Texas Tech University, located in Lubbock, Texas, is a large public university with a focus on research studies. Evidence of their research focus was shown in 2015 when Texas Tech was chosen as one of the institutions in the Carnegie Highest Research Category. Texas Tech was founded in 1923 and opened its doors to students in 1925. It was originally called Texas Technological College until 1969. The first year at the university there was a total of 914 students; the university has now grown to a total undergraduate enrollment of 30,700 students. At Texas Tech, it is mandatory that students live on campus until they complete their first 30 credit hours. The students have over 450 organizations available for them to join, including at least 50 fraternities and sororities. In this article, we will be discussing the acceptance rate at Texas Tech University.

Texas Tech University has a stunning history of producing graduates who move on to pursue higher education. In 2017 alone, the university awarded 300 doctoral degrees. Texas Tech University is home to an extremely diverse population of students and is committed to bringing in students with great potential from all around the world. One way they put this plan into action was by opening Texas Tech University Costa Rica in 2018, which is located in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Not only does the university have a diverse student population, but they also offer a diverse education with over 150 undergraduate courses of study, 104 master’s programs, and 59 doctoral programs. The retention rate for freshman students at Texas Tech is greater than the national average with 84% of students returning after their first year. For first-time students at Texas Tech University, the current graduation rate is 59%. Another important metric, the acceptance rate at Texas Tech University, is 63%.

Last year, Texas Tech University was ranked number 187 in National Universities. Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas is part of the larger Texas Tech University System, which includes Texas Tech University, Angelo State University, and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

Acceptance Rate at Texas Tech University

The acceptance rate to Texas Tech University is 63%, which means over half of the students who apply are accepted. In order to apply, students must fill out an application on the Texas Tech Website and submit their high school transcripts, official ACT and SAT scores, and a $75 application fee. Students who graduated from an accredited high school and ranked in the top 10% of their class for college entrance test scores are often guaranteed admission. The test scores required for assured admission vary each year and can be found on the Texas Tech University website.

Along with test scores and academic performance, Texas Tech University also brings extracurricular activities, unique talents, diverse backgrounds, and leadership experience into account when choosing students for admission to the university. The success of the student in AP, IB, or honors courses in high school is an important factor when applying to Texas Tech University.

For those who do not meet the assured admission requirements to the university, students can enhance their applications by responding to an essay topic on the online application and submitting up to three letters of recommendation.


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