Dating back to the 6th century and currently having more than 95 million speakers worldwide, the German language is one of the oldest and most widely used languages in the world. In today’s world, the German language is one of the major European languages and holds its place as the most widely used language in the European Union.

Learning the German language is a great advantage for people wishing to study or work in a German-speaking country, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Liechtenstein. Studying the German language requires hard work and commitment, but where to learn the language is yet another critical factor in improving your German skills.

Without a doubt, learning German has many more benefits than we can mention in this article, so instead, we listed the ten top-quality German language schools you can find in different parts of the world and have the best environment to practice your German language skills. Read more and take your notes to start your studies in the German language.

Top German Language Schools in the World

1. GLS-Sprachenzentrum Berlin

  • Study Program
  • Location: Germany | Degrees Offered: Intensive Courses

GLS-Sprachenzentrum Berlin, also known as The GLS Language School, is a well-established German language school and a 5-time winner of the Star School Germany Award. GLS Language School is not only a language school but also a campus for its students with its restaurants and hotels. Besides German, GLS Language School offers many other languages, starting from A1 to C2 levels of proficiency.

German language students at GLS Language School can choose both daytime and evening courses to practice, and the school prepares students for the university or German language exams, as well as being a test center for the two major German language exams: TestDaF and telc Deutsch. There are also courses for students wishing to improve their German for general purposes. The prices start from EUR 53 per hour, depending on the lesson module you have chosen.

2. Collegium Palatinum

  • Study Program
  • Location: Germany | Degrees Offered: Face-to-face and Online Courses

Collegium Palatinum is a prestigious German language school with 60 years of experience. One of the unique features of Collegium Palatinum is that the school is located in a historically and culturally valuable residence called Villa Krehl in Heidelberg. Collegium Palatinum offers German courses for a wide variety of purposes, including business German, junior courses, German university preparation, doctors’ preparation, one-to-one German tutoring, telc and TestDaf exam preparation, and so on.

Students who work or study during the day can enroll in evening or online courses at Collegium Palatinum, and there are courses available from beginner to advanced levels. Besides Heidelberg, some courses, such as junior courses or summer camps, can be offered in different locations in Germany, including Munich, Berlin, or Hamburg.

3. German Academy Language School Hamburg

  • Study Program
  • Location: Germany | Degrees Offered: Face-to-face and Online Courses

German Academy Language School Hamburg is a respected and popular German language school in Hamburg, Germany. Located at the heart of Hamburg’s city center, German Academy Language School Hamburg is often recommended by former students for its supportive teaching and administration unit and the encouraging learning environment.

German Academy Language School Hamburg offers a wide range of courses from all levels of German, including intensive courses, evening courses, online courses, weekend-only courses, conversation courses, writing courses, business German courses, visa courses, exam preparation courses, company courses, and many more. The fees can change based on the structure of the course plan, yet for general information, you can see the current price list at the German Academy Language School Hamburg.

4. Aktiv Language School Munich

  • Study Program
  • Location: Germany | Degrees Offered: Face-to-face and Online Courses

Aktiv Language School Munich is a popular destination for German language learners located in Munich, Germany. Students at the Aktiv Language School Munich can practice their German skills with Native German teachers through proven teaching methods, and at the same time, they can take part in extracurricular activities for entertainment and socialization.

Aktiv Language School Munich has an ideal location in the center of Munich, making it easy for new students to commute to the institution. Aktiv Language School Munich is also an accredited test center for official German language examinations such as telc and TestDaf, and students can enroll in preparation courses to pass the exams. For course types, schedules, and fees, you can visit Aktiv Language School Munich or contact the school for your inquiries.

5. Alpadia Language School Freiburg

  • Study Program
  • Location: Germany | Degrees Offered: Face-to-face and Online Courses

Alpadia Language School in Freiburg is a popular choice for German language learners staying or planning to stay in Freiburg to improve their German language skills. The city of Freiburg is one of the oldest and culturally significant cities in Germany, and Alpadia Language Schools offer the best experience of learning German while enjoying the rich atmosphere of German culture and history.

Alpadia Language School in Freiburg was founded in 1972 in the center of Freiburg and right close to the famous cathedral, Freiburg Minster. Students at Alpadia Freiburg can enroll in various German courses such as work-and-study programs, exam preparation programs, business German, university preparation, junior classes, summer camps, and so on. The fees change depending on the intensity or type of program of your choice, yet a standard monthly fee is about EUR 725 per student. To browse the programs and learn about their fees, you can use the free-quote form.

6. Sprachenzentrum Universität Wien

  • Study Program
  • Location: Austria | Degrees Offered: Face-to-face and Online Courses

Sprachenzentrum Universität Wien is a prominent language school offered by the University of Vienna and is designed for students above 16 years old. Although the language school is connected to the University of Vienna, there are no formal requirements such as a high school diploma or university enrollment certificate. Students have online and face-to-face options to arrange their accommodation accordingly.

Sprachenzentrum Universität Wien also offers exam preparation courses for students preparing for the Austrian Language Certificate (ÖSD), as well as being a certified center to conduct the exam. The fees range depending on the type and duration of the program; you can use the program catalog to get the necessary information and book your course.

7. Hallo Deutschschule

  • Study Program
  • Location: Switzerland | Degrees Offered: Face-to-face Courses

Hallo Deutschschule is a respected German language school located in the center of Zurich. Hallo Deutschschule is often the choice of German language learners for its communicative teaching approach, technology-integrated education, fair course fees and customized program options, extracurricular activities for culture and leisure, and many more.

Students at Hallo Deutschschule can progress their German language level from A1 to C2 in 18 months with intensive teaching and coaching by the professionals at the language school. Hallo Deutschschule starts beginner courses every week for new students, and the fees change from EUR 610 per month to EUR 3,100 for six months.

8. Alemania Deutschschule Bern

  • Study Program
  • Location: Switzerland | Degrees Offered: Diploma and Online Courses

Alemania Deutschschule is a widely known German language school with 56,000 students in total. Alemania Deutschschule started education after receiving the teaching certificate in 2000, and since then, students from many parts of the world have preferred schools in different locations in Germany and Switzerland, including the capital city, Bern.

After taking the placement exam, students at Alemania Deutschschule are placed in a course that meets the needs and expectations of their German language proficiency, and the type and duration of the courses depend on the availability and preference of the student. For instance, students working in the daytime can enroll in evening or online courses, and students who aim to improve specific language skills can find an appropriate course of their choice, including conversation courses or work-study programs. Additionally, Alemania Deutschschule offers preparation courses for telc and fide-exam with group or private lessons.

9. Goethe Institute

  • Study Program
  • Location: Germany | Degrees Offered: Face-to-face and Online Courses

Goethe Institute is considered one of the oldest and most widely known German language schools in Germany, Austria, and 96 other countries. Goethe Institute operates as a cultural association, not only offering German language courses but also fostering intercultural relations with cultural, social, and political contributions.

Goethe Institute’s name is derived from the famous and respected German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and the institute was founded in 1951 by the German government. Goethe Institute’s headquarters office is located in Munich, Germany, and students can enroll in online courses as well as face-to-face classrooms in various parts of the world. The institute also provides internationally accredited German language examinations for non-German speakers, available at 500 test centers located in almost all countries.

10. Udemy

  • Study Program
  • Location: Worldwide | Degrees Offered: Online Courses

Lastly, if you want to learn German but reside in a non-German-speaking country or have little time to follow face-to-face courses, Udemy can be a good choice for you. Udemy is an online tutoring platform in which native-speaker teachers offer online courses with various types of programs at an affordable fee.

One important advantage of taking a course in Udemy is that the course plan can be arranged entirely according to the student’s needs, expectations, and preferences. The fees are highly variable depending on the tutor, the type, or the duration of the program, so it’s best to browse the available programs with details about the course structure and fees at Udemy’s website.

FAQs about Studying the German Language

What is the Desired Level of German for an Individual Who Wishes to Study or Live in a German-speaking Country?

To begin with, learning a language takes time and needs patience. An adequate level of German language proficiency depends heavily on why you learn the language. For instance, students enrolled in a German-taught program in Germany are expected to have a minimum B2 level of German on average, whereas healthcare professionals working in the country must take specialist language examinations to have a minimum C1 level of German.

The desired level of German can also depend on the country of residence, and each country may have its own dialect of the German language. To exemplify, Austrian German or Swiss German can have certain differences from Standard German in terms of vocabulary, pronunciation, or more. When this is the case, where to learn the German language can have a serious effect on one’s German skills and proficiency.

What Are the Advantages of Learning the German Language?

Learning a language always has advantages, yet learning the German language will surely have serious contributions to one’s academic, career, or social life. Firstly, speaking German can open the doors of many countries in Europe, mainly countries such as Austria, Belgium, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. This will lead to better chances to find employment, enroll in a degree program, or travel without the language barrier.

Secondly, the German language is one of the oldest languages in history, which also inspired the old English language in the Middle Ages. Therefore, it is the language that holds rich historical and cultural values; learning German can allow you to have direct access to the original works and get inspiration, which is especially essential for students of arts and culture.


Learning a foreign language is challenging yet also exciting, and for commonly spoken languages like German, it’s very important to study at the right place and in the right course suitable for your aims, purpose, and needs of learning the language. In this article, we introduced the top ten popular and successful German language schools in different locations, yet it’s only up to you to decide which one is the most appealing to your interests. Take your time, search for the details about the German language schools in our list, and register immediately after your decision. page2image61788096 page2image61790016


We hope that this article on Best German Language Schools in the World was helpful. To learn more information about studying abroad, check out these Available Programs for International Students! You can also read different articles by heading over to our Study in Germany Page!

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