Advanced study programs are available in saturation in the educational landscape for international students. However, only a few reliable universities with high employability post-graduation are note-worthy.

Korea, being an eminent contributor to strengthening higher education worldwide, considers Korea University as one of its internationally regarded learning institutes. Founded in 1905, the university holds its legacy with high national values and great historical significance.

The school offers many notable professional degrees for international students, including those in the fields of law, medicine, engineering, and business administration.

The university opens its admission process 2 times in one year. It also has a competitive admission process, which makes very few students gain acceptance in one of its courses.

For all international students seeking further information about the acceptance rate of Korea University, we have elaborated all bout it in our article below.

Korea University Acceptance Rate

  • Estimated Acceptance Rate: 15%

There is no publicly accessible information on the official acceptance rate for Korea University. Nonetheless, an estimated 15% acceptance rate for Korea University is found according to a range of third-party sources and statistics.

Medicine, law, and business administration degrees at this university have the lowest acceptance rates in comparison to other courses. To facilitate students, competent career and job training courses have been provided by Korea University for many years. These aid students in gaining jobs and making well-informed choices for their futures.

Preparing for Korea University Admissions

Now that you know the acceptance rate of Korea University, it’s also critical to understand the admission requirements, tuition fee requirements, and scholarships offered at the institute for a smooth academic experience.

Admission Requirements

Please ensure that you submit a completed application together with all of the necessary data so that the admissions panel can review it. The prerequisites for entering the bachelor’s or master’s degree programs at Korea University include a high school diploma or its equivalent, as well as scores on standardized exams of language competence (TOPIK, IELTS, or TOEFL).

Applicants must provide a statement of purpose, a current passport, and a reference letter along with their application. To be taken into consideration, all of these papers must be correct and submitted in the specified manner.

Tuition Fees

Understanding tuition fees can give international students an edge to collect the finances required to complete their course without interruption. Korea University tuition fee is on the higher end due to the modern degrees provided here. On average bachelor’s students need to pay 9,800,000 KRW and for master’s around 12,869,000 KRW is required.


Last but not least many fully funded and partially funded scholarships are offered by this institute. Global Leader Scholarship offers a full-tuition fee waiver and Natural Science and Engineering Scholarship, Humanities and Social Sciences Scholarship come with partial funding for master’s and Ph.D. courses. Many other expenses are also covered by these scholarships such as travel costs and accommodation by the scholarship fund provided.

Must-Know Facts About Korea University

Korea University is one of the country’s oldest educational institutions. Faculty members’ instructional abilities are largely responsible for the university’s renowned and the standard of its education. With its many research centers, institutions, and facilities, Internationalization and global participation are promoted in the university. Its connections with top institutions attract foreign students and faculty.

Famous Alumni

As Korea University is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in South Korea, a number of famous and prominent people have attended it over the years. The school boasts an alumni population of nearly 300,000 people.

Their alumni include a former President of the Republic of Korea (Lee Myung Bak), two former mayors of Seoul (Lee Myung Bak and Oh Se-hoon), a former prime minister (Heo Jeong), and a former mayor of Irvine, California (Sukhee Kang).

Other famous alumni include multiple Olympic gold and silver medalists (Hwang Young-Cho, Jang Mi-Ran, Yuna Kim, and Sohn Kee-Chung) and several prominent football players (Park Joo Young, Hong Myung-bo, Cha Bum-Kun, and Seo Jung-Won).

There have also been several accomplished actors, directors, singers, and writers who have graduated from Korea University.


Korea University places an extreme value on research and innovation, intending to expand scientific knowledge. This and many other factors hold its significance as a leading education provider in the country. Its degrees are accepted worldwide with stringent admission criteria.


We hope this article helped you understand the acceptance rate of Korean universities for international students to make an informed decision. To learn more about studying in Korea, check out insightful articles on the Study in Korea! As for currently open courses, head on over to Available Programs for International Students!

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