation rate is quite low (41%) compared to other higher education institutions.

Apart from the Main Campus, there are other four branches including the Edwards Campus located in Overland Park. The other three are medical schools in Salina, Wichita, and Kansas City. KU has 95 undergraduate degrees to offer within 23 different fields of study (73 majors) and is available on relevant campuses. Engineering, Journalism, and Business Management are some of the most popular programs at the University of Kansas. If interested in being a freshman at this university, knowing the acceptance rate at Kansas University will help.

The university has been ranked as one with the best output value in the Law Schools category. It is also a perfect choice for military veterans or those who are still active in service. According to U.S. News & World Report, KU is 129th in this year’s edition of Best Colleges and National Universities. It prides itself with the only National Cancer Institute in the state together with eleven biodiversity research centers.

There is more to life on campus than just academics. At KU, one has a chance to develop their extracurricular skills and interact with other students as they embrace the school’s traditions. With over 600 student organizations, there is a place for anyone regardless of their background. The University of Kansas also plays a role in community service with the students taking about 80,000 hours in doing such activities annually. There are 25 residence halls hosting over 5,000 students and you can also find private apartments within a walking distance from the institution.

Acceptance Rate at Kansas University

The acceptance rate at Kansas University is 93%, which is one of the highest in the country. In other words, only seven students will not be accepted from a group of 100 applicants. Therefore, you have a very high chance of joining KU if you applied. However, you will need to meet certain requirements before you fall among the 93%.

For starters, you will need either your SAT or ACT scores and a mean grade of at least B+ (GPA of 3.5). Based on previous statistics, most of the successful applicants were among the top 31% nationally. As such, you will need to outperform most of your peers to be guaranteed a place as KU’s freshman.


I hope that this article on Kansas University’s acceptance rate was helpful. To know more about studying abroad, make sure to check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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