University of California, Santa Cruz is a public research university in the beautiful coastal city of Santa Cruz, California. The university stretches on a land of 2,000 acres most of which is forested and rocky. The University of California is a network of ten universities of which UC Santa Cruz is one. The institute was established in 1965 with just 652 enrollments in the first year. In the calendar year of 2018, it was home to 17,000 undergraduate students and about 2,000 graduate students. The university offers 65 undergraduate programs and 41 graduate programs. In this article, the overview and the acceptance rate at UC Santa Cruz will be covered.

The undergraduate department of the university is divided into 10 small colleges each offering different degree programs. The residential halls/dorms for the students affiliated with each college are located within the college. The psychology department of the university is considered one of the world’s best. Besides psychology, business management, computer science, and sociology are worth mentioning.

UC Santa Cruz is home to various sports clubs including basketball, tennis, cross-country, swimming/diving, track and field, soccer, and volleyball. These sports teams take part in NCAA Division 3 tournaments each year. To promote sports in the university, UC Santa Cruz has provided students with various sports facilities including an Olympic-sized pool, a large jogging track, rooms for martial arts, tennis and basketball courts, two well-equipped gyms, and boating facilities.

According to the National Science Foundation, UC Santa Cruz spends approximately $150 million each year in research activities that making it one of the top research institutes in the nation. The Campus houses two well-organized research centers: the Institute of Marine Sciences and the Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics. These centers perform research work in more than 70 fields including archaeology, optics, biology, and agriculture, just to mention a few. Attending this excellent institution is easier than expected due to the acceptance rate at UC Santa Cruz being 48%.

The UCSC library network has two major buildings: the McHenry Library and the Science & Engineering Library. McHenry Library contains various collections of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. It was named after the founding chancellor of the university, Dean E. McHenry. Science & Engineering Library houses books and journals related to the fields of engineering, physical sciences, and biological sciences. In this library unit, a Video Game Lab is present where various consoles including Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, and Desktops are available to students for the best gaming experience.

UC Santa Cruz provides a huge amount of scholarships and financial aids to needy students. About $3.7 million of financial aid is provided to students each year. 97 percent of the students, who apply for the need-based scholarships, are able to receive them annually. Besides these scholarships, UC Santa Cruz also offers different student and parent loan programs. Although UC Santa Cruz is not an old institute, it has produced some notable graduates including various artists, scientists and performers, and entertainers.

Acceptance Rate at University of California, Santa Cruz

With an acceptance rate of 48%, the University of California, Santa Cruz is a moderately selective university. According to QS World ranking, the university stands at a position of 336 in the entire world. In the last admission cycle, about 56,000 students applied here for admission out of which approximately 17,500 were selected. The average SAT score of the selected candidates was 1250 (out of 1,600) and average ACT marks were 27 (out of 36). To secure admission here, you have to make sure to meet these requirements along with paying an application fee of $70.


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