Grand Valley State University of Allendale, Michigan is a public university for the liberal arts. It was founded in 1960 and currently has two campuses in the state and one campus abroad in Holland. The university, one of the largest in the country, goes by many names including GVSU, GV, and Grand Valley. GVSU has over 24,500 students and more than 3,000 faculty and staff. Continue reading this article to know more and to see the acceptance rate at Grand Valley State University.

There are 136 degrees offered by Grand Valley and most are supplemented by excellent facilities and resources. Here at GVSU, students are put into an average class size of 26 and are mentored by a highly competent faculty pool, with 93% of regular professors having already earned a doctorate.

If a comprehensive research program is in your interest, Grand Valley has a couple of research institutions you can look into. You have the Annis Water Resources Institute for studies on water ecosystems, and the Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center, which has recently assessed the wind energy potential of Lake Michigan. There’s also a high chance of studying abroad with Great Valley. The school, in collaboration with the Padnos International Center, has established over 4,000 programs for students who wish to avail themselves of international education. Interested in these opportunities yourself? Find out the acceptance rate at Grand Valley State University by reading more!

What Grand Valley State University wants to push for is sustainability and this translates into how they run the school and the kind of education they offer. The world today is changing at an exponential rate and GV wants to equip students with the necessary principles and skillsets to adapt to it. This means a liberal education that molds students to be culturally aware problem solvers and critical thinkers.

Experiencing the rural and urban lifestyle is within reach as well. During the summer, students flock to Lake Michigan which is about 20 minutes away from Grand Rapids. For some city fun, there are a lot of food establishments, bars, and clubs that can be found in Grand Rapids’ downtown area. The city is easily accessible through The Rapid bus routes contracted by the university. The great news is that all rides are free for Grand Valley students, provided they have their official school I.D. card. If this sounds like a sweet deal, check out the section below for the acceptance rate at Grand Valley State University.

Campus life is colorful at GVSU. There are over 400 student organizations that freshmen can join and there are 30 fraternities and sororities found on campus. The Grand Valley State University Lakers represent the university in athletics. They compete in the NCAA Division II, under the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC). They have a solid track record, having bagged 20 National Champions in seven different sports since 2002.

Acceptance Rate at Grand Valley State University

GVSU is reasonably selective when it comes to admission. The acceptance rate at Grand Valley State University is 82%. There is a greater chance of you making the cut if you obtain a GPA higher than 3.4 and score at least a 1050 in the SATs.


This article should shed some light on what kind of students GVSU is looking for. Now that you have the acceptance rate at Grand Valley State University, consider yourself at an advantage. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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