As one of the most elite public universities in the fields of social sciences and humanities, Kean University has been the source of great talents in the past 150 years. The institution that started off as a college for teacher education now boasts as the only American university with a campus in China. Initially known as Kean College of New Jersey, it adopted its current name in 1997 after gaining university status. This article contains a summary of the key information you need to know before applying to the university including the acceptance rate at Kean University.

The university has a total enrollment of 14,000 students according to the 2018 statistics, 61% of whom are female. The percentage of in-state students is currently 96%. It has one of the highest ethnic diversities in the country. The ratio of available faculty members to students is 1:16 with 23% of the teachers working on a permanent basis. The current graduation rate is 21%, which is a disadvantage at the moment.

Kean University offers over 110 degrees in diverse fields for both undergraduates and graduates. If you are planning to join KU you will find these programs in Manahawkin (New Jersey), Union (Toms River), and Wenzhou (China) campuses. With the availability of distance learning, Kean university has been able to expand its services to over 30 countries. It offers a variety of undergrad and graduates online degree programs. Therefore, if KU is your dream school, you will have to confirm whether your preferred program is available online. To help you further with your plans, don’t forget to check out its acceptance rate at Kean University below.

With an average of 20 students per class, Kean University’s class size is among the smallest. As such, studies become more effective as the interaction between the tutors and the students is easier. Kean University is ranked 5th in the list of the most diverse universities in the United States. What is even more important is the financial side of things. Most of the students have access to student aids hence completing their studies with minimal debt. At the moment, the percentage of after-school debt is at 38%, which is lower than in most universities.

For those who have young families, Kean University has a place for them with the availability of reliable day-care services. Almost 60% of the students live on-campus while about 30% live with their families. The university currently hosts over 300 athletes competing in intercollegiate activities.

Acceptance Rate at Kean University

With an 82% acceptance rate, Kean University is among the least selective universities in the United States. For instance, last year the university received about 8,500 applications and 7,200 were successful. Therefore, you have a very high chance of joining if you meet the requirements.

Your SAT and ACT scores should be within the ranges of 970-1150 and 16-12 respectively. Note that over 70% of the applicants submitted their SAT rather than ACT in the previous admission. With a GPA averaging over 3.0 (Grade B), you can be among the next successful lot. Also, it is worth noting that there is a nonrefundable fee to facilitate the process.


We hope that this article on Kean University’s acceptance rate was helpful. To learn more about studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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