Hofstra is a preeminent private institution of higher learning, located in Hempstead, 25 miles on east of New York City. It’s the largest private institution in the whole of Long Island, noted for hosting some of the most prominent presidential conferences and debates in the history of the US. In this article, we will be looking at the history and the acceptance rate at Hofstra University.

Established in 1935, Hofstra started as Nassau College as one of the subsidiary education centers of New York University. Shortly after, in 1939, the university decided to go independent, officially attaining its university status in 1963.

However, as it stands, the university has grown immensely and now has ten schools under their programs, including Deane School of Law and Northwell School of Medicine. The university is highly recognized and ranked among the best colleges in the U.S. Because of the relatively high acceptance rate at Hofstra University, you can easily join this university if you did well during high school.

Its setting makes it an ideal spot for enjoying some of the attractions in New York. It’s also well-positioned for students looking to secure an internship in New York City. For accommodation, the institution offers traditional dormitories and a series of themed living communities, where students are grouped based on their common interest.

It’s one of the universities in the US with the highest number of student organizations, including 20 sororities and fraternities. Sports fall among the things the institution takes pride in. In which case, it’s worth noting that they have an active team participating in Division 1 of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Hofstra University enrolls students from diverse cultural backgrounds and in every state of the US and other parts of the globe, as well. Students looking to join the university can submit their applications to be accepted for spring and fall admissions.

Like other universities, this university has installed an admissions office that reviews all the applications that interested students submit. This committee goes through all the applications manually, one-by-one, assessing every applicant for the rigor of the curriculum, academic achievement, leadership potential, standardized test score, depth of extracurricular activities, and the student’s overall interest to secure admission with the institution.

The application process allows prospective students to share vital information about their life and interest beyond what’s shown on their test score or transcript.

Acceptance rate at Hofstra University

Hofstra is somewhat selective with regards to the number of students it enrolls. On average, the university receives about 27,000 applications per every admission cycle. Approximately 17,400 students are admitted to this university, and the acceptance rate at Hofstra University is 63%.

The application fee for any undergraduate program with the university is $70. Those submitting their applications are however required to have the following list of documents: Secondary school GPA, letter of recommendation, completion of college preparatory program, and Secondary school record.

Students are also required to submit their ACT or SAT scores with the university. In which case, students with ACT scores that range from 24 to 29 or SAT scores that range from 1160 to 1360 points have better chances of being accepted into the university.


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