Founded in 1881, the University of Connecticut begun as an agricultural institution. It is a public research university located in Storrs, Connecticut, initially named after two benefactors, Augustus and Charles. The two brothers donated the starting capital and the land on which the school was built. The University occupies a land of approximately 4,400 acres. Its neighboring institutions are Boston and Hartford University which are 90 and 30 minutes away respectively. Since its inception, it has focused on research activities with the aim of fostering global citizenship. If you are interested in joining the University of Connecticut, read on to find more facts including the current acceptance rate at the University of Connecticut.

The university has a student population of over 27,000 with about 19,000 undergrads. Those admitted from Connecticut take about 72% of the total population while the rest are out-state. UConn also supports distance learning with 8% of students already in the program. With an on-time graduation rate of about 70%, all students average about 4.2 years to successfully graduate from their courses. The university has four regional campuses located in Hartford, Avery Point, Waterbury, and Stamford. There are 111 degrees in 25 different fields (80 majors) from which one can choose their career path.

Connecticut Repertory Theatre (CRT) is one of the famous features located in the Storrs Campus. CRT is a big part of the surrounding community offering artistic entertainment. The fans can subscribe to a six-play annual series to view all sorts of drama. UConn is also best known for its unique program, Masters in Puppetry which is closely related to filmed or on-stage art performances. In terms of academic rankings, UConn is in the top 18 universities in the U.S. according to U.S. News & World Report. If you want to be a freshman at this university, read on to find the acceptance rate at UConn.

The women’s and men’s basketball teams have among the best performers in the region. The famous NBA player, Ray Allen, is one of UConn’s alumni who were active in sports. It is, therefore, evident that the university puts as much emphasis on sports as in education which is a perfect environment for those who look to nurture their talents. UConn is one of the most diverse institutions meaning every student has a different tradition. As such, there are over 800 student clubs and organizations covering various fields and cultures. With high-speed internet, Cable TV, and basketball courts, living in on-campus apartments and residence halls can’t get any better.

Acceptance Rate at the University of Connecticut

The competition in joining UConn is medium with about half of the applicants accepted every year. With 48% acceptance rate at the University of Connecticut, 48 students are admitted from every list of 100 applicants. Compared to other universities, joining UConn is quite achievable to anyone who outperforms his or her peers.

The average GPA that qualifies you as the UConn freshman is 3.64 according to recent statistics. If one has a combination of A’s and B’s in their results, the ‘A’ grade should be dominant for them to stand a chance. Other important requirements are the ACT or SAT scores and a recommendation letter from your high school teacher.


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