Mississippi State University is a public research university based in Starkville, Mississippi. After its establishment in 1878, the institution accepted its first students in 1880. It has since grown to become the largest university within the state of Mississippi. Mississippi State University, MSU, has always aimed towards providing the best teaching and research services as stated in its mission and Motto. Its research and development take up a budget of about $240 million annually. Before you decide on MSU, read this article to gather more information, including the acceptance rate at Mississippi State University.

MSU is by far the largest institution offering higher education in Mississippi with a population of over 22,000 students. About 3,000 of these students have enrolled in the available graduate programs while the rest are undergrads. More than half the school is admitted from within the state. Since it is an international institution, the university currently has about 14%, distance learners. With a gender ratio of 1:1, this is one of the most balanced institutions in that aspect. However, the number of faculty members compared to the number of students leaves a lot to be desired. At the moment, there are about 20 students to one teacher, and 82% of these lecturers are full-time employees. The biggest problem facing the institution and its students is graduation. At 32%, MSU has one of the lowest on-time graduation rates.

The university’s growth over the years is evident in its distribution. It comprises twelve schools and colleges, each designed to offer, specific programs. Undergraduates can choose from 75 programs derived from 26 distinct fields of study (67 majors). More than 3,500 students, these degrees. , is the highest degree offered by Mississippi State University while the most highly-ranked major in Geological and Earth Sciences. On the other hand, Interdisciplinary Studies is the program with the highest number of undergraduate students. Read on to find out the application requirements and the acceptance rate of MSU.

Mississippi State University has a space for everyone regardless of their background. For starters, there are a site offering services to people living with disability and currently hosts about 4% of the total population. There is also a daycare service on campus to help those students with young families. More than 93% of first-years live on campus while the rest live with their families. Although it has moderate diversity, several organizations and clubs are available to students from different cultural backgrounds.

MSU Acceptance Rate

According to recent statistics, Mississippi State University’s acceptance rate is 55%. As such, the competition to join this university is quite moderate, considering that it receives applications from all over the world.

Among the requirements that you will need to submit during your application are the SAT/ACT scores and a GPA of at least 3.4 points. Most students always choose to submit their SAT results (around 1300 points), but you can also submit your ACT (between 24 and 29). Apply early enough to raise your chances of being selected to become one of the next MSU freshmen.


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