The beginnings of this higher education establishment date back to the year 1900, when Walter Rasmussen opened the Rasmussen Practical School of Business, in Stillwater, Minnesota. The primary purpose of this institution was to supply skilled professionals for the needs of the local businesses. What began as a small business school has now grown into a multi-program higher education establishment with campuses in six different states – North Dakota, Minnesota, Kansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Florida. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at Rasmussen College.

The one thing that Rasmussen College emphasizes in the presentation of their undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs is affordability. The professors at this university regard higher education and, more importantly, affordable higher education, as a key prerequisite for the future success of their students.

Each undergraduate student at this school has access to a wide variety of grants, scholarships, and other financial aid options that are personally tailored to meet his or her specific needs. This is the place where you can earn a degree without putting the family finances under a strain.

The tuition fee for undergraduate programs is $13,000 a year for US citizens. However, it does not include room and board. Over 70% of Rasmussen College’s 8,000 students receive financial support of some sort, and the average amount of the grant is $8,000 a year. The average cost of attendance at this school, provided that the applicant qualifies for financial aid, is about $16,000 a year. Once you stop worrying about money matters, your graduation becomes the sole focus of your attention!

For those who want to move through the tuition process at a faster pace, Rasmussen College offers a number of accelerating graduate and undergraduate programs in the fields of Business, Design, Health Studies, Technology, and many more. Special programs and preferential tuition rates are offered to army veterans.

If you would like to apply to one of Rasmussen College schools across the country, you really have got to visit your preferred location of study or make a contact via email, or their website. Each school has its own application deadline, GPA, SAT, and ACT requirements. Because the acceptance rate at Rasmussen College is pretty high, you can join this university if you want.

Please note that all applicants at Rasmussen College’s different schools are required to complete a basic assessment test. The test is designed to assess their academic preparation and readiness to attend classes at Rasmussen College. The courses at these schools are very intense and very dynamic, so applicants should prove their determination to complete the chosen program.

Before the start of their first academic year, newly-admitted students are also required to successfully complete the mandatory College Experience Course. First and foremost, this one-week course teaches freshmen how to find their way through the online classroom. It also helps them gain the knowledge and experience necessary to understand the responsibility they have taken by starting their college education.

Acceptance Rate at the Rasmussen College

These specific admission requirements guarantee that Rasmussen College students are well-prepared and determined to earn the degree that they have set out to pursue. On the whole, Rasmussen College is a moderately selective school with an average acceptance rate of 70%.


I hope that this article on the  Rasmussen College acceptance rate was helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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