Idaho State University (ISU) is a public institution founded in 1901 as the Academy of Idaho. In less than 10 years, the student population grew exponentially. Over the following decades, the institution continued to further expand. As more programs were developed and the school started to offer four-year programs, it received its actual name of Idaho State University in 1963. ISU now offers over 250 programs. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at Idaho State University.

Idaho State University offers a wide variety of programs. Among these programs, there is nursing, business, as well as degrees in liberal arts and humanities. Research is encouraged in all disciplines, and the institution provides ample guidance on how to apply for a grant for a research project. It also awards students for their distinguished research. Additionally, they have made huge strides in involving students with the community. This provides opportunities for further investigation in real-life settings. These opportunities include participation in research activities performed at ISU clinics by health students. Research is one of the main core values at Idaho State University.

Another subject that stands out at Idaho State University is energy research and education. The Energy Systems Technology & Education Center is considered the best place in the northwest for education on nuclear energy. The ESTEC is located at the Pocatello campus. ISU also has locations in Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, and Meridian. Students from all over the country choose one of these locations for their college education. Furthermore, international students often choose this institution with approximately 50 countries represented at Idaho State University. If you would like to attend, you definitely can since the acceptance rate at Idaho State University is 99%.

Athletics are very important at Idaho State. They compete with other football, volleyball, and track, and field teams to name a few. In the last decade, the ISU Bengals have stood out for their performance in basketball, track and field, and their rugby team. The latter is steadily rising in its league. Besides, Idaho State University has over 160 clubs, which go from an economic club to world fusion dance, making it clear that everyone can find a place according to their interests.

Idaho State University is among the top 10 universities that offer the best value in Idaho. Despite a student body of over 12,000 students, classes tend to be small. Another one of ISU core values is to provide the opportunity for a personalized education with a 13:1 ratio between the number of faculty members and the total number of students. This way, students are encouraged to get involved in research and activities with the community. They are also motivated to take part in the internship program offered by the university.

Acceptance Rates At Idaho State University

Idaho State University has an average GPA of 2.5 and the average SAT scores of 1030, with an acceptance rate of 99%. This means that this university is practically an open admissions school and that almost every applicant is accepted. Accessibility is another one of Idaho State University core values, which makes gaining entrance to the institution easier than most cases. However, the graduation rate is only 33%, which is barely above the national average.


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