Advertising is considered a form of marketing communication with the aim of producing advertisements for commercial products, services, or ideas through an openly sponsored, non-personal message. Through advertising, a seller and/or product communicates with their users about their traits with the ultimate goal of selling what they’re offering.

In this article, we talk about some of the best advertising schools in the world.

Top Advertising Schools in the World

1. Liverpool John Moores University

Liverpool John Moores University is one of the best advertising schools. It is a public university in the city of Liverpool, England, founded in the first half of the 19th century. As a part of marketing and communication studies, this university offers graduate advertising studies, an MA in Mass Communications program, to be precise.

The MA in Mass Communications program at Liverpool John Moores University promises to help its students develop exceptional transferable skills, to have the best professors from a wide range of academic backgrounds teach its students, and how modern media affects the cultural aspect of communication. After mastering this program, students will be able to work in various media areas, such as advertising, journalism, PR, etc.

2. Ural Federal University

The Ural Federal University is a research institution in Yekaterinburg, Russia, and is considered one of the leading educational institutions in Russia. This university offers a master’s program in advertising that can earn you an MA in PR & Advertising in International Communications degree.

This program’s main goal is to train its students in the field of international communications so that they’ll later be able to work successfully in fields such as business, government, the non-profit sector, education, etc. It also follows the modern tendencies of today’s world and society, putting special emphasis on internet communications and working in a cross-cultural environment.

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3. International University of La Rioja

The International University of La Rioja is a university located in Mexico City, Mexico. What makes this university stand out is the fact that it offers the only master’s program in Neuromarketing that is 100% online. Despite this, it is among the top advertising schools in the world.

The master in Neuromarketing program at this university promises to provide the necessary knowledge to optimize campaigns in order to match customers’ preferences by analyzing the tastes of clients when making decisions based on the emotional and sensory parts. The students of this excellent advertising school will also learn how to design unique marketing strategies and master necessary neuromarketing techniques that can help them in their future careers in fields such as advertising and marketing in general, business and management, etc.

4. University of Lincoln

The University of Lincoln is a public university in Lincoln, England, founded in the mid 19th century. This university offers both undergraduate and graduate studies in advertising, meaning you could earn a bachelor’s and/or master’s degree in advertising.

The BA (Hons) in Creative Advertising program promises to help its students become creative thinkers and learn how to explore the relationship between conceptual thinking, copywriting, and design, as well as to develop an understanding of effective advertising. The crown jewel degree, the MA in Creative Advertising program, claims to focus on developing the knowledge and skills required to become a successful creator in the advertising industry. The program is also very flexible because although it does require previous knowledge in advertising, it encourages its students to study different areas and gather different information in hopes that all of that can be of use when it comes to the art of advertising.

5. ESDESIGN – Escuela Superior de Diseño de Barcelona

ESDESIGN Escuela Superior de Diseño de Barcelona is another top advertising school. It is a university in Barcelona, Spain. This school, dedicated to arts and design, offers a Master in Advertising Design and Innovation in Brand Communication program and, of course, the same degree. An interesting fact to add about this Spanish school is that it is the first online school of design.

The Master in Advertising Design and Innovation in Brand Communications program promises to encourage creativity and give its students the necessary knowledge to master and effectively use technological advances in the area of advertising and branding. This program is based on the view that creativity is a cornerstone in any form of modern communication between the world of media and marketing with the general public.

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6. Falmouth University

Falmouth University is among the best advertising schools in the world. It is a specialist university based in Falmouth and Penryn, Cornwall, England. This university offers both undergraduate and graduate advertising studies – BA (Hons) and MA programs, both in Creative Advertising.

The BA (Hons) in Creative Advertising program claims that it relies its studies mostly on practical working. Their students have the chance to directly interact with advertising agencies and work with different creative partners, thus gaining practical knowledge of how to establish a real business. The MA in Creative Advertising program also relies on loads of practical work, involving its students with copywriter and art director creative teams so they can take on real projects regularly.

7. Raffles Milano – Istituto Moda e Design

Raffles Milano – Istituto Moda e Design is another excellent advertising school. A private university in Milan, Italy, this school claims to have a non-traditional spirit and method that encourages those who want to look the future straight in the eye. With its Master in Visual Design and Communication program, it probably does live up to its mantra and reputation.

The Master in Visual Design and Communication program will teach its students to spread their message properly and effectively to their target audience through visual design. After finishing this program, students will be able and capable of working in sectors in which companies relate to a certain audience, such as editorial offices, product companies, etc., and, of course, as a freelancer in the design and communication industry, and in various agencies that work with graphic, branding, advertising, digital, and service design.

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