Formerly known as Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg College was established in 1832. It is a liberal arts college that has gone through thick and thin, including being closed down, before becoming one of the best. Gettysburg College is currently an international private college offering undergraduate programs in various fields of study. If you are aspiring to be a member of this famous institution, this article will be of great help. Here you will find the relevant information including the acceptance rate at Gettysburg College.

With a population of over 2,000, only 25% of Gettysburg’s students come from Pennsylvania. The rest are students from other states or countries all over the world. However, that does not reflect on the school’s diversity which is quite low. It is important to note that Gettysburg does not offer distance learning in any of its programs. The faculty ratio is quite impressive at 9:1 with over 73% permanent teachers. As such, it impacts the amount of time it takes before one’s graduation, which explains why its on-time graduation rate is at 75%. The high-quality education and general services ensure that most of the freshmen are retained after their first year. Another important metric is the acceptance rate at Gettysburg College, which is 42%.

The highest degree offered by Gettysburg College is Bachelor’s, hence the reason why it only admits undergrads. Within 17 different fields, Gettysburg offers 42 popular undergraduate degrees (34 majors). Over 600 students are awarded these degrees every year on successful completion of their respective courses. The highly-ranked Political Science and Government program is also the most famous followed by Business Management. Gettysburg ranks 34th in terms of universities that offer Physical Therapy programs in the U.S. According to the U.S. News and World Report, the college is the 49th best in the United States based on overall performance.

Greek life is a major part of the lives of Gettysburg students with over 35% already taking part. There are a total of 16 fraternities and sororities. In addition, one can choose from the 120 available clubs and organizations specialized in various unique subjects. The school has its own traditions like First-Year Walk where freshmen are expected to proceed along the same path walked on by those of 1863. Housing is one of the school’s priorities and has most of its students living on campus.

Acceptance Rate at Gettysburg College

Based on previous admission cycles, Gettysburg College has an acceptance rate of about 42%. Therefore for every 1000 students, only 420 are selected to join the institution. As such, Gettysburg is one of the highly selective universities in the U.S. You will need to attain a certain score in order to have a chance with Gettysburg.

Among the requirements of joining Gettysburg are the test scores; which can either be ACT or SAT. If you decide to go with the SAT, you should be able to reach at least 1400 points.  On the other hand, an ACT score of around 22 will make you competitive. Most of the successful applicants in the previous admission attained a GPA of at least 3.4.


We hope that this article on the Gettysburg College acceptance rate was helpful. For more information on how you can study abroad, make sure to check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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