Struggling and seeking higher education programs for career progression are the main focus of students in modern times. South Korea with a multicultural population has made its spot as one of the top academic degree providers. Among Korea’s public universities, Seoul National University continues to rank atop.

Its reputation as a premier educational institution keeps evolving. Upon its establishment in 1946, this Seoul public university quickly became known as the first all-encompassing learning institution in the capital. It holds accreditation by AACSB. Apart from this, the university is attracting many noble laureates as its faculty members, propelling its recognition in the world.

Due to this, the acceptance rate at SNU is not as high, with a limited number of students gaining admission to their study programs. To better understand the acceptance rate of Seoul National University for international students, we have created a detailed article here.

Seoul National University Acceptance Rate

  • Estimated Acceptance Rate: 17%

The university website fails to provide accurate figures about the recent student acceptance rate in various departments. The admissions-to-application ratio and other criteria contributed to a 17% acceptance percentage for Seoul National University in the last few years, according to several external sources.

There are currently more than 28,000 students enrolled in its study programs, among which 12% are international students. In their exchange program, SNU currently accepts 800 international students on an annual basis.

Preparing for Seoul National University Admissions

Academic reputation and employer reputation are two areas where SNU performed very well. Also, this university received an award for Recognition of Employability. This makes getting into SNU challenging. While opting to gain admittance in one of the popular courses, the student must also consider its admission requirements, tuition fees, and scholarships as elaborated below.

Admission Requirements

There is a unique application procedure for bachelor’s and master’s degrees in this institute. High school and bachelor’s or equivalent degree transcript with a minimum GPA of 3.0, language proficiency test certificates, application form, Korean visa, student residence permit, and letter of recommendation are the usual admission requirements to enroll in this university.

Tuition Fees

Moving on to tuition fees, being a public institute, the tuition fees of this university are comparatively low, however, striving students should know all tuition fee details before applying. For a bachelor’s, tuition fees average at 7,480,000 KRW, while a master’s degree tuition is around 9,409,000 KRW. It is considered low because the university offers a large number of scholarships for international students which are fully–funded and also provide financial support which is detailed below.


Talking about the various grants and scholarships offered at Seoul National University, its International Scholarship for Freshmen, Silk-Road Scholarship, Graduate Scholarship for Excellent Foreign Students (GSFS), and SNU President Fellowship Program (SPF) are famous. These are fully funded with hefty amounts given to deserving students.

Must-Know Facts About Seoul National University

Known as the flagship national university of South Korea, this institute provides education in a diverse set of fields. It has advanced laboratories and several influential alumni who provide teachings to pave the road for students’ successful careers. Because of its long history, it holds cultural and historical importance for the country.

Famous Alumni

Seoul National University has come up with the Distinguished SNU Members Award to commemorate the achievements of its students who are alumni of Seoul National University. This is the highest award that is conferred to individuals who have made significant contributions to society, and this award is given annually.

Sang-hyun Song, who is the President of the International Criminal Court, is an alumnus of Seoul National University and received the Distinguished SNU Members Award in 2018. Young-soo Shin won this award in 2017 and was the Regional Director for the Western Pacific at the World Health Organization. Similarly, with many other personalities who have studied at Seoul National University.


SNU is located in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. The location alone makes it more appealing to international students to study at the university. Due to the influx of multiple applications from interested students, the acceptance rate of the university is low and admission criteria are high.


We hope this article provided all the information about the acceptance rate for international students at Seoul National University effectively. Check out valuable tips, insightful articles, and scholarship opportunities at Study in Korea! For currently open courses, do visit the Available Programs for International Students!

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