Tulane University is a private university located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Although it was founded in 1834, Tulane University is a public medical school and did not become a private university until 1884. The original name of the university was the Medical College of Louisiana until 1847, and it was then named the University of Louisiana until 1884. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at Tulane University.

The university is ranked very highly as a research university by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and is also a part of the Association of American Universities. It is a great honor for a university to belong to this group since only 62 total colleges are a part of the Association. Tulane is a small, but prestigious research university, home to only 8,610 undergraduate students. The faculty at the university not only pride themselves on being a part of various projects outside the university but also on working closely with students to provide the best education possible. With an average of 21 students in each class, the faculty are able to devote a generous amount of time to each course and provide a more intimate classroom environment than most larger universities. To be a student here, you will need to be an excellent student because the acceptance rate at Tulane University is only 17%.

When Tulane University first opened, the main goal was to train and equip doctors to help fight yellow fever and cholera epidemic that was taking place in New Orleans at the time. Tulane University has developed a much broader mission since it first opened, but in order to keep service as a main part of the university culture, all undergraduate students are required to do community service as part of the curriculum. In 2018, the students at Tulane University spent over 780,000 hours doing community service in New Orleans.

Tulane University is home to a diverse population, with students traveling from all 50 states and 58 different countries. The majority of the students travel over 300 miles to attend the university. They offer over 1,700 courses to their students and over 70 different majors. The degree programs at Tulane University are very flexible and allow students to take classes within any of the five schools that are a part of the university. There is so much flexibility within the programs that one-third of the students at Tulane University double major.

Acceptance Rate at Tulane University

Tulane University has a very low acceptance rate. In 2016, their average acceptance rate was 26%. According to Tulane University, just last year 38,500 students applied to the university, and the acceptance rate at Tulane University was only 17%. This means admission to the university is very competitive, and less than one-quarter of the students who apply are accepted.

Tulane University has very high academic standards for incoming students and applicants are expected to have records of rigorous academic programs including 18 or more academic courses taken over the four-year period in high school. The admissions counselors at Tulane University do not have a preference of either the ACT or SAT, but a high score on one of the two tests will be required for admission.


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