Across the world, South Korea is well-known for its academic excellence. This statement is especially true with respect to its academic law programs. Obtaining a law degree from a top-tier university in South Korea is considered an achievement in both the country and abroad. Throughout their studies, law students in South Korea learn the letter of the law in the most technologically advanced environment and interact with leading legal scholars.

To understand their law programs better, this article presents some of the best law universities in South Korea.

Top Law Schools in South Korea

1. Seoul National University

Established in the capital city of the same name, Seoul National University is considered the most prestigious public institution for higher education in South Korea. It is recognized as one of the flagship Korean national universities. This title entails that it was created by the Korean government to steer the development of South Korea in the modern world. Presently, the university has three campuses around Seoul and numbers more than 17,000 undergraduate students.

The university places great importance on its law program, as it believes that understanding and following legal principles are the basis of a successful society. Originally, the law school was divided into two separate departments – the Department of Public Law and the Department of Private Law. Today, however, the two have joined together to offer students a more comprehensive and well-rounded picture of the legal system. The objective of the law program on both the undergraduate and graduate levels is to develop students’ intellectual and analytical skills and give them opportunities to practice the interpretation of the law, making Seoul National University one of the best law schools in South Korea.

2. Korea University

Korea University is a private research center established in 1905 in the capital city of Seoul. The university has continuously been ranked amongst the top three in South Korea and is thus considered to be a member of SKY universities. Notably, it was the first institution in South Korea to offer academic programs such as law, journalism, and economics. One of its most prominent faculties is the School of Law with what is regarded as the most esteemed undergraduate program in South Korea.

The Korea University School of Law is a top law institution in the country and is credited for producing some of the most influential legal and political figures in both South Korea and abroad. Since its founding, the law school has aimed to establish various international ties. Through academic connections spanning over six continents, the school has created international research and training opportunities for its students and staff. Furthermore, due to its international ties, law students have the chance to establish connections with leading international law firms and clinics. This gives them a solid basis for their legal careers once they have completed their studies.

3. Yonsei University

A private research institution, Yonsei University is the third member of SKY universities, the three most prominent and reputable institutions for higher education in South Korea.

The university campus is located in Seoul and has over 26,000 undergraduate students. Since its founding, the university has been at the forefront of educational and administrative reform. With regard to education, its core values promote a multi-dimensional method of teaching with an emphasis on innovating by utilizing cutting-edge technology and learning systems.

Although it is best known for its medicine and business administration programs, Yonsei University Law School is among the best in South Korea. It is one of the largest law programs in the country and was one of the first to be accredited.

Due to the country’s turbulent political past, Yonsei University Law School has made it its mission to educate lawyers who will practice and uphold democracy and justice throughout their careers. With this goal, the school has reformed its curriculum and instruction methods to include various democratic features. Furthermore, it has modernized its facilities, so its students have a chance to practice and fine-tune their legal skills in top-level conditions.

4. Sungkyunkwan University

Situated in the capital city of South Korea, Sungkyunkwan University is one of the leading research centers in both the country and abroad. Its origins can be traced to Sungkyunkwan, the foremost educational institution in 14th-century Korea. During the late 19th century, the university was restructured expanding its academic and scientific reach. It has educated some of the most notable figures in fields spanning from engineering to social sciences.

Sungkyunkwan University’s College of Law is considered one of the most reputable institutions for the study of law. Presently, its primary focus is on the education of legal professionals led by democratic values and moral leadership. During their studies, the college teaches students to recognize both global and local issues around them and work to make an impactful difference within their legal fields. It furthermore aims to train legal experts who will pioneer legal development and reform. Because of its many ties both in South Korea and abroad, the university creates opportunities for its students to begin their legal careers in some of the most prominent law firms and clinics in the world.

5. Hanyang University

Like all previously mentioned universities, Hanyang University’s main campus is located in the capital city of Seoul. This private research center is recognized as one of a handful of prestigious universities in South Korea. Originally, the university was established as the nation’s first engineering institute but has since expanded to include various other scientific fields. Its most prominent academic programs are those related to engineering and architecture and it is adequately ranked amongst the best STEM universities nationally. Hanyang University is also known for welcoming a significant number of international students and providing its students with various exchange opportunities.

The Hanyang University’s School of Law has continually been acknowledged as a leading institution for the education of legal experts in South Korea. Its main goal is to produce well-prepared and ethical legal experts who will serve not only the justice system but the public as well. The faculty takes pride in its innovative curriculum, renowned faculty, and contemporary methods of teaching. Because of all of these aspects, students in this outstanding law school acquire exceptional theoretical knowledge as well as experience in legal practice.


Hopefully, this will serve as a guide in looking for the best law schools in Korea. To know more about study options and scholarship opportunities, visit our Study in Korea and Open Courses pages!

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    How can I find the department of law undergraduate program in the page of the university’s beacuse only I can find the school of law but for graduate program.

    • Hyun Lee July 22, 2023 1:16 pm - Reply

      Hi, Korean law schools are all graduate schools and require an undergraduate degree, similar to law schools in the U.S. That is why you are finding graduate law programs and not undergraduate law programs.

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